by Kiwi Dave

54yr old Leo male in a new relationship(6 months) with a 49yr old Scorpio. An amazingly, intense,passionete, sexually wild relationship with the both of us not being able to feel like we are giving enough of ourselves to each other when making love. But we do have unstable periods when we are apart, distrust of each other as we both bring that from previous relationships. I have never felt so committed to a woman, she totally takes all my love and passion, and with being very aloof with her verbals of love, of which I dont deal with very well, it makes me really work at our relationship. I so want this to work as I know what we have got. She doesnt want to be pushed along too quickly though, I am now learning to back off a bit, but this is very hard as I just can't get enough of her. Love my Scorpio Lady to bits and will never regret any of this most amazing love relationship, I just hope we can grow old together, eh Sara xxx

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