Valentines day (Scorpio Aquarius)

by Scorp42

I must say that my Aquarius must have his moon in Scorpio because he never fails to amaze and surprise me. Valentines day was the most amazing that I have ever had. I got the most beautiful long stem roses and a card that still makes me cry. We also went out for a romantic date and movie. I expected nothing more than us spending a romantic night in, seeing that his birthday was the day after. Wow, I will be holding on to the feeling from this one for a long time. Of course him being an Aquarius, we won't spend much time together for a few days. He always needs time to himself to process when we have wonderful emotional romantic times together. He always sits at home for hours in his own world after those times. Several times I have gone to see him after our romantic times and find him on the couch watching tv, rather tv watching him and he is off in space. I know that is my cue to give him his space to absorb it all in and process it. After a couple days of that, he really misses me and we start the cycle all over again. Ahh... the aquarian man. Worth his weight in gold but the waiting for the process period to be over kills me sometimes. I wouldn't normally be like this but he is so attentive to my needs and so good to me when we are together that I just want those times and feelings to never end. I talked to an aquarian male co-worker of mine. I asked about his valentine. He said he had a great holiday as he slept with 4 different women and left his girlfriend in the cold. I asked why he was like that. He explained that he is afraid to get to close to his girlfriend so he cheats. In my opinion he is really immature at this stage in his life. the mature aquarians don't act like that. I feel for his girlfriend.


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Scorpio women
by: Marc

Thanks for sharing that. It made me realize why I love my Scorpio lady so much - it totally sounds like something she would say and genuinely made me smile.

It's also a good point about maturity. Guys of any sign tend to behave like assholes when they're young. I know I was no worse (or better) than my friends of various signs when younger.

Good To Hear Marc
by: Scorp42

Thanks Marc for commenting on my valentines day. I can't beleive how so many astrology sites say that Aquarius and Scorpio is a bad match. It is much more work emotionally for scorpio women but the rewards far outweigh any other combination I have ever been in. I have come to realize that it is actually a bit on the healthy side for a relationship to be apart for a few days. It gives us both time to miss each other and it makes for such a satisfying time when we are together. Heck I don't even mind when he comes over and falls asleep for a while. He could be home and do that, but chose to be in my presence. I love watching him sleep. Me being the deep loving scorpio that I am, I absorb every inch of him while sleeping. It's the only time that I can just stare and it doesn't make him uncomfortable. He is the only aquarian I have ever dated and man oh man, never knew how wonderful you guys are. You guys have a really bad reputation though. My theory is that women don't take the time or the effort to try and understand you. I think that is why Scorpio women are so attracted to you. We love a challenge and a mystery and you aquarian men are both!!


by: Scorpio

Same here. My Aquarius never shows that much emotion but on valentines day he was so romantic. He bought me roses, balloons, chocolate covered strawberries in the form of a heart and a teddy bear. I was so surprised because he always seemed so distant but during that whole week he was so close and he couldn't seem to get enough of me. it was so perfect.

i see it now, too
by: alisa

this is extremely sweet, and it touches me so deeply. thank you for sharing. my aquarius got me flowers when he asked if i would be his, and he took me on an overseas trip for my birthday, pays for all daily expenses, drives me around whenever he has time from work. these gestures may seem to be on the material plane, but it translates to me deeply in a spiritual level. i'm not sure if this can be understood in the right way.

as a scorpio, distrust has been so deeply ingrained in my nature. but with this aquarius for the first time, i feel secure, and to be this free, emotionally, it is like a breath of fresh air to me.

i have observed the exact same behavioral pattern as you have; i watch on, sometimes in bewilderment and impatience, and sometimes in fondness, when he 'goes off into space'. he is such a sweet man. there is nothing soft about him, yet i see such innocence and peace, in his moments of surrounding himself in his own little bubble.

i'm glad i came across this post of yours, because although i intuitively knew that his periods of silence after an emotional time spent together, was perhaps his way of taking a breather, i know now that this is definitely something i can expect, and feel safe in the knowledge. thank you kind scorpio sister =)

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