Virgo man avoiding me

by Pisces

i am a Pisces girl who loved a Virgo boy ..somethings happen an we parted. he is with his new girl and baby (am hoping he is happy)but my issue is why couldn't he tell me she was pregnant, not saying he is obligated to me but we were talk for a long time and he said nothing yet he except me to tell him if i was pregnant(he saw a pics of a baby). i was the first to wish him luck in his relationship but he seems unpleased with mine because not once had he say to me i hope your happy.i told him i hope we can be friends but it seems like he is avoiding me like crazy. even now i love him but am not a home wrecker and am trying to make it work with my boyfriend right now. WHY DOES HE DO IT? IF I ASK ANYTHING HE AVOID IT WHY?

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