Very accurate article on Aries men!

I am an aries man.. everything here matches so well it seems its my autobiography. Thanks a lot!

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To all Aries men
by: Anonymous

I never decided to date or mate with an Aries guys as I have always read the zodiac compatibility that cases me to fear even more. I'm a Virgo female don't want to become an Aries servant. As I knew, Aries is not predictable, impulsive, moody, stubborn, jealous, control, and verbal challenge. I just want to talk to but to be friend or mate absolutely not.
I can see Aries is nice, for a close relationship must be some thing different. I prefer to live under the roof without man. Sorry to say that. Good luck to all.


Aries and Virgo are a terrible match
by: Aries

you are doing the Aries population a favor. Virgos are so critical after a while an Aries will just give up/stop caring/ stop listening cuz u cannot be pleased. Arians find Virgos nagging and irritating. Who wants to be with a nag. SO the Arien will sabotage the relationship or just leave you.

**the above was a sweeping generalization based on my experience w/ 3 Virgos

by: Aries Decan 3 [Perseus]

It's ignorant comments like yours (virgo woman), that will have you missing opportunities from even other signs. You don't just throw generalizations based on a bad experience with one person of that sign. Then again, you must be one of the lesser intellectual of your sun sign. Such a shame, virgos can be great when they know diplomacy and boundaries. Have a lonely/superficial life ;)

aries man i date is so headstrong
by: hanisya myra

i date an aries man from turkish for 9 mths.
At first everyth is so sweet.

He had 3 rules. No lie, obey n hotness.
So i agreed to commit to all the rules. He even ruled that i must not talk to anybody, no guy frens. He also stopped friend other girls. So the relationship goes on.

He said i had difficulty to obey him, but it was actually out of my iwn personal issues, it is not that i dont want to obey him.
We had on and off relationship.

And now he dump me. Just 3 days ago.
I feel like mad now. Im crazy for him. Just bcos of my own personal issues (i didnt care fir his words, i didnt appear for webcam w him every singke day). We have timing difference like 5 hrs gap, he is in turkey i am in malaysia. He diesnt want to understand all these. He put all the blame to me. Never say sorry. He is so arrogant. Maniac.

He dumped bcos i didnt appear on webcam w him for 3 weeks. Which he gone mad at me. He said i didnt care for his words, i didnt obey him. What happen was that i was searching for my heart, i keep asking myself is this rship for real ? He doesnt want to accept whatever explanation i gave.

Yeah i can webcam every single day but sometimes he desnt appear on skype, then how ? Is it me to be blamed ?? Why he put all the blame on me.

We even lromise to marry this year but he keep asking me why should we. I am so pissed off. He is just sucks.

now i will marry a guy who doesnt play games like this or create drama. I hate drama. I have limited time for all this bullshit things.

Aries virgo
by: Anonymous

New to astrology. Trying to learn. I am involved with an Aries male. I am a Virgo female. I do not mind the him being the male and all that entails, but the moody and brooding tendencies are frustrating. If I do not make him THE priority when he feels its his time, than this is where the moody and brooding happen. The sex IS amazing and attention to details is amazing. Since I benefit in this area, 100 percent, mind body and soul kind of release...I remind myself that is the trade off. Sometimes I can be too practical and it is nice to let my guard down and engage with the wild spirit as Aries.

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