Virgo man: Crazy? Or Meant to Be?

by Chloey

I'm a Capricorn, and there's this Virgo guy I've liked for maybe going on four years. No matter how much I try to get over him, I can't! And I don't know what it is I like about him, but I just do. At my sporting events (I'm in high school) he has cheered me on, he's absolutely great with his little brother who is currently 3, and when my brother and him went and found my diary, and I had things written about him. So of course, my brother shows my parents, and it sent me crying and running to my room (while he was at my house). Then later when I saw him, he apologized and said that my brother had no right to do that. Ever since then, I think he has matured a lot, and I kind of, but not much, see why I like him so much! Crazy? Or Meant to Be?

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