Virgo frustrated with Aquarius

I have been friends with this aquarius man for about 8 months now and we have become not only very good friends but also romantically involved. He frustrates me soooo much....One minute he is the mose sensitive sweet person and the next he is a total asshole. As long as i don't push him about his feelings and play the friend role he is fine. I am there for him in every situation even when he talks about other women but he does not like when i try to talk to him about other men. We are not in a relationship and both say we are just good friends but obviously that is not the case because we both have strong feelings for each other....we got into a very big fight and he really hurt my feelings...I was angry and instead of giving him space and pretending everything was ok...well I let him have and told him that he just can not treat people any kinda way and that as my friend he is suppose to protect my feelings not hurt them. I was crying an deeply upset and held him accoutable for his actions (which he does not like). A true to form what does he do....w/draw and say our friendship has run its course and maybe we should move on....he would rather run away then deal with the fact he hurt me and have to talk about it.....this is classic....My questions is...why do aquarians do this? Why are they so afraid of dealing w/ feelings and saying sorry when they are wrong and/or have hurt you? Does this mean he really doesn't care if he is willing to let what we have go so eaily?

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Talk & Manipulate
by: Anonymous

They are the biggest liars. He would love that you wrote about him. They seem so into whomever they are with, but an hour later the same manipulation is going on elsewhere. Get rid of him. He is bad for you.

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