virgo male/cancer female in love

I am a cancer woman and I have been dating a virgo man for about a year now. He is everything I ever wanted in a man loving, faithful, honest, loyal, hardworking, and very manly, to where he totally knows how to make me feel like a total lady. He brings nothing but the best out in me. When other women see the way he treats me I can see how they admire the man I found. I can honestly say virgo men are really special and our relationship is beautiful and what Ive always hoped to find. I thank god everyday.

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Cancer woman
by: Anonymous

I'm also married to a virgo man and we've been married almost 19yrs. And yes he is good man very good memory he remembers dates and special events. Once you get to know a virgo man it takes time for them to show who they really are.
But once you know him you fall in love with him.
So i have to agree with the person that posted this.

Cancer chick digs her virgo lover
by: Anonymous

All of the commentary regarding Virgo men and cancer chicks are spot on, at least for me.

We are opposite in so many ways, but complementary, also.

He is very attentive and writes, texts, emails EVERY DAY.

He is very practical and tells me I'm too sensitive sometimes, then I tell him to kiss my a** and we laugh.

He is a really groovy cat. So very masculine, intelligent, responsible and strong, but not an egomaniac macho freak with something to prove.

A very special dude, my virgo dude.

-cancer chick

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