Usual Pisces behavior?

I met this Pisces guy years ago, we were friends at first and he was very sweet. That changed afterwards. He became a jock, started skipping classes, picking on people I knew and dating these flashy/immature girls. He tried to call my attention on various occasions but I decided to ignore him (Why bother, right?) Years later, he starts bad mouthing about me. People would comment that he had a crush on me, but I think it's more than that. I don't know what to do. My question is:

"Is this usual Pisces behavior and how do I deal with it?"

I'm a capricorn.

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I believe so
by: Anonymous Pisces Girl

I've had a friend/acquaintance be nice at first and then next thing you know he almost breaks my wrist, and it hurt like hell. he was lucky enough i didnt tell the principal at the time. oh and another incident, he takes my mp3 player and hides it. thinks its a joke when i'm looking all over for it and thinking someone stole it. As a pisces female, I think pisces males like to be one thing and flip the switch, whereas be one true person. cuz you have to know too that pisces absorb energy from others and are influenced. so your friend might've been hanging with the wrong crowd or something. possible mood swings? we are very moody when we want to be. I'd say it could be usual behaviour.

re: is this usual behavior
by: Anonymous

well yes they behavor is very strange and unpredictable.i too am a capricorn and dating a pisces man.but honey trust me the astrology on them fits them to the t honestly.i hvae so many opinions to about them though both good and bad.

thoughts on pisces
by: Dr.King

hello to all! i am a pisces woman and yes this comment you made about basically understanding a pisces is very true. we are a sign that is very hard to put in one category. we are sweet, loving, kind, compassionate a jerk at times! angry and some have badddd tempers too all at the same time. see what people dont realize is that we soak up all the energy from many people that surrounds us and have to deal with that situation by itself PLUS deal with our own energy that is within us and somewhere along we get fustrated and bothered. who wouldnt? another thing is is that we give so much....i mean alot. and when we want the same in retun we NEVER get it back. at least not in the same manner. that ticks us off! we are very delicate and needy. the reson why ol boy was acting like that is becaue he is fighting with every ounce in his bein to disguise the person he really is and the only way to do that s to become someone else. and the reson why he wont let you see the real him is because it's too hard for hm to deal with b/c he cant explain himself. it's hard for him to use specific words...he gets lost...and then he just gives up. he figures why even talk about it, no one is going to understand me have to have a lot of patience with us b/c we're just "Special". love pisces tho!

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