Virgo guy just wants to be friends

I told this Virgo guy whom i had a couple of classes with that I liked him through a friend (i know im a coward) and he agreed with that friend that he would talk to me but he didn't. He didn't react in a negative way when he found out but apparently he smiled and was a little surprised.

Then i approached him and asked him what was going on and he said that we can be just friends. After that I also warned him that he shouldn't be surprised if i asked him out to prom and he said ok thanks. I havent made contact with him in a couple of weeks and to be honest I still cant get over him.

Should I try being his friend and see where this takes us, (well we were never really friends to begin with so maybe this is his way of getting to know each other and talk first) or should i just throw in the towel now?

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be friends
by: F.V

Be friends, Speaking from experience i have started as friends with every girl i have ever felt something for, its trust issue with him, he is fine on his own but he likes company too, he just needs to KNOW you are worth the risk of having a real relationship with if he goes for yes chances are high in your favor for a rewarding relationship with a characteristically loyal man.

signs compat
by: virgo

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