Understanding Capricorn Guys

by Luna

Just reading all those comments about understanding capricorn guys reminds me of my situation with a guy I have really liked but never fully understood him as he was sending me mixed signals.. said he liked me but totally ignored me or would show his affections when least expected.

I am a pisces and need to be shown that im loved, with this guy I felt a deep connection as the girl describes when we would look at each other there was a heavy attraction.. however i got impacient in understaning him.. and finnaly parted ways.

Some years later I saw him again we went out for a drink I asked him if he was still hard to show his emotions he said that yes that he was sorry he had been the way he was and had had that same difficulty with a girl he had just finished seeing. I asked him why he usto ignore me...his reply was that he liked me so much he became so shy around me that the only way to not show this was to not talk to me and ignore me.. strange as it is those were his words.

So if you have the patience and really want to make it work.. you have to play it his way... i told him that his drynesss only pushed me away so.. he knew that and said he was trying so hard to change.

Maybe he will change who knows.

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Capricorns Do Avoid You!
by: Anonymous

This is 100% true. I am a capricorn female. I dated a capricorn male. When we first met, I would make casual chit chat and ask him question and he would 1 word me and ignore me! I thought he hated me. After a while, we got closer because I kept trying (Patience and resilience are key!)and we started dating. I asked him why he used to ignore me and talk to everyone else but me and he said it was because I made him really nervous because he thought I was really pretty and he liked me a lot. Just stick with it. I must say that the same is true for capricorn females too. After I dated my cap male, it took me a while to get over him and I started liking a virgo male. He would talk to me and I'd be so nervous that I would ignore him and walk the other direction when I saw him coming. It got so bad that I'd actually hyperventilate when I saw him! But I did truly like him a lot. He gave up even though I told him I was just shy and needed time to warm up. Give up on your capricorn and you will lose them!

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