Virgo experience seduced by a Libra

umm wow...getting us into bed can be a challenge im not really sure why because 9 times outta 10 we are definitely interested... i think it has something to do with the perfection thing because i know i was extremely because i didnt know how i would perform seeing as it was my first time. when she started to make a move on me i was like oh no lol what do i do but weird thing is i kinda already knew what to do. idk i think them making the first move on me puts me in the spotlight.. now don't get me wrong i Love sex and im definitely good at what i do.. but i rather please than get pleased.. whenever she made a move on me and tried to take control even after the first time always made me nervous because for one i LOVE to LEAD..and two i feel like a child about to b molested (no disrespect to those who were bc my lil sis was molested when she was lil) but i was trying to explain the sense of innocence i feel when ever someone tries to make the first move. now me on the other hand im a TOTal freak lol..i love to handcuff u wit ur hands behind ur back and hit it from the back or go down from the back.. i like to tie u down and hold ur mouth closed and have sex and i definitely LOVE making you bite me.. aw turn on..i love scratches on my back and i love to make you scream so ill b going deep an hard and slow all at once..but im mysterious with it. you wouldn't even expect it coming. but it took a good while before i let her lead bc then i kne i could trust her with my body. idk its weird but it was a 2 in a half yr relationship with a libra

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Virgo seduced by Libra
by: Wendy

Oh wow, I so admired this Libra man and I can tell you it took some effort at first because I didn't want him to know I actually wanted him for a long time. When he finally kissed me, with all that passion it was dreamy. I was even more impressed because he was not all forward in putting his hands all over my body instead he slowly tested the waters by waiting for a re-action from me by touching and kissing me here and there slowly. I got so comfy and weak in the knees by this Libra man's technique of seduction and love making. Every time he left me wanting more.

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