Virgo, A Tale of two Capricorn Women

As the title indicates, this is a tale of two similar, but different women. Without writing a book, I will get right to the point. I am currently in the middle of a divorce, ironically with a Capricorn women. As I have read, and many have indicated, we achieved a lot in our 10 plus years of marriage, which lends validity to the compatible part in terms of achieving goals together. And even sexually, I must admit, I have not had a better lover in my life! Even while separated and going through the divorce the past three years, we managed to ravage each other on a couple of occasions. From that standpoint, it was like we were meant to be together.

But something was always missing. I never loved her quite as a husband should love his wife. Thus I decided to file for divorce before I strayed or caused her additional pain from the lack of love she so obviously noticed.

With that being said, I don't want to be alone! One of my Virgo character flaws is that I DO want to love and be loved. Sometimes I feel as if I am really a women trapped in a mans body because I do want the romance, the candle lit dinners, walks in the park, the thought of that special someone when that love song comes on the radio, etc. My friend calls me a hopeless romantic.
So wanting a divorce doesn't mean I want to be alone, just to be with the right person to share these thoughts and feelings with.

So begins the tale of the other Capricorn women. She is beautiful, brainy and been very successful, all of which are the calling cards for a Capricorn women, including my soon to be ex. However, unlike my wife, this Capricorn makes me laugh and gets the younger, hipper side of me. You see, unlike some Virgos, I am a big kid at heart, meaning I enjoy some of the younger trends, music etc. Although I am 30 plus, I try to maintain my youthful side, including the incorporation of laughter and joking around. A women who makes me laugh is a complete turn-on! A sense of humor was something my wife lacked. She embraced the practical side of her Capricorn-ism a bit too much. Although this other Capricorn women is also 30 plus, she laughs, jokes and is in tune with what's hip and what's not, including texting, lol.

So here is this beautiful, successful, ambitious funny Capricorn women, whom I am obviously attracted to. So what's the problem you ask? Well, she is extremely devoted to her religion! Now I don't mean problem in the sense of religion being bad, but one in that it would prevent her from pursuing anything with me because of her religious views. In her eyes me going through a divorce is bad. While I feel she is somewhat attracted to me, I feel as if she is putting the brakes on herself because she does not want to compromise her views, which I can respect. In light of this, I have not expressed that I am attracted to her other than a friend, and have handled our relationship as such. But recently she has been distant and I am not sure why. I have sent her texts asking her if I have done or said something to offend her, only receving a vague response that all is good. My most recent texts was that I will back off, but will be here if she needs me. Although I said that, I really want to reach out to her, to see her to talk to her. But I don't want to run the risk of pushing her away.

So my question to all of you Capricorn women out there is do I continue to sit tight and HOPE that she will eventually reciprocate, continuing to reach out to her or walk away? Thanks in advanced.

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in responce to your post
by: Ronnie

I'm a virgo man, and to my experience. You must pursue her, show her you are interested. If you do not, she will loose interest in you. Therefore obliveating your chances. You must show her that you can meet her standards which comes natural, but if you don't show her then she won't know. Also Capricorns usually take a while to fall really in love with virgos depening on their up bringing, so make sure you take it slow, don't rush things, just let them happen as they do natural, and don't f*ck*ng complain that it's taking her to long either, take your time and everything will work out fine. No one like a f*c*ing someone that wines to much. Good Luck!

Get Your Divorce Finalized B4 making a Move!!!
by: Anonymous

I am a Cappy Woman who has not yet finalized my divorce from a Leo Man. I've been seeing a Virgo Man since January and he's VERY MUCH bothered by the fact I am not yet divorced...

ONLY because I *know* beyond a shadow of a doubt that I not going to reconcile with my X am I comfortable pursuing a new relationship. But he hasn't walked in my shoes and therefore he is not so confident that I will never go back.

However I jumped into this, we both jumped into this, without considering the full picture... the fact my divorce is not finalized puts a definite damper on a relationship - he is holding back.

Your Cappy woman is an earth sign, so she highly esteems the institution of marriage, as you've already indicated... don't ask her to go against her morals and date you whilst you are still legally betroth to someone else.

Her distancing herself from you maybe self-preservation - she is no doubt protecting her heart!!
Right person, wrong timing???

Response to Anonymous
by: Happy Cap

The situation you described is very similar to what I have gone through with the Virgo man I am currently interested in. I was not yet divorced when we dated, and he was very bothered by it. We stopped dating and remained friends. He's been there for me a lot. We're still working our thing out, he's the most devoted male friend I've ever had, and I am hopeful it will turn into more. All in all, he is challenging me to be a better person so no matter what happens we both benefit from the relationship.

Some key words are time, patience, communication, and respect. You have to prove your loyalty to them, respect their space (and they need a lot of it), actively listen and try to do nice things for them, my friend appreciates the littlest things. Don't get overbearing or they will bolt. Try to initiate fun events with groups of friends, it will help you both to take your mind off the work and seriousness. And when he needs to pour himself into his work and service, get busy with your own sphere of friends, it takes the pressure off.

Capricorn woman to virgo man
by: Nettie

I am a Capricorn woman, and one of strong faith. We cap women are sometimes in a "middle earth" due to our earth, both hooves on the ground tendencies but somewhat ethereal in that we can also sense the spirit very acutely. So, my dear Virgo man, she is intelligent, and she will listen to "reason", but she is probably very tenacious about what she believes. If you "boldly" tell her, "We need to have a talk", she will be across the table from you shortly. Then in that conversation, ask her if she is dealing with a "conflict" between her faith and what is going on with you. Allow her to verbally (you as her guide) work out the conflict in a rational way. Her withdrawing, I assume, is from not having made a solid decision - we cap women HATE THAT. We hate the time between realising we need to make a decision and the time when we finally do. It is torture to us. So if you can help her resolve that through down to earth and sincere conversation, she will love you for it, even if it doesn't wend up in your favor, you will have a solid woman in your life that won't go too far away.

A cappy woman
by: Anonymous

She maybe exercising all her strength to be faithful to her faith. If it was me I would avoid you completely if i felt i couldn't pursue it. Or it could definitely be the divorce annoying her. Keep in touch, but only really pursue wants its finalised

by: Anonymous

I am a cappy woman in love w a virgo male. He is married to another cappy female...idk how or why I allowed this to happen as I beat myself up every single day for behaving in a manner i destest:( its something in the energy i feel beneath his skin. i feel out of control and not myself. onestly, i cry often, wondering how i cld be so unfair to another woman...knowng what ive bn thru myself. but for some reason, with him, i cannot help myself. i am so ashamed...

Move on
by: Anonymous

I'm one of the funny, hip, down to earth Cap women and I sound alot like her. When we decide to do something we give 110% and that includes following our religious beliefs to a tee. I don't know her religious background, but if she sees divorce as adultery she will not be with you under any circumstances. Plus, if you too have this strong relationship over a certain period of time, she would have let you know by know how she felt. One thing about a Capricorn woman we can't help but say what's on our mind. Most of us are very honest and blunt. Don't like to lead people on and beat around the bush. That maybe why she's backing off, because she can sense you want more than friendship and she doesn't want to hurt your feelings. We don't like to hurt people either.

My advice to you is to let it go. Also, did you ever share with your soon to be ex how you feel about her not showing her sense of humor. Some of us Caps need a little encouragement to brake out of our protective, practical, rational shells. I didn't get the way I am over night. I use to be so serious, until someone special helped me out of my shell. Just a little token of advice.

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