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I met this Virgo man in a bar, and had a female friend of his check me out. This was quite funny when he told me he did this. I am a Cancer woman and have been hanging out with him for almost 2 weeks now. He tells me that I am amazing but yet at the same time he seems a little distant. SO I've been researching Virgo Men and found some answers and ideas and it has helped me tremendously.

(Virgo Male) Hi and name is Detrick....Yea, I was married to a Cancer female for 3 years and it was AWSOME! The only problem we EVER had was communication, Virgos are really critical and need to learn that the crab cant really take that! My ex would always get naggy and try to act bigger than I am, or she would start crying and try to belittle me by telling me how much she does and that I don't care....All in all you have to have COMMUNICATION, that is Key to winning a Virgo...without that Virgos are terrible at expressing themselves any other way. lol...not all...just me! ^_^

(Cancer Woman) I have just met a Virgo man, we have known each other now for about 2 weeks and I have to honestly say that BAM! there were instant fireworks between us. So much chemistry it is like being with someone I've known my whole life and a best friend too. Here's the kicker though, we have only been communicating via the internet, texts and webcam. I am planning a trip to meet him next month (I am from Missouri and he Georgia) and we both have said that we already know how intensely satisfying and complete we are going to feel. I can't wait.

I was with a Virgo man for nearly 2 years before it ended. We were colleagues for about a year, but nothing really progressed further then polite kitchen talk during that time. Then one day, quite circumstantially, we got on to a philosophical debate about determinism and he was fascinated by my challenging responses to his theories. I didn't quite pay much attention until a few weeks later when we started spending more time together. I found his insight, passion and intelligent magnetic. We hit it off quite quickly and I fell head over heels for him. Sexually it was fantastic too.

We broke down because I was too young to realize how good of a thing I had, and constantly tried to test it by making him jealous.

We are in a bit of a mess at the moment. Each party too scared to give each other everything because we don't want to be hurt. I really hope we can work through it and build something stronger.

This is so interesting!! Thx for all of the info>>>Virgo's are SO hard to figure out which is weird for myself the "Cancer" because we are usually really good at getting to the core of a person. I have only known this man for 2 weeks. He seems super distant...and super interested at the same time. He is VERY successful and I was SUPER intimidated by him. We hung out, he was very down to earth and the chemistry was NUTZ!! I immediately wanted to give in to lust>>>but I couldn't....should I be offended that I have not heard from him...Well from the articles that I have been reading>>>I think I did what I was suppose to do...they don't want you to be too easy or they get bored....UGGHHHH I don't know! Needless to say, I enjoy his company, and I don't wanna scare him...I'm a spoiled Cancer...eeeekkkkk....HELP!

(cancer women) my bf been scaring me with his sexual side but he's not forceful but I cant stand being near him but I like him, at the same time I feel pain inside so I'm confused. I never really likes people cause my childhood wasn't a nice 1 yet his is the same but he's different...he moved on and I couldn't so Idk what 2 do, =( help!

(cancer woman) I have a crush on this guy (a Virgo) but there are times when I really think he's into me then I really think he isn't. I'm going to try talking to him more because you say its about communication for Virgos. Im a little worried because if it turns out he isn't into me Im going to feel like Ive just irritated him. Oh well, now or never, life's too short.

I met a Virgo man and the intensity between us was immediate. And all this through email, texting and phone conversations. I have been committed only to a single lifestyle with friends with benefits, but once I connected with him - I find myself questioning everything about myself - wants and needs. We connect on a passionate, intellectual, and understanding of each other. Some texts I miss interpret, and I am quick to "storm" as he has stated. He'll call me, and knows exactly what to say and how to calm me. We are both very blunt and open and honest. Something we both have been looking for. He is very caring, making sure I'm doing well and expressing his feelings and knows how to soothe me. We have discussed how we both feel this connection, that there seems to be more here than we were ever expecting and neither has yet to scare away. A meeting is in the works, and we're determined to see what that will lead to.

I am a Cancer woman and together with a Virgo man over 3 years. It is a match made in heaven. We click really well on emotional level, the sex is great and our values are similar. He likes to plan and have control of things, and I am at the other end being spontaneous. We balance each other well, he brings me down to earth and same time likes to be drawn to unexpected by me. I think it works so well because we leave each other freedom to be different, it does not matter since are so bonded emotionally. By similar values I mean respect for each other incl opinions. A little jealousy thrown in is only healthy, means we are both serious about each other!

I met a Virgo man (I am a Cancer woman) about four months ago at my church. He has been observing me for a while as I come to church and I'm there every Sunday (almost) sitting in the same sit, etc. and he likes the fact that I'm dedicated to attending church. He acts as if he's interested for a while and then I won't hear from him for another while... I get confused but I know I have to be patient and not force too much togetherness because he is a loner and very private. He has to take the initiative to get to know me better because he's the man and I understand his need for leadership. I like him because he's very quiet and dedicated to serving in the capacity he serves in the church. We have not been intimate sexually because of my beliefs in the Word of God. He believes the same but he's willing to be disobedient...however, I am taking a stand and if it's meant for us to be together, God will bring it to pass.

I met a Virgo man and man was I in heaven when I met him. We had the best sex I'd ever had. We connected so well. He made me feel like a princess each day everyday for 2 weeks straight. We got along so well, but what lacked was communication and he was still very immature and I never knew if he wanted to take it to the next level so I put him in my player pile if I may and I ruined the relationship we could have kept building. However, it was the best time I'd had with a guy, and I don't regret anything about this Virgo man! He brought out a side of me in bed I never thought I had. oh it was so amazing! I want another Virgo man. I always seem to connect with Virgo man but haven't quite yet found the right one yet. :)

I've gradually become closer to a Virgo male, and I literally cannot stop thinking about him. He's so stable, dependable, and practical - it's all so attractive. There's one problem, however, being a Cancerian, I feel the need to emotionally connect with him. He doesn't want to establish an emotional connection because he says it only brings him down if things go wrong, and that he's content with his connection between his father and best friend. I've been trying to show him the happiness an emotional connection can bring, but naturally, I get put off easily due to his critical nature and give up.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. :)

okay so I am a Cancer women and I am crushing harrddd over a Virgo guy. he's only a year older then me but were just teenagers. But I barley talk to him in person but we talk everyday on im. I cant stop thinking about him and I want to talk to him more and be with him more. I keep wondering if he thinks about me just as I think of him. someone help. I don't know what to do. I cant just keep talking to him on im. some one help me and give me some advice. please and thank you

Yes there is an obvious attraction when Virgo men meet Cancer women. I just finished with this relationship. We had the familiar, known you all my life connection. We even scored 100%on an affinity numerology test on all subjects. But there again he got all critical of me, and used the attack mode. I warned him, my sensitivity couldn't take direct hits, I said constantly, I will be happy to entertain areas of growth for myself, but you must be careful in delivery as I just can't be run over and left for dead. Well, he would say, you are too emotional, you are too hard to handle at those moments. Well, then hello try heeding the advice given oh ye practical and analytical one. And I would say, you aren't perfect either, it is a process. It takes work, no one gets the perfect list person, that is an image, reality has strengthens and weaknesses. A package deal. I am an expert communicator, but we kept hitting the roadblock that he thought I was not articulate....NO that was his issue, but he wouldn't own up. Drove me nuts. My brother was a Virgo, and he was just impossible. Always thinking he was superior. I don't think I will bother with another one, too much work. I do better with water signs. They flow. Much better at communication, and they don't have to have a detailed blueprint planned out for everything. That gets SO boring.

Yes I to am a Cancer women dating a Virgo man...WOW...It's been 10months and I like him more each day...Virgo men are very different, they are very distant and withdrawn at times...They like their alone time...I've read everyones experiences of a Virgo man, and they all sound the same...

1. sex amazing

2. great company

3. don't communicate about feeling well (hate it)

4. leave you hanging at times

5. I never no when I am going to see him next

6. very hard to figure out

7. Interesting

8. keeps me on my toes...

I don't know if I like it when he does all thing or I love it...He is very unique and misterious...I am going to stick it out for as long as possible! ;)

I hope this helps... Love Miss Cancer

I am a Cancer woman and can't tell if my Virgo man is interested in me!!! The minute I think I want to back off he shows up again and there are times that I really want him and he's like a ghost. SO confusing and such an emotional rollercoaster this all is. I have been seeing him now for three months. We had a chance meeting through a mutual friend and have been speaking and seeing each other ever since. He's been hurt before, but so have I. This is the first time I have been single for 6 years, and his first time in 3. He says all the right things all the time, which makes it even more difficult to explain some of his actions. We will be tight like peas in a pod and next thing you know he will isolate himself with little contact with me for 3 days. I just want to know if I should end it or if I am wasting my time. He tells me how beautiful, sexy, smart, and logical I am - that my success turns him on, but I struggle reading him. I can't tell what his true intentions are and this is typically something easy for me to do..... HELP.


I am a cancerian fell in love with Virgo since 4 months he wil share every thing with me and also I could not understand his behaviour...i think every thing he wil say to me but some time very critical,practical words of him hurts me hardly I could not tolerate..what to do

I'm a Virgo man currently dating a Cancer woman and she is hands down my greatest companion ever we r in such love. Every moment is wonderful!! Very clingly and security and reassurance of feelings needs to be consistent!

I'm a Virgo man currently dating a Cancer woman and she is hands down my greatest companion ever we r in such love. Every moment is wonderful!! Very clingly and security and reassurance of feelings needs to be consistent!

I meet a Cancer woman (left a note on her winsheild) she told me I seemed uneasy on our first date ( I was just checking her out) second date (sex) next date Sex I send flowers to her just and she told me how happy see was now she doesn't call me wtf

I'm a Cancer woman and my first love was/is a Virgo man. Although we were only together for about 4 months, and I haven't seen him in over 5 years, I still love this guy to death!!

When we were together, we were the perfect team. We did almost everything together...and I think that's what caused troubles. We both lacked personal space. We did have our differences, or arguements if you will, but they weren't repetitious. We learned from each other. And I learned a great deal about myself thru him. He was very critical about almost everything, and sometimes he didn't realize he had hurt my feelings.

After we broke up, I moved quite a ways away, and we would write occasional e-mails to each other on a more platonic level. After a while we would write more frequently, but then it would die off. Then we'd start writing again. Its been like this for YEARS. About a year ago he told me that he loved me and I wasn't hesitant to tell him the same. I do still have feelings for this virgo, and I'm not quite sure what to make of it...because I don't really know how he's feeling.

But this chemistry that I felt being with him and even being thousands of miles away is just insane. And all I can do is wait. Us cancers are patient right???? :)

There is a cancerian female in my office and I am a Virgo man . We usually exchange glances and I have many times cought her looking at me. However when I try to talk to her , she withdraws herself an start acting cold... then again we are back to exchanging glances.I do not know , does she likes me or not.Though I cannot stop thinking bout her. please suggest what shoukd I do

I have been with my wonderful Virgo man for four years. For all the Cancer women out there with the hard to understand Virgo man, here a few things I learned.

You must be extremely patient..never rush a Virgo, they are methodical, slow and practical. They rethink things over a hundred times before making a decision or sometimes even over what to say next in a simple conversation. If you really do care and want this person in your life, don't hide it. Don't blast him with emotions all at once, but slowly tell him in ways how much he means to you. They crave attention and love just like us. Stroke his ego, but be genuine in all praise that you give him. Tell him that you need him, they need to be needed. Ask for advice and help for little things on occassion so that he feels he is worthwhile and taking care of you. They love to help out people they care for. It validates them because they have huge insecurity issues. So you should always try to make them feel important, wanted, loved, be kind, be happy, smile at him often and tell him that he makes you smile! Make him feel like he is the only man on the planet for you, make him your King and he will make you his Queen. And I am here to tell you..when he does!! OMG..its absolutely amazing!

All Cancer females are born with the natural ability to manipulate any situation to our advantage. Call it a gift. Not in an evil or bad sense, but we can do or say things until we get the outcome we desire, even if it takes years. If you do it right, the Virgo male will think he always get his way little realizing that it's just so because it's also the way We want it to be. We are extremely intelligent and this works to our advantage when wanting something. So if you absolutely positive that you want him, take him. Show him that he can't survive without you. Charm the socks off of him, make him laugh, Cook for him, bake for him, clean for him(be it your place or his), treat him like he is special. Any extra effort you put out in winning over your Virgo I write this, I can feel my heart brimming over and I feel like I am the luckiest woman on the planet. It's worth it..Believe Me!

I am a Cancer woman and I've known my Virgo man for a year before we started dating. we've been together for five beautiful months. Although we've broken up a few times we always come back together. The "break-ups" would only last a few days but he'd apologize and let me know how much he truly loves me. Virgo's can get very sensitive if they know that they can trust you. And there's been a numerous times when my boyfriend has cried in front of me declaring just how much inlove he is(which I found surprising coming from a virgo). At times he can be distant yet 99% of the time we're inseperable. Truth be told virgo's are amazing in bed. They do things that'll surprise you since they act so shy and conservative.I laughed when I fount out that the virgo's symbol is the virgin Lol seriously. He can deals with my sensitivity and my moodyness because he says he likes it(I copuldn't believe my ears).

I am married to a Virgo man for 8+yrs now. we are good. my concern is that the Virgo man is not proactive. I am a Cancer woman, I plan in advance. and to be happy I make all the plans and then bring him into it. He is very, I repeat very loving. the Virgo man needs understanding. the Cancer woman must understand the weak point of her spouse

I am a cancerian women. The love of my life and forever always is a Virgo man. We've been together for 4 years. Recently seperated by deportation for almost 2 years. Our relationship is dreamly. He is also my dance partner. We compete together, and our chemistry on stage is so deliriously sinful. I am very sensitive, and I yell alot. He doesn't like that at all. Sex is so luscious. Communication, is slightly difficult but I have to prior his feelings out of him. He is very passionate, and I have never meet a more loving sign as a virgo. I hate it that we are so far apart. But the moment I am back in his arms, i'll never leave.

I am seeing a Virgo Male. We have been friends for ten years, we were both married. I am recently separated from my partner of 12 years. He is still with his wife of 15 years but the relationship has not been good since child number two. We had a "moment" at his birthday party and it was . It took me weeks to call him, and when I did he said it made him so happy. We met to talk and work out exactly what it was we both felt, and our feelings were mutual. We have been seeing each other for a few months now, sex is great, we have an amazing chemistry, stimulate each other mentally and are comfortable in each other company. However I do feel like I have to do all the chasing, I can go for days without hearing from him and it drives me crazy. I resort to making him jealous to get a reaction from him as he seems to be such a "closed book". Only when he has had a few drinks he tell me he loves me says all the right things and opens up............worn out trying to work him out!

I have been involved with a Virgo man for 17 months now.

I am so in love with him.

He is very quiet about his feelings but does demonstrate the measure of his love through actions rather than verbal communication.

He is a very deep thinker and practical.

He loves routine and loves to he needed to problem solve.

I believe being a cancerian I nurture the emotional side which he find difficulty expressing.

I can rely on him for anything.

He remembers every birthday, anniversary and is very loyal.

I'm home with him and he knows that I am his soft place.

It's heaven

Hi I met a and Virgo ten years ago and married him two years later, so yes we been married for eight years. And I stil have the same problem as all the new relationship bring a Cancer women and him a Cancer man, me and him are very affectionist but he likes his time alone and I still can't stand that, but trust me the love grow stronger and stronger eachday because you both adore each other (one a Virgo connects to you, you never have to worry about him leaving you)He may hurt you at times, but he doesn't do it intentionally, he thinks he's helping. Be willing to communicate and compromise.

I love my Virgo Man, everything about is always exciting, I like the fact that he is and cold at times, always thinking, very smart, and very sexy.

We are very compatible in bed, steamy sex, best I ever had.

I want him forever. Cancer women are Virgo men's weakness.

They cannot resist us.

I am a Virgo man and I am falling hard for a Cancer women I met a few months ago. We have only had one date so far, but I can't stop thinking about her. From the very first date, I felt so comfortable with I could truly let my guard down and be myself. She has a little boy and is in sales, the same as my ex-wife who left me for another man, so I have been very, very gun-shy!

Needless to say, I have been unable to suppress my feelings for her and am slowly getting over my fears of being hurt again. I am American and she is Chinese (I am living in China), so there is a language barrier. Despite that, one of the things that made her stand out to me more than another girl I have been getting to know was her responsiveness. She always responds in a timely manner which means a lot to me. She also tells me how she feels about different things and what she thinks in a very calm and thoughtful way. I like this a lot, as I am very insecure and it helps me to know where I stand with her most of the time. Her gentleness helps me to trust her and to be more vulnerable with her.

I think we may have a future together and I look forward to our second date together this weekend. In fact, I am so eager to see her that it scares me a little bit. The practical side of me is screaming, "BE CAREFUL...REMEMBER WHAT HAPPENED LAST TIME!!!" The adventurous side of me though is saying, "OH, SHUT UP!" Guess who's winning...

I fell in love with a Virgo man. All the things that you said bout the Virgo was true.They hardly spoke about their feelings. At times, I felt that he doesn't love me because, he never left hanging. He was judged as the complete womanizer. But then, I can't help myself fsllingin love with him as I got closer to him. Sometimes, I askd is hemy soumate? I felt contented when I was with him.

I am a Cancer woman and I have been with my Virgo man for has been a roller coaster ride... we only get along when im feeling down and feeling bad he all ways lifts my spirits.and our sex life is off the chain GREAT !!! other than that we fight all the time!!! especially immediately after sex... I don't know why we stay together? I have cheated on him 20times and he all ways takes me back. he cheated on me once and broke my heart.but I got over that real fast. I know him like a book . all he want is my pussy. then I can leave and do whatever I want. I know it sounds weird. but it's true. lol

I am glad to see that I'm not the only one who has had odd experiences of love/can't stand you in a Virgo male/cancer female relationship. I am a Cancer woman & have recently ended an on again/off again relationship w/ a Virgo mail. What I can say is that it was an awesome relationship he had my back, we had a lot in common & we enjoyed our time together just doing nothing. We tended to adopt traditional male/female roles...I cooked - he fixed stuff. Sex wad good & full of exploration. It was a very comfortable relationship probably too comfortable...sometimes he'd be rude or dismissive & I'd respond to what I perceived as disrespect. All in all it would have worked if we had learned how to communicate better...& because after trying & trying I think we both just gave up...the emotional roollercoaster was too much for both of us.

I am a Cancerian Girl. 3 years ago my best friend (A Peices - go figure!) talked me into joining her and her cousin to go to the theatre. I had just been in a show in london and ran all the way to the theatre - In true Cancer style to make sure her feelings wern't hurt. Thats when I met Mr Virgo, the cousin. I couldn't believe my outlandish, quirky friend was related to someone so calm and considerate as him.

We ended up having loads in common and 2 years ago started the same College course together. Last year I worked out I was in love with him and trust me - It made things SO much clearer!

I often find myself wondering who he is; he is the affectionate guy in the class. All the girls love him and his naivety lets him over look it. However it also means he often over looks the hints i'm sending him.

I've been his best friend and buisness partner and as of recently I started wondering why he never makes a move; maybe he's just not that into me?

That when another friend (A fellow Virgo) told me what was really happening; she told me that when he's sat in a room with our friends he's usually quiet and reserved, often over looked. when I walk in he lights up and is suddenly chatty. When ever we go to social events like the theatre or a party he always makes a B-line to be with me; apparently other girls try to get this attention and he tells them he's waiting for someone else (ME?!).

On the other hand his negative Virgo-isms keep on getting in the way. Infront of myself and the whole class he said he wouldn't consider dating anyone in the class as he sees us like a family...Ouch....As a Cancer I treat everyone as my family- its just who I am, but I don't write them of the cards of romance. The next thing hit me like a tonne of bricks and is still bothering me.

The week before Christmas holidays; I won't see him for 3 weeks and I needed the perfect gift; one that said "I care about you and your important to me" without saying "I'm buying a gift I would get a boyfriend". I spent a whole day shopping before buying him a designer wallet (Originally £185! I bought it for £15!..not that he knows :P ) Anyway! I wrapped it better than gift wrapped! tied with a bow and a message telling him the past 3 years have been incredible! He loved it and ended up tying the bow around my wrist - telling me I was the real gift (sweet or what!) I bet your wondering what's wrong? Despite our agreement to buy chrismas presants for each other; he didn't even get me a card. I was, with lack of a better term, heart broken. Call me a predictable Cancerian but it's true!

Now we're about to go to University and he's now telling me he really wants to go to the same university as me! The mixed signals are driving me mad!! Despite all of this our friendships is one of the most solid I have ever had. we are sensitive to each others vunrebilities and know how to bring each other back from a downer.

I can only see our relationship getting better; even if we never become a couple.

All my love to you fellow confused people and a big loveable cuddle!


I was with my Virgo man for two years and I can honestly say its the worst rollercoaster of my life! we had a huge lack of communication, and he was such a practical thinker..never lived for the moment and had such a serious view on life. Although there were so many negative points to our relationship we had a daughter together and something always brought us back to where we started even now I am unsure as to if the relationship is truly over. I wish for him to be loving and sensitive and these are not his traits although he does try.

He has completley burried his head in work now and I think thats where he will stay for a while....looking from a distance I don't think its a good match. cancers need love and affection they need someone there for them in an emotional way and Virgo men cannot offer such emotions to support them.

Everything you've said about Virgo men sounds completely right! I'm a Cancer woman who's been seeing a Virgo man for a few weeks now. We've worked together for months and it always seemed like nothing more than friendship until I made the first move. We have so much in common and we have so much fun together. Even after all this he's somewhat distant and never says whether he likes me back. I'm not sure if it's his shyness or his fear of letting me know how he feels, but thanks to your article I know not to push him, but to be patient. He seems to really like me and enjoy spending time with me, so I'm waiting it out. Thanks for your advice and to everyone else for their experiences! I've gotten better insight into this guy now. :)

ok so I have recently become 'close' to a Virgo male. im a Cancer women. even though we havent been friends that long it seems like we have known each other for ages. the other day we were texting all night, even though we had just been out all evening with our other friends. we acted as if we were going to get together and we shared a drink, food and he kept smacking my ass, we flirt and all that but today he has basically been ignoring me and I cant tell if he likes me or not.

I'm a Cancer woman, I dated a Virgo Man in the past (the best experience of my life) We broke up because I couldn't tolerate how He was with money, He was very suscesful and had a lot of investments, however, He was always counting the pennies. Now I'm dating another Virgo, it is so intense in every aspect, that even if it doesn't work out, I have decided that I just want a Virgo man in my life.

I'm a Cancer woman and i'm with a Virgo man. We're teenagers so i'm not sure how it's gonna end. But we haven't even known each other for a year and he's sure we're gonna get married someday. He's asked me a million times, everything about the relationship is great. He's head over heals for me. I did play super hard to get for a long time. I think that he thinks I don't love him as much as he loves me. But he's wrong =) anyway, super compatible, definately!

I am a Virgo man. I met a Cancer woman and I can't get enough of her...i have been with beautiful women but this Cancer woman is just amazing in and out .just very good for me I guess ..they are very sensual and feminine which is fantastic. me as a Virgo like sensual and clean also unique woman and she's got everything I like in a woman .. Cancer women are princesses..

my mom met a Virgo and loved him for me soo without permission she gave him my number. This was on thursday, he called me (im a cancer) and right away we got along. On friday he insisted that we met...we did at walmart. He helped with my groceries and I just felt soooo comfortable with him. Like if I had known him for years. He tried to kiss me but I freaked out and only kissed his cheek. He later text me saying how strong he felt when we met. I feel the same way. Wow he is great!!

my mom met a Virgo and loved him for me soo without permission she gave him my number. This was on thursday, he called me (im a cancer) and right away we got along. On friday he insisted that we met...we did at walmart. He helped with my groceries and I just felt soooo comfortable with him. Like if I had known him for years. He tried to kiss me but I freaked out and only kissed his cheek. He later text me saying how strong he felt when we met. I feel the same way. Wow he is great!!

I am a Cancer woman and have been with a Virgo man for about 7 months. I fell in love with him on the first date and he seemed to feel the same about me. At the beginning he was almost possessive and frequently jealous but for some reason I didn't mind it. We saw each other often and the sex has been incredible. After the first three months he started to back off and of course I started to feel insecure. He doesn't like when I express my insecurity and tells me it turns him off which only adds to my worries. I tried to break up with him a few times because of the pain that I have felt and when I start talking or texting about breaking up he appears clueless about why I'm upset. After reading about other cancer/virgo relationships I am somewhat comforted by the fact that Virgo men seem to need space at times and I will try to be more patient. I still wish my Virgo man could be a little more expressive at times and tell me he loves me more often. I am so in lo ve with this man. I have never felt like this about anyone and will keep trying to make this work.

I am a Cancer woman and I have been dating a Virgo man for a few weeks and I can't figure this man out. One minute he mad for no reason the next he so sweet and attentive. I am still trying to figure him out he tells me how much he likes me and misses me but when I suggest coming over he has an excuse why I can't. I realy like him but I don't know what to do the sex is off the charts and he holds me all night after and calls me all day everyday but does not want to see me too much I guess that's just in his Virgo nature to be distant but I will try to be patient and see what happesn.

I have been with a Virgo man for 5 years now(Cancerian woman)and I totally understand the previous comments; etc great sex, affinity,total friendship. I can see that some of the messages are from younger people and about 20 years ago I was probably an insecure nightmare so I don't think I would have coped with a Virgo male at that time, with age one learns to wait awhile and be patient; I think it's a slow burning that a Cancerian woman can offer but also step aside and give the Virgo male time alone so he misses you. Do your own thing, live your life, but at the same time still give love and affection to your guy(genuine)no games! This can apply to lots of other signs also and don't forget that it's just not the Sun sign, look at how your rising signs are in sync and Moon signs also. There are lots of factors involved. Saying that I must admit as a water sign my best friends for 50 years are fellow water/earth signs and air/fire I can get on with but never lasts(love wise not, friendship fine)

Wow.. Okay, ditto I'm a Cancer girl and met a Virgo 10 years ago. It's long distance.. I never understood when I fistt met him and we just didn't get it togetherbin the way I thoughtvwas normal. I just knew I so wanted home. He has made contact each time and let out his heart about his thoughts. Of course he got me back again. And we are to meet again. I so hope it works out this round. I get his personality now... Although it's hard work. Being with him may make this wait worth while.

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