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My first great love happened when I was an 18 year old female living alone in a 1 bedroom apartment. It was there I met the painter, a 20 year old student. He was a Virgo exchange student that had already traveled to 3 continents. I'm an Aries known for being strong-willed and a girl that will always speak her mind. The relationship lasted 4 strange years.

The first year, I didn't really love him, but he was so generous showering me with gifts and introducing me to a much higher class of guy. He took me to a French restaurant where the menu for the lady did not have a price, real class. Also, the sex was great, although I was also dating another guy at the same time. The second year, I was madly in love with my painter student and he felt the same still for me. We did everything together, including continuing the fantastic sex. He became the only one in my life.

The third year I still loved him, but he was drifting away. I found out he was cheating on me with any and everybody he could. Because of my love for him, I just could not break it off. Finally, the fourth year, we didn't love each other, but we would still meet periodically for a booty call. The last year was truly a sick relationship. Luckily, I met my first husband who was a Gemini and was able to finally break it off forever. Even though that first great love ended so badly, whenever I think of Mr. Virgo, I still tingle.

I was in love with a Virgo man and we dated for 3 1/2 years. I met him in grade 7 and now that I look back there will never be another like him in my life.

He was funny, kind and made me feel like the most desirable woman in the world. We parted because I had terrible anger issues. At the beginning I used to throw a fit over anything and everything. My jealousy was overpowering. But over the course of the years when I began to see that he was really there, I started to change.

But the sad part is he began to change too. He became very intolerant over my smallest misdemeanors. We parted. I was devastated. And I know in his own way he was too. He told me he loves me still but cant afford to go through such turbulence ever again. I believe him. And am ever grateful to him to have given me the best 3.5 years of my life.

I'm an Aries woman. I met the love of my life a Virgo.....we are similar in every way. he understands me like no other. I'm the person he's waited his whole life for. Our only problem is that we didn't meet early enough, if we had, both of us would not have endured certain things in our life. All this horoscope stuff for us isn't true. We will die for each other. We miss each other while we're together. We cannot wait to be with each other everyday... even that's not enough..

Me and my fella a Virgo been together for 3yrs, but oddly I feel we began to influence each other ova the past few years, he started picking up my Arian traits such as being reckless, bossy and impulsive but he still endlessly fussy, nagging at every faults and I slowly picked up his Virgo traits so sometime I feel like we swapped!! he was my 1st love I became very faithful and madly in love with him even though we do tend to have heated argument then break up then get back together again, we're like a magnetic cos opposite do attract as every time we break up we back together before you know it

I am an Aries woman married to a Virgo man. We have a deep love for each other, but he lacks in passion sometimes. He says he spoils me, but I have been spoiled by other men before and the way he spoils me is very different. I used to get praises, compliments, gifts. From him, I get little analytical "insults"! He says he doesn't need compliments, so is surprised that I need them. But he does allow me to stay home with the kids, while he works and takes care of all the bills, including my college loan. He was a hard fish to catch. I always knew deep down that he loved me, but he evaded marriage until finally it was do or die, and we married. He's very faithful, loyal, and sincere. He believes strongly in marriage. He truly loves me with all of his heart, and that is all I can every really hope for. Sometimes when men flirt with me, I feel excited, but I would not sacrifice the true love I have with my Virgo man.

Im an Aries woman. My Virgo and I have been together for 6 months now and I must say, we've had our share of experiences. We met with me being the "girl next door". I'd introduced myself to his Gemini friend and he'd came over and just observed...:-) Today he admits that he told his friend after leaving, that I was going to be his girl. Weird but true. After a few times of us hanging out, even before sex, we kicked it off. Strangely, we'd laid together several times and never touched. Which drove me, Aries, even more closer. The only issues we have are him being Virgo, BOSSY and sometimes heartless without knowing. And his, insane jealous Pisces past girl; which will soon no longer exist, he's falling for me. when a Virgo's in love, they're in love. just VERY secretive and sometimes not as compassionate as I'd want. key to our relationship is communication and understanding... oh and COMPROMISE!!!!!!!!!!

I am an Aries Woman with a Virgo man. He is very critical and unemotional. At times I do see his true emotions and I could tell that he is falling for me. It has been six months now and we are drawing closer to each other. Right now we are taking a break because of his short temper every time we argue. He tells me he does not want to see me no more and then we end up getting back together. The sex is great and always exciting. I am in love with a Virgo man because he keeps me interested. I love his mysterious ways and passion it keeps me wanting more.

im an Aries woman with a Virgo man. I love my baby. We've been together a year and half and boy its been a roller coaster. I have to admit, mostly my fault because of my inability to trust. I recently ended a relationship with a Capricorn (14 years) most of which infidelity was an issue and we finally part ways. Right away, within months I met my Virgo.. OMG he is soooo perfect 6'5, muscles every where, beautiful skin, teeth, sexy is an understatement. So with all that my insecurity kicked in, thinking he was just a temporary beau. so I did all I could to drive him away because I didn't want to fall in love with him but he stuck around. The more I pushed him the closer he got. Today, a year and a half later, I am madly in love with this man. I can't imagine my life without him, he is everything I want in a man. From all that I have read so far about Virgo men I just hope he won't cheat on me (but who am I kidding?) a man is a man. But one thing for sure ladies, if and nothing else they are extremely loyal... so even if he steps out, it won't be for long (if its any consolation). We're planning to get married and the Aries that I am, I plan to spoil him rotten.

Worst possible combination (for me anyway). He (Virgo) wanted to argue about everything. That I (Aries) wasn't a good girlfriend because I wasn't sending him little cutesy notes all the time and sometimes I wanted to be with friends. Good God! Controlling!

I'm talking to a Virgo man as of now and at first I really didn't take him seriously...but after a while when it was time for us to depart from school I realized that I truly missed this guy he is very loyal and caring so sweet and gives the best advice for everything. As of today we are just friends and working our way up into being lovers. I cant wait it is taking time and I am a patient Aries but geeze can we speed up the process please lol hahaha no but I can wait. just as I would want him to wait for me :) yes AWWWW how lovely... I know I know lol

I am an Aries woman in like with a Virgo man. I think his feelings for me are secretive but its kinds obvious to me. I believe that most Aries have the ability to easily read people. sometimes Virgos may seem confusing but deal with it. I love this Virgo but even though the process of us making our way up to lovers is taking a while, I can wait. I can tell he wants to know me but I feel fire inside me burning because I cannot wait to get with him.... good God help me! I love this Virgo!

I am a Virgo male who has been with an Aries woman for 8 years now...not married, she was married once and says she doesn't need marriage, im a Virgo, so im cool with that. but this isn't about her.....

anyways the love of my life was an Aries we were together through high school and she broke-up with me probably because I was poor and wasn't going to get the same opportunities her future loves would. it didn't hurt that her feelings changes because I knew I wasn't a "real catch" I had no direction. but what hurt was the way she just moved on and didn't want me in her life anymore, now had I been a liar or cheater, then I would have expected a harsh break-up, but I was loyal and she kissed some guy at a bar and asked me to forgive her, I did, and then 2 weeks later she breaks up with me and starts seeing someone else, obviously she had planned it all out, as my mind processed all of it, it crushed me. so here I sit 16 years later (absurd and ridiculous, I know, laugh im used to it) I have not heard a peep from her...not one. I was a meaningless high school ex-boyfriend and I guess it still hurts me because I wanted her to be in my life forever.

so Aries women with Virgo men...when you decide to break their hearts, and you know they were loyal, please answer the 1,000 questions they will have, it will only help them move on without residual feelings, especially if you know, like my ex did, that you wont be coming back....thank you.

it hurts to feel that the only time your heart will stop hurting is when it stops beating that final time. you see us Virgos, our hearts become haunted, now that's good for the jerk Virgos out there, but for the true and genuine Virgos like me, it only poisons you and stops you from moving on without feeling like you still need that love.


I am a 48 year old Aries woman. I met a 37 year old Virgo Man. Out of all of my relationships throughout the years, I have never been married and dated two other Virgo Men. The Virgo Men in my life has been the most loving ones. Now this Virgo Man is showing and sharing all of himself with me. The other two were not coming all of the way, one being he was married the other being he was a player. This one is new, one year old. He understand trusts and holds me dear to his heart. He tells me everything and is very honest about his feelings and how it scares him that he is so much in love with me. I have fallen very hesitantly in love with him because I refused to believe someone could be so sincere, but he is helping me to get there. Virgo Men are the most loving men out there. They allow you to be who you are, if you are able to allow them to be the Man in the relationship. For this I will allow him to be who ever he wants to be for Love sake. Don't under estimate a Virgo Man if you want a good man. He will love you unconditionally. He is and will be true, but he will never forget the good things you do, nor the bad. Treat him well and you will be his shinning star.

I am an Aries woman currently with a Sagittarius man. but falling for a Virgo, he's so sweet and knowing I have a boyfriend he is still there for me. I don't know why I stay with my boyfriend but I tell this guy everything and he listens and gives advice and he always says if things don't work out ill be here.... we hang out and talk a lot and he has told me his feelings about me and then apologizes because he doesn't want to interfere with our relationship. I know im only 18 and may not know what I want but im leaning towards him he's such a great guy and puts my boyfriend to shame. im trying to control my impulsiveness here but im totally torn.

GOD horoscopes are so on the dot right. Im a 35 year old Virgo with a 28 year old Aries. We just fought tonight and im here looking at horoscopes to find out what happened. I only suggested to her something that I felt was the wrong thing to do and she snapped at me and told me to leave. I was going to leave anyway because I was upset inside over it prior. But Virgo men are a little hasty in what they say sometimes. But Aries women can be just as hurtful as we are. I know we will be together tomorrow again, but horoscopes are so correct. 100% correct in portraying each other. BTW - The fight was about how I wasn't interacting with her friends tonight and not talkative. I was thinking about things too much. I told her 15 times im tired and I just quit smoking so I was irritable, but not showing it other than not talking. typical Virgo!!!

I am an Aries woman with a Virgo man. We connected immediately and have spent a lot of time together. Our personalities are very different but we mesh well together. He is reserved and I am outspoken. He calms me and I keep him on his toes. As far as waiting for him to come around.. not in my case. We have become very close in only 2 months. He is gentle, kind, a real gentleman. The sex is mind blowing! He does notice everything and picks on me but I just laugh it off. The only thing that scares me is keeping my jealousy under control.

I am an Aries woman, and I want to tell you guys this: I was married to a Virgo for 8 years, it was the greatest ever, until he slept with my sister. Man that was not good. I did everything for him, even iron his work clothes that I knew would get dirty at the end of the day. but heck,I was in love. He wanted to come back, but I couldn't trust him anymore. And to this day he still wanted to get back together. They are die hard lovers, and great providers, a little aloof though. Now to this day, I have someone I want, and again he is a Virgo. he tells me that he ahs wanted to talk to me every since we were in high school together. Well, I remember him from grade school, and I used to think he didn't like me. I thought he liked other girls, the ones who gave it up at the drop of a hat. He said he thought that I wanted guys who were always in sports, even though he was, but he thought he didn't rank with them, and with me. That's silly cause I wanted him then. So now we've both been married to other people, he is far away from me, and I live with someone I do not love, I found Mr. Virgo on facebook, and he sent me an email with his number. I was so surprised, and JUMPED to answer. And now I haven't heard from him since, this he does, and I am patient as ever, and I have never been a patient Aries. But I want this guy badly.

I love my Virgo boyfriend and always will no matter what the horoscopes say. Its quite upsetting when I read these horoscopes that say we are not 'compatible' I want my Virgo forever. I am just as loyal as he is and adore him. Yeah he might be a bit critical and a perfectionist at times, but all that matters is that I have found true love, someone that loves me for who I am including my 'Bad Aries' habits. Even though we may have ups and downs he is everything I need. So I will count my blessings x

I am a 28-year old Aries who has loved a 31-year old Virgo for almost 15 years. We started out way back when I was 13, and although we did have years apart (which I had another guys baby during this time) we finally reunited back in 2003 and had our first son in 2004. Since that time we have broken up, lived together, almost gotten married and also had a daughter whom is now 15 months. Right now we are not together but I have learned that Virgo is not very demonstrative in their feelings. They are very loyal, and brutally honest. I have had the most pain with my Virgo man and also the most happiness. You have to let the Virgo be a Man or it will never work. They need attention and affection and as I found out three days ago, they will love you so much and you will never truly know it. They keep it to themselves and they don't view love with their hearts but with their heads. It can work but the Aries has got to watch her temper, words, obsessive ness, and control issues, because the Virgo doesn't forgive or forget and will feel all is tainted. Believe me I know! :(

I am 34 year old Aries woman dating 24 year old Virgo man. I used fall in low with those bad boys which were usually scorpions, Aquarians and Sagittarius as known for having the mind on their own. I have never even come across any Virgo men as I probably just drifted passed them in my Arian speed without giving much interest in them, as they always seem to me too distant, slow thinking and rather shy creatures. Then came valentines party and he smiled at me all the time but never said anything. So as typical Aries I approached him and never left since. He smiles a lot and love him being around me coz is like a sun shining on me.

He tried to take his time with sex but me as typical Aries could not stand the fire, and ripped his clothes off on our 3th date. And guess what? he loved it. Also I thought he will loose his interest in me coz I was so hasty, but 4 months on and he sticks around, and we have a great time, we travel, go to gym together, and he helps me with my studies, and he's the best nurse if I'm sick. ladies, here is one advice, if you want Virgo man to get closer, call them when you r sick, they love feeling that they are helping you. I would never swap my sunny, caring Virgo for anyone else, anymore. He's simply the best!

How do you get a Virgo man to express himself and how do you know he really adores you and wants you around for awhile?

Im an Aries woman and im in love with everything. It started to 4 years ago. He was a very hard fish to catch but I finally ended up getting him. The first time we started being together I didn't take him seriously. Then we broke up but we were together just seeing other people too. Later we got together again for the second time and I fell in love with him. I didn't want to admit it. Believe me us Aries people are very hardheaded, we are afraid of love. But when we are in

love we give everything up for it. He broke up with me the second time for a rumor. He came back and pleaded me to take him back I did. The third time we were going strong very strong. I made the mistake to break up with him. And now I cry to myself. Yes I know its foolish crying over someone but I cant let go of my Virgo guy. Im still in love with him and im afraid he's not. Virgos are a very good company to an Aries . They challenge themselves and keep the flame going strong. believe me!

I am a 32 year old Aires women who been involved with a 39 year old Virgo man [who is sexy as hell] for 3 year. We met on a job we had worked at together. At first I didn't like him, to me he was arrogant and a master manipulator, now that I got to know him, he is very confident and calculating with his movement. When we met he was dealing with a Taurus women [which are more compatible] and I was dealing with a Capricorn man. which was to jealous for me] we started out cheating on are mates. The sexy is so good its the best I ever had in my life he feels the same way ever move that's made between us works out every time feels like the very first time that hard to top I until I decided to tell everyone involved what was going on. First I told his mate of 6yrs. then I told my mate of 4yrs. OMG the Capricorn or Taurus was not giving up but it never stopped me and him from doing us. How did he feel about what I did? Well all I can say is he didn't want her to be hurt by hi s action but on the other hand didn't want me to take matters in my own hands that was 3mos. into the relationship between us finally my Capricorn and I stopped talking it took another five to six mos. after the truth. Taurus the bull head was stuck it just now kicked in a year ago after being told by him Im still around and still I think she is hoping it don't matter at this point. I can honestly say I LOVE HIM FOR HIM THE GOOD AND THE BAD. No we are not a couple and that's ok with me for now he has goals and so do I. The only thing that make me want to fall back forever is to much time spent and my heart is full of love and he fall for some on else. Im not ready for a RELATIONSHIP but my eyes are on him. HE has never told me he loved me but always tells me he has a lot of love for me. He calls me every day and I see him on is off day but still feeling like its time for me to walk away. AIRES WOMEN NEED TO KNOW THERE LOVED BY THE PERSON THERE DEALING WITH EVEN THOUGH WE MY HAVE COMMON SENSE IT NOT THE SAME A AIRES WOMEN FEELING UNLOVE IS A GOOD WAY TO LOOSE HER.I know he loves me but thinks im going to hurt him I would never hurt myself so he has nothing to worry about.

Aaaah, the Virgo Man. I am an Aries Woman, truly, deeply, madly in love with a Virgo Man. What attracts me most about him is his coolness. He is so cool, calm and collected and I find that a turn on. I've never known a man like a Virgo Man, they are loyal, hardworking and trustworthy. I also hear they make great fathers and I can't wait to have his babies.

I'm a 24yr old ARIES, my Virgo man is 30yrs old. We met 5months ago. We met at the shop while I was shopping for flour @ 10pm (random, I know!!??) From that night (no sex) we have spent nearly every minute with each other. I must say this was a complete surprise to how this man got me! I've found with previous relationships, I was always holding a little back; when it came to being emotional, I found that was such a difficult area to head face on, so instead I would try my best to stay away from it, which lead me to have good relationships (Leo x2 & a Capricorn) but not great, I knew something was always missing...but what??

Until my Virgo, he has changed me in so many ways, emotional & mentally and now I know exactly what was missing!

I am a typical Aries (and PROUD!) and I've found that with him, we will argue over the dumbest things because the communication is always misread by both of us (he'll say something I'll take wrong or I'll say something being my blunt self and he'll feel unloved) but no matter who is wrong, if I say sorry and give him some loving attention, the argument never happened, making him feel like a MAN always works!! I watch him a lot and I've come to love him soooooo much (to my surprise, I made him work a lot & let him express himself to me before I told him anything back). The trait which is golden for Aries, acting before thinking, doesn't work with him. But it has shown me to catch myself before I do this & it just makes our relationship stronger by the day plus doing the old thinking trick actually works sometimes!!

For me Aries & Virgo is all about communication!!

If you can learn to understand that each other is just trying to help each other to make things better; which WE feel we make a difference (even though we don't demonstrate it like that) then believe me this relationship will work!

I've found the love of my life....I always thought a Virgo was weak & too to the point but I couldn't have been more wrong. The fact that we are so opposite I think makes it such an interesting relationship...nothing is predictable.

I recently met a Virgo man, I'm 23 and he's 25, I met him at a club 2 weekends ago, then I met him again this weekend where we finally exchanged names. We have a few mutual friends and I added him on facebook a day ago, so I made the first move in contacting him, was that a bad idea? but our encounters at the club he made the first move to talk. After adding him on fb he messaged me saying that he was actually gonna add me today etc and then asked me general questions about my life and told me he's interested in knowing about me etc, so we sent a few long msgs to each other.

My mom is a Virgo, and she is over analytical and fault finding. My question is, I know that Virgos likes purity, I was grown up in a very traditional way, and I was pure till recently, I recently had sex with someone who I really liked, but it happened only twice, its the biggest regret I have in my life, because I was not in a relationship with this guy, I did not love him, it just happened and I take full fault for it. Would a Virgo man be able to accept me for that? If we start talking a lot and bring up the sex question should I tell him? I don't wanna lie, but I wish I was still a virgin, I always wanted to keep it for the guy I was in love with it and I didn't. And some of our mutual friends are some guys that sometimes says bad stuff about me, would the Virgo man listen to what those people has to say and judge me from it?

I am with Virgo guy an Aries girl when I am closer to him he doesn't like it, and what do I have to do to make our relationship lasting?

I am an Aries woman and my husband is Virgo. we meet before 12 years. first I did not love him but through time when he asked me for marriage I start to think about him and I said ok and we got married currently we do have a very lovely boy. I know he likes me too much but he do not want to be with me most of his time. Besides I am tired of his lies every time he is telling me something it is a lie.

Frustrating to say the least....Critical. Perfectionist...Calm cool collected...workaholic...Nice one day....get out of my life the next....cruel at times....hurtful.....Funny, honest.....upfront......but still....Not who can talk the talk. but not walk the walk. and he admits that himself.....Hurt by many past relationships...not able to move on and see the big picture...married to his job.....did I mention critical...

okay ... soo I'm and Aries girl (17) dating a Virgo guy (18) when im with him its hard to stay away from him. he has the nicest smile and his kisses and touches are so soft . im usually hardcore when it comes to making out ... or sex. rough and at em is usually my motive . but I guess im taking a new path with him. I do notice though that a lot of times he leaves and comes back . most people who have dated Virgos say that's the first stage and when he decides to make it final he will . and when he does he'll stay ...... I'm just waiting

I am an Aries woman and met a Virgo man almost 4 years ago now and from the moment our eyes locked I knew there was a connection. It took me a year of random phone calls and accidental meetings before we shared our first night together. The sexual chemistry is phenomenal, the passion I long for...It feels so right and so comfortable....Yet I think will really be able to last??? I'm a butterfly and he's a how will we live in harmony??? I believe in love but I also believe in astrology....Can I change my stars to achieve what I really desire??? I feel it in my heart that he is the one...But it's been a back and forth thing from him from the start...He stole my heart. but how long do I have to wait before he gives me his??? Is it worth the wait??? Or am I setting myself up for disappointment???

Virgo men are users and cheaters. They try to juggle more women than they can handle which makes the habitual liars. They are control freaks and think they know it all. Control is their game. They can't seem to get over their past relationships that makes them move on. They are a charmer, private but all about themselves. I will never date a Virgo again. They are hard to forget but not worth the time and effort ...

I'm an Aries female 24, and I've dated my Virgo bf,30, for 3yrs. Initially he asked me out when I was 19, but I was never interested I saw him as weak and very clingy I didn't like this yet he was always loyal keeping in contact with me. I dated a Capricorn man and was madly in love but I broke it off when he moved to another state. Within a week I ended up with my Virgo bf. The sex was great he was loyal and again clingy which pushed me away. I didn't care much about him because he was a rebound guy. I admit I've cheated on him several times with my ex and another male Capricorn. Both treated me really well and to me had traits that I like to see in a man, reserved leader, loving, loyal both wanted to get married. I was blunt and honest about the affairs with my Virgo man, we break up and somehow end up together again, he says he forgives me all the time for this but deep down I know it hurts him and he stays. I've never been with such a loyal and loving person but as the y rs pass he seems to drift away but claims to be in love with me always. funny how initially he waited for me and I ran the other way only to find that I crave his attention now and get angry when I don't get it. I hate that my jealous tendencies show more with this mellow and reserved guy but he puts up with all that I've put him thru with a calmness that's difficult to comprehend. I need to find a way to break things off cause were like a drug to each other and I don't feel like its healthy for either one. I miss my Capricorn exs' I hate that my Virgo man brings out the devil in me but somehow also the angel. I need to get out before more time and energy is wasted!

I am an Aries girl 17 with a Virgo boy 16. The relationship has been kindling sense I was 15 and it has been difficult but rewarding. I find his critical ways to be so irritating that my temper goes off with him all the time. When we are together and he listens to me all is perfect. But when we are apart for too long its like we cannot get along or meet each other half way. Phone calls can usually be a disaster with my Virgo boy because he is so fussy and it usually drains my creative high energy flow. I love my Virgo boy, but he is so orderly and I am so care free. We are complete opposites but I love him. It is not an easy relationship and often I wonder if I truly love him as much as he loves me. He is so loyal to me that its what keeps me going back to him.

I am an Aries female and though all these threads are based on relationships, my best friend is a Virgo male I have known for 11 years.

He is the most wonderful man, and I sometimes have to question myself why I do not cross over and have a relationship with him. Honestly though, we have such a wonderful friendship... I can be completely me without him being judgemental, he knows my flaws inside and out and every awful thing I have experienced he has never critisized. He is honest, direct, sometimes arrogant. He can also be very opionated thinking he is sometimes better than the next person, but not in an over the top manner.

He has had relationships, and the women he has loved he has been honest, open and 100% faithful. He deserves a wonderful woman. Sadly I do not have that sexual chemistry with him.

Basing everything purely on star sign is crazy, they say Aries and Virgo is not necessarily a good match, but from reading these posts and the experience I have with my best friend, I would say WE ARE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

loyal or cheaters? Reading all the post i'm left a little confused. Im an Aries woman, dating a Virgo man... The relationship is fairly new and with my Scorpio moon, my tolerence for cheating is zero. Someone with more experience.. please shed some light.

About 4 months ago I met a really nice Virgo, he was sweet and in every department he beat all of my other partners in. Every now and then we are on shaky grounds but when I really sit back and look at it he really loves me. Although in all of our arguements he tells me to leave. He still is here with me. I just want to say that reading everyones response has gotten me realizing that our relationship is not a waste of time. That is takes tons of changing from me a very crazy Aries in order for our beautiful relationship to work. I have realized that the relationship will not work if the strong leading Aries does not step down to being a soft leading Aries. I love my Virgin Loml. (Love Of My Life)

I'm an Aries woman of 14 years and I love my Virgo!We've been together for 2 1/2 years. The thing is that we're both afraid to say "I love you" out loud. As an Aries, I'm afraid that by saying it I'll be too impulsive and scare him away. As a Virgo, I think he wants to say it, but he's just not sure if I feel the same way. But I think I'm willing to wait for him. He makes me feel special. And he's the only guy in the whole world who saw me when I was invisible to every other guy out there. I give him his space when I feel that certain vibe and in return he treats me like a star! He makes me feel comfortable enough to be myself. And whenever I start to doubt myself, he automatically says that I'm wrong. Someday I hope that he'll feel comfortable enough to admit his feelings with "I love you", but for now, just having him hold me and say everything is okay, is good enough for me!

I'm and Aries woman crazy in love with a Virgo Man. He is truly my everything. We've known each other for 4yrs going on 5, and I've loved him since freshmen year in high school. He is my best friend and I tell him everything yet he can't open up to me and it truly kills me he is in a relationship right now and it doesn't kill me but it kills me if you know what I men. I know we were meant for each other but he doesn't see it. I always tell him how much I love him and wish we could be together but he tells me he doesn't see me that way. He makes me smile just at the sight of him, just at the sound of his voice, I can be so down and get a text from him and this feeling in my stomach just get me and its like damn no other man can do that NONE . I cry at night cause I long for him, we fight so much or we use to and we would go right back to being friends. We are always seeing things differently but that's the great thing about us. Man I wish he could love me the way I love him, wish he would give US a chance. I would be proud to call him my man, and I know I would make him proud to call me his GIRL. ( damn I love him) and always will x.

Im a 36 years old Aries woman so much in love with a 25 years old Virgo boy...It sounds crazy but he stole my heart since the firt night we spent together...he make me feel confortable, loved and beautiful every day...Im so in love and I will do anything for him because I can feel his love and sweetness...He just make my life better everyday...true..we fight sometimes for stupid things and I feel he confuses me little bit but at the end it is worth it...As an Aries I know I have to control my impulsive behavior and jelousy...He is just thankful to have him in my life...

Im an Aries woman & im head over hills 4 my Virgo man. We been dating for 3yrs.Wen we started talkn I didn't expect 2 lik him he really didn't seem lik my type but 2 my surprise he was everything I wantd in a man. Me being the Aries that I am loved how he gave me my space but attention at the same. He is so loyal but VERY seem like he always find something wrong.He never said he love me which kinda bothers me but he shows me different. Its the little things he do that jus makes me fall deeper & deeper for him. He is unlike any other Guy i've met & he truly makes me happy;; so ima jus wait it out & see where this thing go...WISH ME LUCK!!:)

I'm a 36 yr old Virgo man whose first real love was with a Aries girl. I was 19 and she was 16. She was perfect to me in every way. Only thing was, back then, I didn't have a sense of knowing how to do within our relationship because all the time we had together was when I got off work late at night. I had a room mate who knew my guy friends so when I got off work, everybody would be kicking it at my crib. So, me and my Aries girl never really had time alone to get to know one another outside of everyone else. She liked to kick it too with my fellas so she would be at the house when I got off work. I started feeling a attention deficit which made me start acting sprung. I even devise a plan to where I would let her know how crazy I was believing myself to be because I felt I wasn't getting enough of her attention. I told her I wanted to break it off. When she agreed, I was flabergasted and decided to change my mind. When she refused, I became even more distraugh t. It took a couple of years to get over her. She knew how to quell my anger which impressed me alot. I rescently asked another Aries to marry me. I felt compatible with her on all aspects in our relationship but the only thing I can't stand is when she pisses me off, she doesn't know how to shut the hell up when I ask. So now, we are no more. Sad....if only she knew how to shut the hell up when I ask, we would still be together.

I'm an Aries woman who dated a Virgo man for 7 years. we have been off and on for a total of 11 years. In the begining we were together 24/7 nonstop together. Very buisness oriented family man with a wicked tounge I never heard a man talk to people like that at all in my entire life very critical headstrong but a very loyal man. The sex life in the begining was good. But faded out over time "his all bout his buisness" was very critical of our relationship he could never leave it outside. I used to say hang that up on the tree to fester outside and come back to it ithe next day" he couldn't , it consumed every thought dinner time personal time it interferred with everything in the end we are not together. Now I'm dating a new Virgo man and I think taking things very slow is the key. If I can handle bouts of critism and controlling issues again I think I can work it out all over again! Someone mentioned there ex's play a huge factor in there love life it's true I've sha dowed my ex's ex's for 11 yrs my first Virgo never trusted woman until he met me! I never got a hand in marriage cus of her and now he is a widow and I still haven't been asked after 11 yrs of ups and downs so the wait is too long for me anymore Virgos take along long time to figure what exactly they need. Patience is the key!

I am old enough to say that I am in love with a Virgo male who is old enough to know what I feel. I am an Aries female,and it's not common for anyone to take my heart the way he has.I really hate that,and I want to know what he thinks and feels about it. But he doesn't give me answers right away. It may be weeks at a time sometimes before we get to talk to each other. He says some very deep things to me at times. Especially at night when we are on the phone. And I believe him. Then when I get on a certain web page I would notice that he saves pictures of other females,some young(20-25)in his pictures. I want him,andi t's not that I am jealous,it's because I want him.

OK HERE WE GO....I am a 23 year old very fiery, very confident, VERY independent Aries woman. I met my Virgo in high school when I was only 16! He was 17. We both had just recently lost our virginity (to other people) and had been friends for about three months before this. Our first kiss was in his car one night after he gave me a ride home from a party and sparks flew. Almost immediately after that he came over and we slept together. At the time I was still seeing my boyfriend but we broke up shortly afterwards. Ever since that day I have been absolutely infatuated with this Virgo man. I used to blow up on him all the time until I was about 21 years old, when I started to become a more calm and mature Aries woman. It has been 7 years now and we STILL have NOT gotten into a relationship. I think he knows I am wildly in love with him but he claims he only has "sexual" feelings for me, even though I know he loves me too. We remained "booty calls" in high school and k ept our relationship a secret from EVERYONE. This didn't bother me because the thrill of keeping a secret made our sex explosive. It's been 7 years now and we are still doing the same thing, sneaking around, having amazing sex, and most of all learning more and more about each other every day. I can't believe our relationship has lasted this long and neither one of us will dare admit our true feelings. We both value each other so much that we will go through extreme lengths to keep our unique relationship forever. I feel like he is the Yin to my Yang (astrology wise this is actually correct). In college he did find a Capricorn woman who he fell in love with, but later broke up with her because he just couldn't stop talking to me. I tried my hardest to break them up which is so wrong Karma wise, but no one is gonna steal my Virgo. Plus he is WAY more sexually attracted to me then her, and I am his sexy Aries (duhh! :D) He is so calm, cool and collected, and it turns me on like crazy. I have never and will never meet another man like him. Like the others have said, I am a butterfly and he is a hermit so how will we ever last? But like the rest also I must say it doesn't even matter because the passion I feel with him is out of this world and worth the wait for whatever bullshit reason he is scared of committing to me for. We are constantly sexting (sending kinky texts) when we are at school, work, out with family, out with friends.. and I have never understood why this game just never gets old to me, but it's only with him. He makes me feel like a god when we're having sex and has told me I do the same. WE ARE COMPLETE OPPOSITES, but that's what makes it work!! As long as I give him space when he needs it and try not to get worked up when he doesn't respond right away then I can't see why we would ever end this crazy courtship. I love him with everything that I am and wouldn't mind being with him for the rest of my life even if we are technically "not together" to everyone else, we are soul-mates in our own little world together. I LOVE VIRGOS!

I am a 28yr. old Aries woman with a 33yr. old Virgo man and we are so madly in love with each other and have only been together for six months. Moved in together after only being together for 3 months and I don't regret ever moving that fast cause we just can't get enough of each other still, don't think that will ever change. He knows how to always make me laugh, shows me a amount of affection, not as much as I desire but being a Aries I know I would get bored real quick!

We are so different yet so alike. Sex is great though I have to agree they tend to think with their head more then their heart. Most fear and always having to reassure him is that I am not going to leave him. So afraid of being left.

Great father, hard worker, honest, loyal, jealous, yet still the best companion and love of my life! I agree with some of this stuff they say about the signs but honestly if you both make sacrafices for one another to make each other happy then all is possiable!

I'm a 40 year 0ld Aries woman in love (really in love) with a 28 year old Virgo man and he for me! I believe he fell harder for me when he proposed marriage not , once but twice, After a brief breakup. My decision, we couldn't stop thinking about each other. We decided to get married. Our problem is communication at times, but has gotten better since we've decided to reconnect and now he really wants us to be married. Only problem is that we live on opposite ends of the planet and also forgot to add the outside interference of some family and friends.The phonecalls, emails, text messages, keeps us going, but it's the physical contact we're missing! I never thought I could actually crave someone this much. When I feel I'm calling or emailing to much I back off. I've been totally faithful in this truely strange and unique , almost three years relationship. Hoping that when we do finally meet and if we like each other, marry. It will be an explosive sexual encounter. T here's obiviously some sexual attraction between no doubt about that. We've had some serious financial setbacks that keeps us from meeting. So now while we still love each other and I trust him to a certain degree and vice versa. Now, he's gone dormit again. Yes, they are good for that.There's nothing devoid of praise and respect between us. I think sometimes we need to just communicate in different ways to keep it interesting. It hasn't been easy and they're are days when the vibe is soooo good we just can't seem to get enough. Recentally, what sounded like an ultimative to me, trying not to jump to conclusions, He says he wants us to get married SOON!It's the money... It's just been a problem lately for us still.I can feel the urgency in the both of us and if it doesn't happen for us SOON! We won't be able to fullfill or destiny together good or bad.Right now all I have to hold on to is the someday and all the plans we've made for our future. He even brought how adorable our first child will be....AHHH! can't wait to be his wifey!Now, I'm just waiting for somekind of relief for the both of us to continue to be together for good. It's the uncertainty that drives me crazy because I've been and agreeing with what's been said here about the relationship between these two signs.I guess I'll have to keep the faith all round. In love, faithfull,and waiting...

I am 24 yrs old Aries girl and have been dating this very cute 24 yrs old Virgo guy for a decades now!!!! He is my first love and I am 100% sure he will be the last one. He is such a caring boy, very passionate, so good in bed and yeah very loyal. I tell you what, he is not so good when it comes to telling lies...but he does lies a lot which is pissing me off so badly, and only because of that reason we fight a lot This is the only bad thing that I don't like about him. By the way, he is not a good listener but he does obey and do whatever I want him to do. He quit smoking because I told him that if he truly loves me and want to be with me forever then he needs to cease smoking!! I gave him exactly 3 months to get rid of it and I am proud to say that he is no more a smoking freak. I love him so much coz, he knows how to make me feel so special and he loves me for who I am! I know I am so possessiv e and jealous when it comes to love but he knows and understands why I am being like that...

Short description of Virgo guys are---very sexy, caring, understanding and so organized and a true lover and yeah perfect match for an Aries girl :)

I am a 23 year old Aries woman who is still in love with a sexy 22 year old Virgo man. I met him at a club by accident...I tripped over his foot.I luv the fact that he liked me for me.We got to see each other flaws upfront. It was like a backwards marriage...I never argue with men I just meet.Anywayz we would always go back to each other. When he left the club that night we met I won't forget what he said or did. He kept asking me will I call him and I ensured him repeatedly that I would. Then he left. One mintue later he came back smiling and said to me I don't want to leave you and gave me a hug.He finally left but I was a complete stranger to him that he felt so connected to so quickly. We are not together because I am a virgin and he needed someone to fullfill his needs. He has that now and I don't think he even dated this girl for as long as he dated me. I took his 1st "I love you" for granted and he up and left. As an aires I never knew I could love a man with my heart so much.I get sad sometimes because we don't talk anymore because of his new girlfriend. If there was any chance to have him back in my life I would take it asap. He was my critical Mr. Perfect who wanted every bit of me. I pray sometimes that we would be together again. I miss him so much.

my ex as of now is a Virgo and I am an aries. I feel deeply in love with him but realized he was in love with someone else. Our signs do not work. The Aries girl just winds up as a "fun time" for a Virgo guy but luckily will walk out once they realize this. Virgos and Taurus are compatible together, and from what I've been through an Aries girl shouldnt love someone that treats them like such shit. Find someone better for yourself fellow Aries chicks, like a Leo or Gemini , they will not only be a good partner but a best friend. plus Virgo men are losers. nuff said

I'm a Virgo man 36 with a Aries 28 year old, we recently broke up with a really no good reason except that I wasn't moving forward fast enough, and I guess I was snippy all the time lately since losing my job. I really love this women and want to spend the rest of my life with her. I have great comfort in hearing these posts that we will get back together, I have been giving her space lately, at first I didn't (Tip for all you Virgo guys, do not do not under any circumstance contact them after I break up, I learned the hard way) I just hope we get back together it's been close to 3 months and we haven't seen each other. But we have small talk over the phone and text. I still have things of her at my house and I plan on using that to my advantage so when I see her I will woo her off her feet. I hope this works, my heart has never been the same since the break up. Worst one in my book since dating.

I'm a 47 Aries and just met a phenomenal Virgo of 28. While this is new and I hate the word "cougar" we didn't know each others ages when we met and we both look about 10 years younger. I don't know yet where this will go, but your comments and insights were informational. Thanks.

What is it about the Virgo man that drives me to be away from him but yet yearn for his affection and kindness. He is cool and collected about things. I recently broke off with an Virgo man, he didn't seem to mind - that really pissed me off to the point I told him to go away, he kept bugging me for a month after the break up, not really bothering me but sent emails all the time saying sorry and he will always love me. I dated some other people and found them to not give me what I needed which was what the Virgo man gave me. Man I never cried so much over a man before, even though I told to stop bugging me, I couldn't help over time to feel his love again, he was there with open arms and never brought up the past again. Sometimes Aries women get so caught up in what they do for their career, thanks goodness I woke up and realized he was the one. Now we live a great life more than I expected. You just have to let the Virgo man go in order to see if he truly loves yo you or not, trust me you will now his loyalty. Just don't let him get to far or else you lose him. Prior to marriage we broke up 5 times. I wouldn't trade him for the world now since he has opened up.

I have just recently got of a 13yr relationship with a Sagittarius man Aries are supposed to be compatible with Sagittarius men but they are not good partners or team players so marriage would be a disaster. I met a Virgo man on fb I added some pic that he thought was very attractive and. In bixed me without even knowing me I persued the conversation with little intrest but curious we then started sending each other pics from our phones some of me and some clothless the pic sharing was mutual he was sending them to I first thought that he was just being sexually aroused for entertainment

The Virgo man then told me he miss me and am saying to myself how when we haven't spend anytime together when he sent me a pic of him I knew we would look good together but the question is can we be a good fit I like him a lot and have not yet personnally seen him other then pics text and phone calls he stays two hrs away from me and I already want to go where he is I am a Aries woman and seeking for love and to be loved I want to get married and have a family

This Virgo man has me truely wanting more he has listen and shared intimate conversations with me I feel like I have known him for years I don't want to fall in love because am scared of it not working but I feel for him so much he don't even know but it is so much I still must know about him but his conversation makes me feel like am on a fluffy cloud gliding I want understand my new Virgo man so can be a good Aries woman to him

I am in love with a Virgo male, we met briefly and I sent several emails and gifts and no response.As I read the other testimonies I feel that a Virgo would be faithful but very critical,and also I don't like that they don't express their emotions in public and I definetely do not like that they still talk to their ex girlfriends I am spoiled and need a lot of attention and sex,this is something to truly consider!

Im 19 with a Virgo boyfriend. I truly adore him even though we haven't been together for long. Yes we argue but it doesn't take long to be happy again. If I could I would be with him everyday.

I am a 26 y/o Aries woman (to the T) insanely crazy about at 23 y/o Virgo man. I have read ALL of these posts about other people's relationships and it makes me smile to know that other aries/virgos are making it work. It took me a little bit to get him to commit to a relationship but he is not as shut off as some others have described their virgos. So I consider myself lucky. He tells me often how much he loves me and adores me. I tend to fly off the handle about stuff he says, when he doesn't even mean to offend, and he just lovingly tells me to calm the heck down :) I love how by being with him I am learning to be more grounded, which is something I really needed. Although he says he absolutely loves my sassy, fiesty side. He says I am his addiction and he is absolutely without a doubt my drug. I couldn't imagine being without him. I am happy to read how loyal they are. We have yet to do the whole breakup and back together thing, but I'm glad to know if it happen s more than likely we will get back together (if going based on like 90% of the other posts lol). Ladies...hang on to your virgos, you wont be sorry.

I am an Aries woman, recently back in contact with a Virgo after 9 months' silence. Thank God for Facebook, and for him! He and I first got together 15 years ago - I was hot to trot for him sexually but was afraid my parents wouldn't accept him because of his lack of formal schooling. He wound up pushing me away because I was so undecided about our future. I married another, and the Virgo guy and I maintained contact until I pushed him away to try and save the marriage. He was very angry about that, so I stayed away from him even though the marriage failed. Two and a half years ago, I saw his profile on Facebook and timorously 'poked' him. Within three days, he and I were back together and to the 10th power so much in love it eclipsed our previous relationship completely.

He had gone back to school, graduated, and picked up a trade. He begged me not to leave town, although I was moving to be closer to family.

It has been two years since we saw each other, but in each phone call between us he mentioned my rejoining him and our living together. I stopped phoning him when the only job I got was at a convenience store - humiliation that my move had not resulted in furthering my career silenced me somewhat. I feel like a fairweather friend, but he sounds really happy to hear from me. I think that if he asks me again, I will go to him. He is so very definitely the rock of my life.

Well, it has been 4 months since my Aries women left me. I kept pushing her away with my love. Now she hates me, and tells me what I did wrong in the relationship, I was too distant towards the end. But I notice she is really angry with me, which tells me she is really hurt and still has feeling for me since she hasnt removed all my pictures from Facebook yet, you know the ones were we are kissing. She removed most of them but kept some. I finally told her over the phone to just tell me you do not want to be with me and I will never bug you again. Well she really got steaming mad and told me she would never be with me again and where we hang out she will never be with again. Thank God I never begged or pleaded, sent gifts and other things to her. I never asked formally for the relationship to be back, just that I love her and care for her. I hope she wakes up someday and realizes I truly truly love her and will do anything to keep her happy in the future since I now realize where my faults are. I hope this works, I really got to put on a pedestal with her, I wanted to break that habit and love her for being her.

Advice from a Virgo man please !!! I am an Aries, and I met my Virgo friend through strange circumstances through facebook, we started chatting about the belief in god ( he had just lost his father). He was obviously at his lowest, and I helped him back from his darkest period. I have spent the past 4 months guiding him back, helping him recover, being his rock. He said he would only talk to me about his feelings, his dispair, he quoted once as saying ' he was a fish, and I threw him back to sea'. We would spend hours on skype talking very intensly about life etc...i helped him with everything. Nothing every happened pysically with us, but I always felt the chemistry, attraction.... maybe I was blinded, I do not know, the intense staring, the bond we had felt unbreakable... we could sit together for hours, laughing like children, as if no one else was in the room..... that longing I felt to want 2 hold him, eventually killed me. He taught me patience, something I lack... but eventually I cracked. 3 occa ssions, he wanted to see me, I cancelled... my feelings intensified, and I could not handle it. We both had a massive arguement, because he wanted to see me, but had only a 1/2 hour to see me, I lost it, and told him he was selfish, I have been his rock, and told him to not contact me ever again. It all blew up.... and the last thing he sent me was a song Placebo, running up that hill... and that if I loved him I would leave him alone.... he also said we could never be together. We had the most intoxicating, amazing relationship as friends.... I just feel sad, that he has gone, but live in hope he will be back. Can anyone answer what I have posted, as making any sense. your thoughts are appreciated. thanks x... I am so sad, and I miss him sooooo much

My Aries ex says with anger that we cannot be friends because it will hurt to much. I'm a Virgo sitting her calmly waiting for her to come back and or she will calm down enough to it over. But being the stupid Virgo I am I pushed her away into the man I hated her to be around. I think she is playing games with me. She told me that she will give me a restraining order against me if I contact her again. Mind you, I never begged, cried, pleaded, went to her house, stalked or drunk dialed her, all my texts were in 11am to 4pm. I failed to realize her feelings that's all, I made that mistake okay, but do I really deserve that kind of response when she knew I am a harmless guy. I admired this women and loved her, one day I woke up and was tired of all the lies and just told her I needed space. I admit I had some problems, but the Virgo in me would just take his time. I know I would have been a great man for her. But the lies just BROKE MY F*CKING HEART! I willing to forgi ve, but will she ever forgive me after the angry last call that she never wants to be with me again. Too bad, I know her very well even though she says I don't. She is trying to make me jealous over face-book, wrong move, I don't get jealous at all fortunately, because that is a sign of weakness and not a trait of a Virgo man. I feel like telling her she is full of shit but I just love her too much to do that! What is about the fire sign that consumes me as a Virgo!

Advice from a Virgo Man!

Virgo men like me will get over it eventually, trust me, we are thinkers and when we realize we made a mistake the LOVE will be hundred times better than before. Just control your Aries temper with us, we know you have a fire inside you but please direct it towards others instead of us. We're selfish in nature but once we realize it, we come back hundred times better than before and sometimes for keeps. I just got out of a relationship with an Aries girl who told me to stay away or go away, but the fire imprinted in my my mind told me she is the one and I just need to listen to her more and care for her feelings. We Virgo's tend to forget other peoples feelings allot, we always assume they're not feeling what we feel. The best thing you can do is just be there for him in his time of need, and try to make time if you really love him. Pushing a Virgo away will only really bring him back to you, but pushing in a gentle way not a hasty way. Virgos never know when there love eithe r until we see certain qualities at a later date. - My best advice to you is to just listen to him and just explain why you got upset. HONESTY IS THE BEST WAY TO A VIRGOS HEART! Being purposefully deceiving is the best way to get rid of him for good. Virgos like myself, tend to have pure thoughts in a not so pure world. Basically, perfect in mind in a imperfect world.

Im An Aries female. Seeing a Virgo male. he's So kind, A COMPLETE gentleman, he's sweet, funny, cool and collective. So far I do not find him to be Bossy whatsoever. Ive been reading some of these posts, Yes the good sounds like him. but I am worried about the bad. He does spoil me. And he treats me very well.

His feelings are open though. most of these posts dipict a Virgo man to be gaurded and seem uninterested. but its the complete opposite. He tells me all the time how he wants to be there for me, and what he thinks of me. ( which is all good so far).

I think ive captured his heart. im almost convinced. He doesn't hesitate to tell me his feelings. His Ability to be calm is nice because Between the two of us, there is a common ground. theres balance. Im very excited to continue this relationship with him. And I Hope its everything I wish for.

me and him were great, I love him. but he keeps dissapearing after we have a dissagreement, I don't know what to make of this? any insight

I'm a Aries Female. I love my Virgo Man, I met him and he made me fall into lala land right away from a unexpected weekend. I have a career and he seems to be more carefree in this area. Doesn't seem to have any dreams, that's okay not everybody does. He did start saying some bad things to me recently after about 1 and 2 months together. I was almost going to call in it quits but didn't and suffered through a week of torment, which is weird for me to do but I did. Thank goodness I did, I realize now it was just a phase and he apologized and brought me on a cruise and proposed to me, it was the most beautiful fun filled weekend I ever had with him. Virgo men are really good if you can just hang in there with the attitude. He will know what he did wrong and make it up to you. I know he will be a good father.

Im a Aries woman who has met a Virgo man. We are friends and started out as platonic friends. Me coming out of a neglected marriage he was there to let me talk to him about the failed marriage and it grew into us becoming friends with benefits. We see it as 2 friends helping each other out. He is much older than me and we get along very well. He was up front that the relationship will never go further than where it is now. He is a picky Virgo has very high standards of woman that are just not into him.

However, I see him as so much more and he knows that but I have relayed to him that I understand him being honest with me. He says that he doesn't want to hurt me. I said that is fine, I will not allow myself to get attached. So I keep my distance from him but it drives me crazy because he is a huge mystery to me. When I give him space he texts asking if im upset with him cause im not talking to him as much. He texts me all the time, sometimes he will even call me from his work. We hang out together and just chill watching movies. We can socialize about many different topics. But im really stumped because if he doesn't want more then why does he act the way he does by texting me non stop, call me on his breaks at work, always checking to see if im okay? Me being an Aries I do tend to read into things more than others. Is he really into me more as a friend or is it just his way of showing he cares?

The other thing too is that im a very passionate person behind closed doors which he is aware of because we are very honest with one another. I love to kiss and he has a thing of not kissing someone he doesn't want a relationship with. So of course we have never kissed. It is awkward but im trying to give him his space and just go with the flow even though im use to being in control. Do any of you Virgo men think it will become more from this Virgo man or just stay as friends with benefits? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated for my confused mind.

Hey! I need help with this Virgo man. He's 4 years elder to me. We like each other. He told me about his future plans in first meeting itself. He told me he wants to settle down in his dad's business and later think of getting married when he would be 26 or 27. He's 24 now. I am 20. He asked about my plans too. He confessed that he likes me and doesn't want a fling and want to get into a commitment. He would want the girl to meet his parents and interact with his family. He wanted to get physical with me. It had been just a week that we were dating and I wasn't comfortable.He didn't force me But in a way tried to convince me. I Am Arian. I got bugged up and called him desperate on which he was hurt and embarrassed. He called off our relation and didn't even tell me. He told me I thought we were dating but you made changed my mind. I involved his friend on which he got angry and since then he isn't talking to me. What should I do. I tried calling and messaging and ap ologized.He told me he doesn't want to talk to me as of now and doesn't know about the future but now he doesn't reply. What should I do?

I have been dating my boyfriend for a good 5years now.. off and on. he is the guy I always come back too and im the girl he always messed up with and he waits for me .. now tell me is it weird for him as an august Virgo to randomly disapear and not even talk to you for weeks at a time .. like his a bit different . I need to know.. I have never experianced this with anyone else besides a libra. but still.. what should I do ?

I am a 37 year-young Arian who has fallen head-over-heels over my 31 year-old Virgo man!!! I had recently experienced a bad break up with a highly compatible sign (Leo) and to add insult to injury, the break up occurred at close proximity to the winter holidays... to be exact, right before Thanksgiving. I am no stranger to social dating sites and considered it a great alternative to meeting people (As single parent and working professional, time constraints are a realistic obsatcle). I researched and found a site that I found interesting and soon thereafter, I was meeting people and making friends. I went on a few "dates" but nothing ever transpired. Quite frankly, I was getting bored of the same bar type "one liners" and the wink-wink flirts that filled my inbox(which I usually don't respond to as I believe in the importance of verbal communication). Then, I saw the "wink-wink" of this guy whose profile pic was that of his reflection in the mirror... shirtless ! My first impression of him was "as if!!!!" First of all... his profile picture was of his image shirtless... to me that was a sure sign of arrogance, which I steer clear of, then he has a very tatooed torso, which to me cried out "crazy, partying, cheatiing, lying... jerk! Lol. His profile descriptions left a lot to be desired so I clicked out of his page and quickly forgot about his "wink-wink." Approx. two days later, I get an actual e-mail from him with an actual message... needless to say, we hit it off right away in cyber space, but I was still very skeptical and very fragile from the break up. To make a long story short, he communicated via e-mail throughout the holidays and cheered me up when times became a bit lonely. He persisted even when his calls, e-mails and texts went ignored. Finally, his persistance intrigued me... I had to learn his story and why he refused to take "no" for an answer... I finally gave in and we met in person on 1/1/2011... We are going on almost 4 months together and I can honestly say that although a bit younger than me, this man has taught me so much about the world, about patience and has brought out the best in me. I am so grateful that he didn't give up on me because I would have probably missed out on meeting whom I consider my soul mate. Yes, we do have our differences... although he persued me, he has this cool calmness about how he expresses his feelings for me... he is very careful with his verbal expressions of affection, but his actions speak very loudly. We have a very strong unspoken connection and the vibe is like no other I have ever experienced. He is actually the first Virgo I have dated, so this experience is a learning experience like no other... I was so off base at judging this book by its cover, but I am glad that I took the chance to see what lay inside the pages! I could not have kicked off the New Year any better... and I pray that we celebrate many more together. Despite of some trait differences... my Virgo baby is the Yin to my Yang and vice versa! We compliment each other and learn so much from one another! I am falling for this Virgo and falling fast.

I don't know why but I am in love with my Virgo man. I am a 17 year old Aries and have had an off-again-on-again relationship with my guy for 4 years now. The hardest part of the relationship on my end is not trusting or believing anything that he says. You see my Virgo has a reputation for "getting around" and I want to know that I have his love all to myself. As an Aries, I pride myself with reading people but I just can't tell what is really on his mind. It's been a rough road but I can never seem to live life without him.

I am a 20 yr old Aries. I met said Virgo via work. He was too afraid to ask me out in the beginning, and then kept trying to take me out on dates. We finally went out, and it was the best date of my life. Personality wise, we are so similar. But, I recently broke it off because he was a stage 5 clinger (biggest issue). I couldn't stand it. We Aries like to do what WE want to do. He would always want to be together. And further more, there was no sexual attraction (another big issue). I almost found him boring, too. He had an chance to be Mr. Right, but he totally wasn't. Hope a real Virgo comes along to defy my current mindset.

HELP! I'm an Aries women and have been married to a Virgo man for seven years. I love him and would never leave him, but he hurts my feelings a lot, he's distant and critical, somewhat hard to deal with. My sex drive is way to much for him and I don't really know what to do to make him want me like he did when we first met because he dosen't communicate very well. I feel so insecure all the time and I feel like I can't ever be satisfied or feel emotionally secure with him because he's so detached most of the time. I know that there is a fire in there somewhere, I just need to find it. If any Virgo men have any advice, do tell.

I am in love with a Virgo male, we been on and off for 5 yrs now. He finally tells me he wants to be in a relationship recently like a month ago. But he wont communicate with me. When we're together everything seems perfect but then he disappears doing God only knows. He really confuses me and that pisses me off. As I read the other testimonies I feel that a Virgo would be faithful but very critical(which he is),and also I don't like that "they" (including him) don't express their emotions in public. I definetely do not like that he still talk to his ex's but I do too (so I cnt be that mad) lol (us jealous Aries) But I am very spoiled and need a lot of attention and sex, which I sometimes get but not enough for me so as of right now im not talking to him cuz im mad at him and his disappearing acts. Sigh, this is something to truly consider!

Virgo Man & Aries Woman

I had a relationship with an Aries woman for 1 year and 2 months and 3 days and 4 hours and 5 minutes and 3 seconds and 12 parts of second. I find our relationship very nice and passionate.

I am in love with a Virgo man 21 years my senior....I'm 40 and never ever had anyone "Turn My Freak On" as expertly as him.....wish I would have met him years ago......he calms my Arian hot headedness.....and I can keep him light-hearted....I get angry he is uptight...somehow its the perfect compliment of each other on another mental and sexual dimension....absolutley unstoppable

I am an Aries woman in love with a Virgo man. We've had our relationship for a year and half now and its not been an easy one. We both do love each other immensely but the issue is he doesn't seem to show or prove his love and it seems like I'm the one holding up the relationship. But deep inside me, I know this man loves me so much and cares about me too. Besides my always arguing nature, we would have had the best relationship ever. But he got tired of me arguing most of the time and he said I don't trust him. But I was just scared and insecured. I really do love my man but now, he's broken up with me because of incessant arguments. I still love him very much. I can't do without him. I've tried to talk things over with him but he seems not interested anymore. I just wish I could turn back the hands of time and make things better. Then, there will be less arguments and he won't have to worry anymore. I love my Virgo man so much. I want you backkk Kwasi

hello,i'm talking to a Virgo now. i'm an Aries woman. My Virgo is very straightforward and always horny. I even think sometimes how to handle him. But he is highly intelligent and always loving. I really like him. I don't know if I like him or not, but I find him interesting and cool :)

ima a Aries woman dating a Virgo male my Virgo is a trip he came on strong with the kisses and I love you's and then all of a sudden nothing.. I wanna be with him all the time everyday and I was never like this but o well I gotta get this man out of my system before I go insane with rage. he asked me to break off relationships for him and I wish I hadnt im learning my lessons everything that glitters isnt gold.. my Virgo male don't live up to the hype.. im team single for now I think.he's emotionless so I don't know what to say or think anymore.

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