Unhappily married Cancer

by Dessera

I have this Co~worker that we have become extremely close on BOTH sides. Our relationship is more then friendship but not one I would consider as an actual "boyfriend" thing. We just have a lot in common and talk about EVERYTHING! From movies, music, camping, future goals, morals and yes even our sex lives. He's become like a close girlfriend, only he's a guy and a married one at that!

He's unhappily married but I'm divorced. We spend our breaks and lunches together, but only because he was the one to Initiate them first. He's a very good man and I respect him alot I think because even though things are bad at home, he hasn't cheated on his wife. I highly suspect his wife has because this is what she she has told him almost in black and white. She told him that she could and that there wasn't a thing he could do about it if she did. To me that says that either she already did or that she was about to.
My friend can't understand why she won't just be straight with him and tell him that she done the deed. I told him, Duh,he could use it against her in divorce court if it got to that point. He becomes very angry just talking about the issue and I suggested counseling but he says that they have been there and done that and nothing changes. She's secretive,never comes home on time from work and no one knows where she's at. She constanty accuses him of cheating on her, which he never has, I would know! My friend and I are mutually attracted to each other but never once has he ever crossed any lines with me that would disrespect his wife.

Money is constantly missing on her end and there is hardly any bedroom action but I believe he hangs on still for the child they had together and still in hopes that things will change.

#1 Question: I'm a Taurus woman and want to know what is the best way to support my friend (a Cancer)in this situation?

#2 Question: How do I let him know that I like him more than a friend if things don't work out with his wife?

#3 Question: Is it normal to feel like I want him to just be happy even if it's not with me? Even if all I can ever have is his friendship, that I'm fine with that?

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by: Anonymous

Yes you are good friends but as you said you have feelings for him and felt that he might have to. You may not realize it but cheating has other forms even if it's flirting. You are in the way of him fixing his marriage because you do want him for yourself.How would you also feel if your husband has been spending time with a woman and talking about your personal problems to them? think carefully. If you really want to help them.

let's get this done
by: Anonymous

Ok I'm a cancer woman and listening to your story at my point of view is that if you really like this guy you should stay away from him for a while to see how things works with his wife, he may or may not still like her.Let me explain that: Even if we don't love our partner anymore it is very hard to let it go,not because we are possessive but because we care, we always want to fix things up, always trying to see the other side and when we commit we think we have to do everything to make things work. So looks like he is not by intention using you to help him figure out what to do. However, this is not right and he will figure that sooner or later and things can get messy between you guys. So let him know that you care about him but can't be in the middle of his marriage problem and after all you guys had talk, it is time for him to decide what's best for his life alone. If he likes you he will get mad at first but he'll realize that what he is doing with you it is not right and will be forced to make his choice.If he likes you he'll miss you and will come back to you. Don't you dare become his mistress it is not going to turn out good. Even if his wife hasn't being fair he will at some point start to think about cheating and will leave you and also feel very guilt. Be calm and make the right move, at the end of the day he will remember who was there for him. By the way when we feel neglected ,all the love that was there is gone but we take a little time to move on. So like I said he may not like her anymore and just didn't leave her yet because he is thinking in the family matter(this is very important to us) don't get emotional or sexual involved because it can go both ways Good or bad.Be cool and good luck to you hope things work for u guys,you seen to be good together he just don't know or he's not ready yet. Wait until he become a free man.

by: Dessera

So I've relocated to Cali.& moved in w/ my moms until I could get back on my feet.
I'm now in my own place,found a new job (gotta get that paper)& got a new man. He's a #Capricorn & I couldn't be happier!
Thanks 4 all your comments! =)

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