Unforgettable Aquarius

(ChiTown, IL)

I met Mr. Unforgettable on a cruise a few months ago. We initially crossed paths during a transfer from the airport to the cruise port. I walked onto the charter bus and I saw this attractive man with a cap on sitting next to a woman. He gazed back then put his head down. I ended up sitting behind them on the opposite side of the bus because I did not want to feel nervous. During the embarkation process, Mr. Unforgettable kept staring at me while he was standing behind his lady. We made eye contact a couple of times until we got onboard the ship. The next night (Friday) I was in the club and I saw him walking across the room. I was enjoying the scene when someone came behind me and greeted me. I turned around and it was Mr. Unforgettable! I was so surprised, I actually smiled (normally, I am not one to smile). I greeted him back and he said he remembered me from the transfer the day before. He said he could never forget my beautiful eyes. I asked where his female companion was and he said she was in for the night. I found out he was a newlywed and she was his wife. We conversed and had a drink for a few hours. He asked me for one dance and I accepted his offer. I will not lie, it seemed like all eyes were on us. The floor had literally cleared out while we slow danced. We looked into each other's eyes and it seemed like time stood still. After the dance, we went to the 24-hour pizzeria to eat. We talked some more then I decided to call it a night.

That Saturday night, I hung out on the deck with some friends then headed to the club again. Mr. Unforgettable greeted me again and said he would let me enjoy my friends' company. A while later, I noticed him sitting in the corner looking bored so I went over and we talked again. My friends left so I stuck around with him. We went back to the pizzeria and talked some more. He walked me to my room but neither one of us were tired so we went out on the deck. The setting was perfect-nice summer breeze and the full moon glistened on the ocean. Mr. Unforgettable grabbed my hand and we walked to towards the railing. I was hesistant because I really did not know him but he told me I could trust him-my intuition told me he was sincere. He backed up to the railing, wrapped his arms around my waist, stared into my eyes and pulled me closer to him. I was in a good place at that moment and I closed my eyes and our lips touched. I literally felt a spark when our lips touched and my tensed body relaxed. That kiss felt like it lasted for hours instead of minutes. I do not recall ever having a first kiss that felt so good. Mr. Unforgettable looked into my eyes, smiled, and asked if I was upset with him for the kiss; I did not regret it. We we kissed again then he stood up behind me, wrapped his arms around my waist and we looked at the full moon. He asked how I felt and I told him I felt like I was dreaming. After a while, we decided to call it a night. He walked me back to my room and he asked again if I had any regrets about the kiss we shared. I asked him and he said he had no regrets at all. I also asked if he thought about his wife during that kiss and he said no. He was a little shy but he asked if we could keep in touch after the cruise. A connection was made and I could see us being friends because we were both married. I told him my phone number and he said he would remember it. He gave me a long hug and said he will never forget me because I was so beautiful inside and out. The next day, he and his wife passed me on the deck and he snapped his fingers and smiled. I gave him a nod and that was the last time I saw him.

The next day I went home and I could not get him off my mind. I realized the fantasy was over and it was time to get back to reality. About two weeks later, I received a strange text from an unknown number. The person asked if I had a great time on the cruise (especially the club and the pina colada drink). I knew it was Mr. Unforgettable because I only had one drink in that flavor. I thought he had forgotten about me and he said he could never forget me. He memorized my phone number and waited to contact me. We played catch up and realized we were on the same flight back home but did not see each other. He said he felt like I was his lady that night on the deck. We talk once a month. I know I cannot have any romantic feelings for him because he is a newlywed and I am married as well. We just got caught up in the moment being on a beautiful cruise. We would really like to see each other again but we do not want to cause any confusion in our relationships with our spouses. I am a little confused right now because I met a cool person. He was honest with me and we had a lot in common. I do not want to just let him go because there was definitely a friendship connection between us. Every time I see a full moon I have flashbacks of that beautiful night on the cruise. I have two pictures I took of him on the cruise so I could never forget how he looks. This man is definitely Mr. Unforgettable.

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