Virgo and Virgo

by Tiffany
(Virginia Beach)

I am a virgo woman and interested in a Virgo man romantically, we seem to have a LOT in common,but i am reading that most horiscopes say it won't work? does anyone have experience or advice on this?

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Be hesitant
by: Anonymous

I am a virgo girl who was in a relationship with a virgo male. We had a natural attraction. Best kisses ever! I fell in love with him quick, which is something I never do with any guy. We had a lot in common too, but for some reason our relationship was a mess. He disappeared after I wouldn't go to his apartment. Virgo men are users,won't accept anything but perfection, they just want a girl/ sex, they are NOT romantic, sweet or gentle. They are colder than you are and will make you emotional because they like to play games. The relationship will be beautiful, but you must be strong and DO NOT GET EMOTIONALLY ATTACHED. If you do, NEVER TELL OR EXPRESS IT!!!! They will run away when things start to get real without warning and give you no closure. So I recommend you just be careful. Any relationship can work if you make it.

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