Virgo female needing advice on Leo man

by K

I don't normally go on these things,recently something happened, confused and hurting. I'm a Virgo. It was only two weeks, but this Leo man and I really connected, we talked about our future, asked if I wanted kids. Told me when If I let him he would love to take care of me. Complimented me everyday. Told me he loved talking to me. Said I was a dream come true and I was exactly what he has been looking for. He even asked to see photos of myself and my son because he knew we were a package deal and to have me meant to accept my son. Told me that my son was a bonus, we would be an instant family and he really loved that idea. Instantly wanted to label us as bf/gf, even told his really good friend the first weekend that I was his gf and showed my pic, he was SO proud. He made me SO happy and I made him SO happy! Craziest thing, we NEVER officially met in person. We were planning on meeting in two weeks because he had a business trip in another town, but after the first week he suddenly had a huge business promotion to take over the office to fix issues that suddenly came up and the company wanted him run the company's office in another country. He had to make a decision within less than 24 hours and if he did, he was to fly out the next day. He said he was so upset because if he went, it meant we had to end it. He also said we would talk later, he had to really think this out. Didn't hear from him the rest of the day, which wasn't like him, so I knew he made the decision to go. I texted him and emailed him that it was okay, I did not want to hold him back from his career, but I would still love to keep in contact with him. Didn't hear back until the next morning that he was so very sorry, that he was very upset and felt it was best to let it all go (I don't know what this really means). I texted him several other times that it was okay, but let me know if we can still communicate and that I was proud of him and everything will be okay...he responded Thank you very much and wished me the best. I again asked him if we can stay in touch that he was too special to totally end it, that I want him to go forth with his career..his last reply was "thank you for understanding. HUGS!" I have not heard back from him again, never said we were never to communicate again. PLEASE help me to understand. Do you feel he may still contact me or do you feel that this was a complete goodbye and I will never hear from him again? I think he was falling for me and had really strong feelings for me, like I did for him. I really need advice, never been with a LEO! :( I want so much for him to contact me. I emailed him after he left that I want whatever he would offer as long as I can keep contact with him. But I'm afraid that his "pain", he deals with it by cutting all ties for good. Does this mean he really cared? Mainly, will he make contact with me again? Or just give it all up. I am so sad, please HELP me understand.

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virgo gurl--
by: Anonymous

Hey ho all! I'm a Virgo f. with a bit of a problem...
I have to Leos in my life at this moment, both are younger than me. One is too dedicated to me but the other who I'm falling for is like a cold fish with me. I know he has a girlfriend but at the first sight I was mesmerized, completley fell for him. I don't know what to do to attract him. One is too much for me and the other is just like a daydream in reality, I never felt like this for anybody. I'm afraid I could never get him :( *Shattered*

how I am
by: c

I found this site and was reading your letter and it opened my eyes maybe I have hurt some people because I am a leo! I have no middle I am on or off I have never cheated(I know that is hard to believe)I love all or nothing and when it is over I am gone never to talk again the only ex I speak to is my children's mother because I want them to talk to her as much as they can but for me I don't do the breaking up usually but when I leave I have a good reason when I am gone I am gone I know this sounds cold and maybe it is but it is just how I am wired now that your letter made me think about it I can't think of any ex I ever talked to after I tried to make up with them and knew it was over no i am not wanted or a stalker or anything I am just all in or not in at all sorry for all leo's who have or ever will hurt you because of this!!!! you have opened my eyes to how I am I never thought about it till now

forgot to add
by: c

I wrote a comment to you before and just forgot to add just so you can understand a little better after I broke up with my last girlfriend I stopped dating and have not even talked to anyone in 2 years outside of at the store or work I guess we leo's(or maybe just me) are very strange the more I think about it at least I am loyal like I said all or nothing I just have never met anyone loyal like me so I gave up

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