Virgo and Aries can we be much more than friends? Answer from Aries man please.

by Virgo girl 01
(New York)

I'm a Virgo woman aged 20. I met an Aries guy 2 years ago online.He is 10 years older. We flirted a lot. We eventually exchanged numbers. We would contact each other for a while and then stop. We would talk about meeting but we never did... Until a couple months ago.

We went out one night for drinks and a couple of his friends joined us. His friends and I got along well. And we have all gone out together several times since. We have had sex a few times. I find him to be passionate in that area. The most exciting experiences ever. He told me he loved how we connected and it was refreshing and exciting for him. A few weeks have gone since i last saw him. I haven't acted clingy because I am just not that type. He's kept in touch.

From conversations we have had. It seems like he wants a relationship but since he had just ended one when we met... he's not eager to jump into one just yet. I'm kinda confused cause he's sending mixed signals. I didn't want to bring up us having a relationship just yet cause i don't want to scare him away with all that. But I would like to be clear about where I stand with him. He has opened up some about his personal life. His dreams, his past, what made him make some of the decisions he made... etc.

I am concerned about the age difference (10 years) n where we are in life... I'm still in school. He's had a lot of experiences. He seems eager to share em with me and I'm always ready to listen... He obviously likes that. He could keep me laughing for hours.
He is generous, honest no blunt (I have no problem with this I have grown up with that kind of bluntness in my house), energetic, youthful, confident, passionate, respected and loved by his friends.

I am fun, intelligent, earthy, adventurous,not shy, spontaneous, sometimes impulsive even. I like my freedom. I don't like feeling restricted at all.( Sometimes I may not follow the rules). I'm creative, been called original and unpredictable. I am easy-going, honest, loyal, caring. I don't like being wrong/the bad guy but I will suck it up and apologize. I do know how to stand up for myself when the need arises.When I am angry I just am (rare... u have to really piss me off) but most times my temper dies down as quickly as it flares, I can be critical but mostly of myself (weakness), stubborn (good and bad). Cautious when making big decisions, I have to think everything through. I get bored with repetitive tasks and he same old. I always need a challenge. I can do anything I set my mind to.

My sun sign is Virgo, my rising sign is Sagittarius, Venus n Mars in leo. How well do you think I would get along with an Aries. One of my best girlfriends is Aries. We have a great friendship...

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