Unfortunate dealings with Scorpio Woman

by TaurusManUK

I unfortunately do not have a rosey tint in my glasses when dealing with a Scorpio Woman- their vindictiveness and vengeance knows no boundaries, rules and limitations. I find them to be powermad, control freaks who are nothing more than ‘bitches in a manger’ aka they don’t necessarily want You while they are letting You dangle and they proceed to flirt and flaunt their stuff to other guys while not committing to anyone but by God if You want to secede and break away from their clutches due to their psychological mindgames, mindf*****g etc and go with another Woman they will fire off a Trident 2 SLBM(Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile) with their Atomic Warheads from their ‘Scorpio’ Submarines and then sail off after leaving a wake of destruction. This relationship can suit some Taurus Men but for Me if I find out a woman is a Scorpio I immediately write them off as simply no good whatsoever. The word FemmeFatale does not do them justice because they are an infinite amount of times worse than that.
Their constant staring is one hell of an irritation if there ever was one, they refuse to come up and initiate a conversation, they get jealous for the hell of it if You don’t legitimately know they like You and proceed to talk to other women just generally, they work behind the scenes to sting You- Are they the Devil in Disguise? with many more faults to come later on.
They are very secretive, scheming, spiteful, sordid, sharpened, silent shadowey cretins. They like to lead people especially Men up the garden path but can still pull it off with Women and turn them into lipstick lesbians for the day with their slutty sex obsessed flirting but still have no or never have any intention of going out with that person. If a Taurus Man were to bypass a Scorpio Woman for a more stable Cancerian/Piscean Woman the Scorpio Female would most likely turn the Cancerian/Piscean Woman into their Lesbian Lovers and leave them like that just to get back at the Taurus. They love their power games. They like to make people slaves to their desires and themselves. Basically any negative word beginning with the letter S should be aptly applied to Scorpio to make it a negative alliteration adjective.
The supposed Nazi Horoscope that said the whole Nazi/Third Reich was built upon the Taurus-Scorpio Axis with some Capricorn being thrown in. Thats the claim to fame from this dastardly destructive duo.
(P.S I still haven’t covered everything Yet but would be most grateful to have feedback from others as I can’t spend a lifetime trying to warn other Blockhead Taurus Men the agonies of the Scorpio Woman and their infinite number of faults).

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by: Anonymous

As a Scorpio female, may I just say you are a superb writer? I laughed out loud several times reading your post. I wish you the best and apologize for any havock and drama my sign-sisters have heaped on you.

I dated a Taurus. Once. That's all it took. Nothing good came of it. Very stubborn and literally I can say we brought out the worst bits in each other.

by: TaurusBoyUK

Alas 'anonymous' I do also apologise for any misgivings my Taurean Fraternity could have caused you and your Scorpio Sorority :-)

oh dear
by: Anonymous

There is a world of difference between an 'unevolved Scorpio' and an 'evolved Scorpio. It sounds as though you have been involved with the former.

To TaurusBoyUK
by: 'Anonymous'

I really wish all I had from my Taurus relationship was misgivings. More like extreme trauma and embarrassing memories. Somehow I brought out the protectiveness in him (good) and the raging jealousy (bad, REALLY bad). We managed to walk away from each other with all our limbs intact, thankfully.

I do wish Scorpios didn't get such a bad rap. As much bad press as Scorpios get, I can't say being a Scorpio girl has ever seemed to inspire loathing in men. More like a zealous need to conquer and own me which makes things mostly interesting. Maybe I'm just less manic than the Scorpios you've tussled with.

true stuff

dude...you know...
they truly are horrible psychological demons. this forum just pretty much explained the last year of my life. to any tauren, "just stay away, you want none of that"
sex is good though

by: Anonymous


No Lipstick Lezbo!
by: FireCrab AKA Moon Maiden

As a stable Cancer woman I must say that there is no scorpio woman who could turn me lesbian.

Sad but True
by: Loyalwun

I have to go with "Whoa"! I laughed out loud & am laughing as I write this comment! Excellent writer, great analogies! I was shaking my head up & down as in to agree with you on how is Scorpio women are and then shaking my head side to side at how sad but true a lot of what was written is. All I can say is be open, honest, loyal, respectful, "Show" care, concern, & love...and you'll have the "BEST" friend, lover, devoted person in the world in a Scorpio woman!!

Scorpio with Taurus ex
by: Holy Scorp

Well I attract many Taurus I've learned to leave them alone for their own good after having my daughter who's now 2, her father and I were on and off from the day we met until finally when I cut all our ties except any dealings with our daughter, I'm actually a really good Scorpio he's been dating a Aries since our 9th or 10th break up but I seen him regularly like clock work until I got tired of it all and now every time he visits he asks for another date out, pretty much misses that passion and intensity he got, but I can honestly admit which I have to him he brought out every negative trait I had and amplified it things he would do that if my Scorpio or Pisces guy did I would turn my head, but him I lashed out with the quickest sting. But after being distant for a while I've forgiven him, asked for forgiveness, he would call me and ask me to curse him out because he said I must really don't care about him anymore and misses my feistiness, I don't care what anyone says Taurus always come back to Scorpio woman, I haven't met one who hasn't, 4 Taurus male friends all contact me out the blue on a yearly basis, totally awkward cause it'll be around the same times.

Taurus and Scorpio don't fully understand each other...
by: ScarlettLetter

My experiences with Taurus have always been magnetizing, nurturing and full of fun... but I never seemed to fall madly in love with one. I fell madly in LUST with one, and he almost cancelled his engagement with his fiancee for me... so I ran. I always felt that they just didn't know me deep enough. I also felt that they fell in love too fast... faster than me, which made me suspicious and made me feel like fleeing. I am attracted to men that show more emotion and passion before logic and practicality... only in matters of love of course!

totally agree with you taurus man
by: cancerian woman

My sister and majority of my friends are scorpios , they are very manipulative people , i love them , but compared to taurus people, i like more tauruses than scorpios , taurus are calm ,kind hearted if they like you ,unlike scorpios ,even though they like you they will also use you and manipulate you . scorpior never satisfied of what they have ,unlike taurus ,if you love them faithful and loyal to them ,they are very much contented of what they have .

Taurus man agony with a scorpio woman
by: M143

To Taurus man above with your control freak scorpio woman.

I was laughing at your comment.

I am scorpio. I understand her as much as I do myself. Your Problem: You don't know how to melt her heart.

But hey, Scorpio woman once you treated them well
they repay it triple than what you give to her.

So in your case, You don't pass her standard. Keep looking a scorpio woman that will guide you.

I have a bf Taurus who is more arrogant sometimes
but we kept initiating communication when things
going rough. But hey, Scorpio won't initiate unless you don't. We are really a reserved people.

Couldn't Agree More
by: Anonymous

I have had the absolute WORST experiences with Scorpio women - as far as friendship and room-mates are concerned. I am a Leo woman and I will NEVER share a home with a Scorpio female again, as long as I live. Never, ever again.

They are conniving, jealous and controlling assholes. I realize that personalities within a zodiac sign can vary, but my experience has shown that it's not worth my energy to befriend these competitive, bitchy women and take the time to find out. No thank you.

Scorpio woman in love and war with Taures man
by: Anonymous

Whoa !!! Yes you are a great writer and I laughed hysterically when I read this... I am a Scorpio woman who dated a Taurus man. Although we were very compatible sexually (best ever had), had the same standards and dedication when it came to family... I found that this Taures when made mad was the most evil and vindictive I ever seen, and launched one of the biggest attacks of destruction ever seen..., but the Scorpio also known for vindictiveness if "crossed" and known as the "most formidle opponent" was forced to launch a missle of her own. And while the "bull" lost control of his emotions and launched every weapon in his first strike until he had none left... the Scorpio woman launched a missle of utter demolishment, and yet still had more ammunition to play with if needed. In other words....Scorpio women and Taures men can make the best compatibility in a relationships, with a high potential to be soul mates, but they can be deadly to each other while in love and war, with the more poised, crafty and patient Scorpio still standing (bruised) but standing, once the smoke is clear.

You guys are funny

Hey, Im a scorpio female an I absolutely love my sign. I am currently dating a Taurus man with a son and I usaully dont date men with children. I believe in "my first child, being our first child". I just cant seem to figure this guy out.He's 8 years older than me. We have only been dating for a month and we had sex. The sex was so passionate I promise ! I can not remember if I ever felt like this before. He's giving me mixed signals like i used to give him but I want him now LOL. I am serious this time, but he's just as stubborn as I am, if not worse. I dont know what to do. He thinks I want to date around and be with other men (SO NOT TRUE ANYMORE LOL) I think i love that man or maybe I love the magic in his pants and the sweet talking. He is so talented, he has teached me so much. I just want to cuddle with him once more and eat breakfast and listen to old school music like we use to.

Who hurt you? Gosh
by: Fellow Scorpio Woman

Goodness, this Scorpio woman you are describing is definitely of the dark side. I am a Scorpio woman and I had fellow Scorpio friends who were like that. They would call me to hangout and then cancel at last minute just to string me along. I could tell they did it out of power and wanted to be competitive. Scorp-Scorp friendships are rough. As for the Taurus I like, idk what his deal is. I saw the sparkle in his eyes each time we ran into each other, he always stared at me, and was always shy to approach. I made sure to smile and say hi to him. Anyway, I tried staying in touch as friends on social media when school let out, but he did not accept my friend request. Really weird, but oh well. So not all Scorpio women are sadistic, most good ones actually care a lot.

I agree with this post
by: Anonymous

There is nothing good about Scorpios. They have no sense of humour. Never smile or laugh genuinely. They take everything way too seriously, its boring. I find their intensity extremely fucking annoying especially because most of the Scorpios i've met have been extremely stupid as well. With their scheming little brains they try to come up all sorts of "dark" shit to get back at you for no reason, for imagined slights. Then there's the sex thing. Even if they're extremely visually challenging and look like not only did they fall out of the ugly tree at birth and hit every branch on the way down, they put on this sexy act which makes them even more revolting and creepy. You can never be just friends with these little shits because its always about sex for them. They're horny little mother fuckers and their "sexiness" is akin to the sexiness of Linda Blair (the girl who played the possessed child in the film the Exorcist) posing in lingerie. Very sexy! yeah! The absolute worst thing about them really is that you can not have a laugh with them. I bet if you tried to, they'd try to take their "revenge" on you for cracking a light hearted joke and punishing you for "oh so you're a funny one are you?"

Stability...not in a Scorpio
by: Anonymous

Stable and emotionally mature Piscean - one of the only signs that a Scorpio can't "control". Aggravates the less emotionally mature Scorps I know, one in particular, to no end.

Taurus is an incredibly wonderful sign, LOVE their big hearts, loyalty, romantics, generosity, and usual depth of character for their families. Taurus is my partners sign and I love him with all my heart - 7 years and counting.

Scorpio often seems to attract the sensual Taurus (My taurus and I struggle with this).
A Scorpio "friend", when in company, seems to take an opportunity to dig into our relationship - or at least attempt to destabilize it.
Think she can't resist the competitive moment and irresistible need to "control".
It causes tension and sometimes we need to talk out what has occurred when she has been in company. We always successfully talk it out and get back to center.
But she is really a piece of work - it doesn't always occur, but 90% of the time her motivation is obviously driven to attract and create sexual tension and attention toward her - and acts like it's just what happens and can't be helped.
She is a "friend in the circle of friends" and it's hard to "get rid of her".
Nothing we experience between us as a couple happens that can't be sorted out, the bond is far too strong, but she is so unbelievably tenacious.
It's incredibly sickening to repeatedly experience her insatiable need to compete for attention in the room with her body or "sex". It's almost tiresome when I see it coming and know she is in need of attention and needs to feel the competitive "win" and "control". Feels so incredibly childish.

Watching her try so hard to "dig in" by being 'sultry', 'sexy', 'sweet', 'smart', you name it she pours it on in whatever mood suits the moment…all to try to win and control.
None of which feels dignified, mature, or natural.
She walks away from situations getting her fill and acting like she has done nothing…pretending that it's just her natural essence.
It isn't - that "show it off and flaunt it, but act like I am not trying to do that and make it look natural" Its pretty disgusting.

It's all a game of manipulation for her amusement. Its remarkable how desperate a Scorpio really seems to be. So unstable (and ALL the opposite of what definitions always try to pro port) but Pisces seems to be the only one to really see it at face value.
Almost feel sorry for this Scorp and the trap she lives in…so weak of spirit that she must manipulate others and compete constantly in order to get attention and feel "validated". THAT is a biggie, the "validation"…it's almost sickeningly palpable when she is in the room.

Scorpio is noted as "most intense". Intense what? Intensely competitive at all costs. Intensely controlling. Intensely irritating…? This "power and "intensity" and "sexuality" and "loyalty????" (I have never really known this to be true in all of the Scorps I know…only loyal to those they feel are "pristine" and "error free"…which no one is - Again, another Scorpio fail!)

I try to make space for new Scorpios I meet, but eventually tend to discover that they just can not resist trying to "be" superior and "control" those around them. AND they never seems to be satisfied with this Pisces…we speak with depth and ideas, and creativity, but the moment they realize this Pisces can't be control they get incredibly frustrated and start to sting (even secretly and when thinking they aren't being noticed, the digs begin…they try their angles of conquer and come up burnt).

Many a singed Scorpio in my path…ah well, one day maybe I'll meet one that has the emotional maturity and muster to keep up and not implode.

Thanks for the post…needed that…badly (apparently).

Virgo man with Scorpio woman
by: Anonymous

I find it funny that Scorpio is the only sign that gets away with blaming their misgivings on various levels of evolution. Some of the idiots even believe that they evolve from a scorpion to an eagle to a Phoenix. This in my book is deflection and blame shifting! Basically, you know you're a bitch but you will still blame the world for getting it wrong and you out of the 12 signs of the zodiac have the ability to blame astrologers for an incorrect definition of your characteristics. So you get to have 3 signs in 1, you get to come with a warning or a guide for the rest of us to follow in order to bring out the best in you? Why is it up to us to make you a kinder person? I've been in a hellishly abusive relationship with a Scorpio woman for 14 years! Yes, I have a choice to leave, yes I've been too weak to do so permanently bit I'm a Virgo man, I'm easily manipulated, I want to make any situation work but lads if I can give you 1 word of advice..... Leave them alone. If you meet a girl that's fairly attractive with a magnetic charm and she tells you she is a Scorpio, run! She will control you, exhaust you of your confidence, money, independence, family, friends and anything that wasn't there before you met her. When you're finally holding a revolver to your head, pause! Think of my post and remind yourself of all the good things you've accomplished, remind yourself of all you want to accomplish and say to yourself; "I'm stronger than this bitch and I can do it!" We're stronger, smarter and better than them my Virgo pals!

Scorpio rivalry
by: Anonymous

An interesting and yes shallow point to make is that although Scorpio woman are attractive and sexual, cancerian women are sexier! If you notice a cute, feminine and truly sexy woman WITHOUT that stupid wannabe smart/intense/deep stare that is cringeworthy then she is a cancerian. She will be much better in bed that the Scorpio and much more feminine. Demanding, yes as she is a water sign but not as emotionally overbearing as a Pisces. If you want flawless beauty, go for a libra. If you want a stronger and more intense sexuality, go for a lioness, she will also look after you like no other. An aires is hot, fiery and super sexy. Taurus women are almost as beautiful as libra women but with a touch of sexy strength. Their features are normally very strong but when they're all complementary to each other then no libra can match their beauty! If you want excitement and great tits, go for a Sagittarius. You'll find a practical mate in a Capricorn and although she won't be able to cook, she'll let you be you! Go for a Virgo if you want a pretty face and go for a Gemini for sensuality. An Aquarius will make all your naughty fanaticises come truer I the point that even you'll feel guilty. So in conclusion what is so special about scorpions??? They're not the best in bed, not the hottest, not the prettiest, not the most loving and you're defin not going to get on with them???!!!

Scorpio women. animals
by: Anonymous

Cheaters cheaters cheaters they are the worst of lovers haters and people period. Its just a shame Scorpio women don't work on themselves. I was married to one.gave her my love and my entire life. I am still hurting but honestly deep down I feel more sorry for her letting demons get the better of her. Saddest thing is she will never say or be sorry. really sad to say this but honestly they are the worst people in the world to open your heart to. They will cheat on you and act like nothing is wrong with it or them. They are animals and not people. Sorry buts its true.

100% TRUE
by: Anonymous

there's one in particular who's tried to put me through hell, and all you wrote just made me so happy. real god bless you. thank you

Scorp Woman perspective
by: Scorp

Ok, I had the same misfortune with a Taurus Guy. Ripped my heart to shreds... twice. And yet I still love the guy. Why? Because it was inevitable and despite his stupid behaviour, I let it happen because I was head over heels in love. The first time we met it was instant attraction and we made love, had sex and made love every day we were in contact. We met when I was 22 and he was 28, only days after I had gotten out of my first serious relationship and what started off as a 'rebound' became one of the strongest connections I have ever had. He ended our short lived romance (after 6 months)by telling me we wanted different things and didn't want to tie me down... bla bla bla. I forgave him, but stalked him for a while by calling his work number and hanging up once I heard his voice. I didn't do anything to hurt him though and never dreamt of it, because I truly loved him. He called my work, after months of me phone stalking and dobbed me into the boss. That was the end of my phonecalls and it pushed me to move on. So fast forward 6 years later, where I was once again going through another break up when suddenly, Taurus man reappears into my life. So we have 3 dinner dates. We laugh about my old phone antics, have a good feed and he invites me back to his place, where we end up in the bedroom. Meanhwhile he admits he is already seeing someone else. I have never been the type of person to ever cheat or be someone on the side, but I couldn't resist him. I knew he felt just as guilty as I did. So during the rest of that year, I was trying to ignore him and pouring all of my energy into work and exercise, but he would always call me and give me 'moral post break up' support. Then months later he asks me if I want to work at his work. So I take the offer because it's closer to home, offers ok $ and yeah maybe b/c I still love the guy and still hope he has feelings for me too. So we become work collegues, working in the same office. We flirt, he writes me love letters and we tease each other. But most days I would go home smiling with a hidden broken heart, knowing that he has a girlfriend. A new year arrives and he decides to move interstate to work outback. I eventually move away and also start a new chapter in my life. We stay in contact for a little while until our contact slowly drifts away again. So as I reflect now on the past 10 years (I'm now 32), since meeting my Taurus 'kindred spirit' is that he helped transform me to become the strong, assertive, scorpio woman I am today. No other man has given me so much love and confidence,then smashed my heart all over the place, only to return and pick up all of the broken pieces.
(all of my ex's have tried to come back, but to no avail). Besides I have grown up a hell of alot since then and have can make sense that it takes 2 people, for an unfortunate event/s to occur.

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