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I am presently talking to a Virgo submissive man, me being a Dominant Gemini woman. We both appear to be on exactly the same wave length, similar tastes, ideals, etc etc, but the compatibility report for us on here shows us as being quite opposite to one another. I realize this report will be referring to 'ordinary' couplings but how would it differ, if at all, in a Dominant/submissive relationship?

Are you referring to submissive and dominant as in sexual activities, or as in who's controlling the entire relationship? If you're referring to a sexual arrangement then that's really a very small part of the whole relationship.

If you're talking about the relationship as a whole then Astrology doesn't care about the sex or roles of partners. There's nothing saying that a male should be dominant, it's just an assumption - as it's right more often than not.

The articles here are spot on when it comes to sun signs - but that's only one factor. There are a lot of other elements, and the only way to be sure is to compare birth charts in detail. Such as by the compatibility report section here. It could be you get along so well due to moon signs, or a combination of other factors.

I have just ended a four month long "relationship" with a Virgo Man, I am a Gemini woman. He was the dominant one, I was the rebel. It all started and ended very quickly.

I told him in a very matter-of-fact tone, that I feel sometimes he doesn't give me his all. He flipped out and refused to see and or talk to me. After a week or so, he called and left me a voicemail message saying that he needed some time to think things over and he didn't want to leave his decision on the phone - he would call me the next day. He never called. What an xxxhole.

Im a Gemini woman and I have been with a Virgo man now for two years.. we are engaged and have a child on the way. but for the most part our relationship has its ups and downs like everyone else. there are some things we argue more on because we cant come to decision together or we share a different view point. we are both exactly like or astrology signs, the only difference with us is that we love each other and we will do anything to keep our spark alive and our love to grow stronger.. he's my Virgo everything...

I have been with a my Virgo man for 4 years and we have a two year old daughter. We he is the stronger typical Virgo man who takes charge, order and requires his house in order at all times. Which I must admit I love. Although it has been tough at times, we maintain that we want to make it work.

We have had our ups and downs loss of jobs but all in all he is by back and I am his. He would do it all over me and move a mountain for me and our daughter. He is aggressive in some ways but loves us and that's what matters. :) I have to add I am a true Gemini women.

My Husband of 9 years is a true Virgo and I am a true Gemini. We have 5 children together! We enjoy each others company and love to travel. He's in the Army so our lives are never boring. He meets every one of my needs, well sometimes he's too quiet. haha but I love him. :) Just because an article says your incompatible doesn't mean you have to believe it. It is what you make it. And I choose to make it a fun marriage.

Love all the comments! I've been with my Virgo man for 3 years and 4 months now! Our love is the most important thing to both of us! My Virgo keeps me guessing, and I love it! Mysterious Virgo man! I love my baby! You girls rock! Thanks for confirming that Gemini Virgo LOVE CAN HAPPEN! xoxo

I'm a Gemini woman. A true Gemini at that and I'm dating a true Virgo man. The first time we decided to have sex he sat there and tried to plan everything out in his head where I just kinda winged it to keep things interesting. haha. we've been together a while now and I see it lasting a long time

being a Gemini woman, I don't like clinginess. Virgos are clingy, over organized from when they shit to when they brush their teeth, and how many pieces of paper are in their note book. Stay AWAY and the sex is not the business.

I am a Gemini woman and Have been with my Virgo man for three months now and every once in a while things can get a little rough but its like that in a lot of relationships id say.

When I met him I was in a place in my life where I really did not want to get into anything serious and focus attention on just one man. I wanted to have my options open. When we started to get to know each other I forgot all about all the other guys and magically started falling for him. he was very consistent and aggressive. extremely persistent and I loved it.

I will admit he does boar me at times and I feel like im the only one trying to strike up a conversation and trying to keep it on a roll but it's okay I can always find something to talk about. Muah I love my Virgo boy!

I've been married to my Virgo man for almost five years and we have three children together. I am a true Gemini and he is a true Virgo so the issues we face are sometimes that he is too nit-picky and not as talkative as I am. However I love the fact that he keeps his life in order and is a hard worker and great father. I think as long as you can find a way to meet in the middle and keep things fun in the relationship Virgos and Gems can definatly be a great pairing.

I have been with my Virgo man for two years we always have alots of troubles but its solved in a very short time we can understand eachother, but the problem that he always denys his love and im not sure is it very hard for Virgo to confess thier love or what, whatever he is doing proves a great lover deeds I makes me confused but I do really love him and understand his senstivity B-)

I am a Virgo man and my wife gemini. We are separated 8 months now. I am still hopefull for a reconciliation. She seems to have double personalities. She is superficial and the fact we separated is because of that. I work hard and make plans for our better future but she doesn't getting it. I read so many reports about incompatibilities between these signs. However seen many positive comments here I feel hopeful now.

I am a Gemini woman who was with a Virgo man until a few weeks ago. I don't have the typical Gemini characteristics (I say this subjectively) I am very big on rules and how to do things the right way and dislike mind games, perhaps because my father is a virgo. I can completely relate to a Virgo man's thinking and although they come across as aggressive its all a facade. The most attractive thing is a strong, honest and reliable man and I find that a Virgo possesses this. Mostly I believe that actions speak louder than words which is what a Virgo is very good at. If he tells you he loves you occassionally then don't doubt it because he will show you in small ways too. All you have to do is show them how much you appreciate those small things and make them feel special, I have learnt they can be insecure and actually like to hear that you appreciate their qualities etc. I am in the process of trying to rekindle a relationship with my Virgo man because he really is th e best man I have ever come across and I have dated many weaklings. Forget the 'negatives' because the positives far outweigh them.

I'm a Virgo man and I had an 11 year relationship with a Gemini woman. We never ran out of things to do together. I am a great conversationalist and so was she but most of the time we just made each other laugh. Nothing bothered her, except if she suspected another woman was checking me out. If you can make a Gemini woman jealous, you're doing something right. We had to part for specific reasons but we still talk always. We both are quite intelligent and we recognized it and fed off of that. She was the best partner I ever shared anything with. We never planned anything. We just went. I love her. I said it first and then she said it. I sensed that she did but understood that she didn't have to say it, because she showed it. Love making was better every single time. Did I mention I love her?

I m with a Virgo man for 2.5 years and it feels like it's been 25 !!! These signs are both ruled by Mercury and it makes us clash, but positives FAR outweigh negatives.

THE greatest MAN and the GREATEST LOVER ever!

You ll never get bored!!! I can't even tell you how happy my husband makes me always!!!!

Hey, Im dating a Virgo Man as well. its been 3 yrs. the sad thing about this situation though is he's married. And as a True Gemini and or just simply my morals complicates the true bond we could have. I feel it and I know he does too. its sad so sad when you can't be with your soulmate. he is a True definition of a MAN! We as Gemini women deserve and need and want the package in full. a man that keeps our attention and on our feet in any aspect. I know though one day it will end between us. idk...just pray for me.

I fight a lot with my Virgo man! He is the complete definition of how boring a man can be, yet at the same time it makes my life easier because he is so predictable. And when I'm bored, I'd pick a fight with him by doing what he hates of me doing: I make a mess in the house, I let the dirty clothes scattered on the bathroom floor and soon I got my entertainment. Hehe.

He often said he is walking on an egg shell all the time with me, although sometimes I wanted to say for him not to, that I love him truly, I let him thinks that he is... Or else, he'll grow comfortable and ease his attention to his work! I am a 25-hours-needing-of-attention child!

But I love him so much, he is a sweet and gentle man. With a bit of shyness that comes as sexy for me..

Have I mentioned that I'm a gemini?

I have been with my true Virgo man for a little over a year. I am a true Gemini women but when it comes to my boyfriend things change I am not that talkative and I am very shy and submissive. He treats me like a Queen, I love him and his personality and I value the relationship so I try to keep the tention down. I am working and still in college but he has his own business. He is 15yrs older than me so sometimes I may get a little insecure that he may want someone closer to his age or more established when we had our disagreements. But all in all we have a GREAT relationship and go out and spend every moment with each other so hopefully there is a Wedding coming soon. ;-)

Me being a Gemini woman, ended up marring my childhood sweetheart that is a Virgo. That should say it all, We are the complete opposite.I was married to a Aries for 10 1/2 years till he passed away of a sudden heartattack, we had a wonderful life together! Now, Like I said I married my childhood sweetheart about a year later that is the Virgo. We have had nothing but complications after complications. He is not at all spontaneous, nor is he romantic. I feel his is controlling and doesn't like to bend, at all! He likes it his way or no way. Everything is what he wants. He plans things that revolve around what he wants and is only affectionate when he wants to be. I am everything a Gemini woman is supposed to be and more! I believe in having a monogomous marriage and trust is a huge factor! The one thing I can sum up is Gemini's will do everything in their power to make a Virgo man happy, and will bend backwards for them, but when do we get that in return! I'm Still married and tryng to figure him out! I truly love him and will do everything to make it work, I just don't get the freedom I once had!

I dated a Gemini woman sometime ago we where like oil and water, it don't mix. We argued a lot I am a easy going type man that like structure and rules my Gemini woman did not like structure nor rules. For example we attended church and before going to church she smoked an illegal drug and remind high the whole service, if there was ever a need for structure and rule at that moment my Gemini woman needed it right then and there. When having sex I would want to than that feeling would go away as soon as it came because I knew it would be time for me to perform my duties and then some while I was left hanging.

It seemed like no matter what I did or say it was not good enough there was a complaint somewhere I ask that you not smoke weed in my car because of my job with the government then you turn around and want to make a compromise on when you can smoke in my car what the hell!!!!! No more summer babies for me

i've been with my Virgo for 3 yrs now. he is very detailed & business oriented. hardworking and sexy. his qualities exemplifies my definition of a real man! and me as a Gemini Woman thrives on such. maturity and communication keeps us together. also Respect! do not let small things end a beautiful relationship. focus on the big picture.

Gemini Lady

I've been dating (not in a relationship because he "wants to take it slow") a Virgo man for almost four months. We stopped talking yesterday and I kind of want to forgive him (for the second time already) and keep him in my life, but tomorrow I may not feel the same way. He lead me on when we first met, being jealous and telling me not to talk to other guys. Next thing I know he's doing exactly what he's telling me not to do! (Of course I had other guys on the side since we weren't bfgf) From my experience, Virgos are very insecure and tend to lie more than guys of other signs. We fought a lot, he'd make fun of me a lot which didn't bother me, but when I'd make fun of him back he'd get really offended... We would fight a LOT. When we would actually see each other during his busy schedule and while I wasn't just doing my own thing, we would act like we were in love. He'd feed off of my feelings a lot. He'd "break up" with me at least once a week over extremely stupid thing s. I loved that the sex was freaky and that he was a clean freak and never stunk, but he expects to have a pushover as his "wifey" and not a flighty kinda chick. I miss him though..

I am in a relationship with a Virgo man - being a Gemini he has to keep up with me at all levels I must say he does a great job doing so. He is passionate, caring & amazing..... Lucky me....

Am a Gemini woman fall in love with two years younger Virgo man ,we know each other for the past four years, we wont talk always keep silence.. after two years only we started to talk and fall in love with each other. we wont meet only we will use to talk by phone and we know the values of each other but sometimes we use to argue and its end up with bitter, after some gaps,any one leave the ego and again start to talk. but am so loving him even I like to marrie him he too loving me and liking me so much, but I do know he had an idea to marrie me or not, I never dint ask to him about marriage. even he wants me to date, but am not in a situation to date with him, my parents are seeking alliance for me very seriously. I do know what to do has am so confused at present we stop talking,am waiting for him that he will use to understand my feelings and comeback with good heart and my mind was always thinking about him, even I know he too was thinking about m e. so what to do?

I went out with a Virgo man for two an a half years I am convinced he's my soulmate I absolutely still love him. We broke up cause we argued way too much and because in the initial phases of our relationship I got bored and I hurt him (I didn't cheat, I was just very flirtatious) regardless it causes a huge problem in our relationship. He was resentful and mean and I stayed because I felt guilty. We loved each other very much but we couldn't make it work. He agreed that we don't know what's going to happen in the future and that we'd be open to getting back together. I really hope so. I just regret how my restlessness and boredom got the best of me and ruined the best relationship I ever had. I am working on it now. I only hope we have another chance in the future.

Wow. Thank you SOOO MUCH ladies... I am a Virgo man and my Gemini woman of 4 years is my entire universe. After reading this, I am a damned good catch! I excite her on all levels, she feels the sex is absolutely unmatched and we are definitely not "standard" in bed together... we try a lot of things :) Her big turmoil is the emotional waves and I have a knack for "talking her down" and it works great. Now I just have to figure out a way to check MY head because I am SERIOUSLY worried about other men.. You Gem ladies are WAAAAAAY too casual with the flirting and it's a HUGE factor for us sensative Virgos... don't mistake our logically working out your actions to be real concern as insecurity... It's like saying you are insecure for cringing when I point a loaded gun at you! (it's that serious for us) So please some kind giving Gemini woman out there, please tell me how to deal with the flirting and other men she has on her cell... she's never strayed and ensures me a lot I have nothing to worry about because it won't go anywhere and she has been jealous from time to time but Gems are NOTORIOUS for casual guys on the side.. What do I do... we both want to marry and have children!! - Paranoid Virgo. P.S. I am her universe too and we both show each other in a million ways how much we adore, love, respect and admire one another.. it's gooshy yucky sickening love...

Gem ladies, to help better understand our seemingly boring and predictable Virgo male selves, hopefully this might help..

This statement: "I loved that the sex was freaky and that he was a clean freak and never stunk, but he expects to have a pushover as his "wifey" and not a flighty kinda chick. I miss him though.."

and similar.. Don't mistake our lack of enthusiasm of your flighty nature as wanting a "wifey" who's a pushover. We take giving our hearts to someone else EXTREMELY EXTREMELY SERIOUSLY.. no matter who it is.. even our own parents.. (seriously it's that big a deal) The reason is, it's for life and non-negotiable.. we are NEVER casual in matters of the heart... So know you have a man that would NEVER stray, NEVER leave you, NEVER stop loving you. The only problem is, if you'd rather be at the bars on Saturday sitting next to strange men and drinking (with your self assurance that it "won't go anywhere") in the Virgo's mind, the cheating has already happened. Why? because we are MARRIED to logic. We can't get away from it.. here's our brain: "Why would she do that? There's only 1 reason to hit on a man in a bar or let him do it to you. WHY would you flirt with a strange man if supposedly you're with one that keeps you happy and interested?" It's.... drum roll.. ILLOGICAL.. For you, since this is YOUR arena and comfort zone, you're perfectly content doing a make-believe play and leaving it at the bar.. for us we only would have ONE reason for that action.. to cheat.. to get another woman. to get a backup plan,etc.. so this naturally is our dread.. either keep him from knowing or somehow let him know that it TRULY won't go anyhwere.. i've learned that you Gemini women are TRULY loyal and your love does NOT come easy and in that respect we are the same. You just have a WAY better exterior about it and we play cards face up... Which means I won't be playing any of you in poker anytime soon!!!

Virgo man w/ Gemini woman. My ONLY complaint is the flirting, etc. Everything else is better than any other woman I've been with. Period. So it's not really a deal breaker. If she said change what you want, I'd drop her phone in the toilet and keep the bar binges with her girlfriends to a minimum.. but... she puts up with my worry and grief so fair's fair. All in all it's perfect and the bad isn't nearly enough to call it quits. Not to mention every bone in my body says this is worth it because of how incredible everything is together. I also have seen she really gets nice and excited when I let her have her freedom and fun.. she doesn't really abuse it so it's well worth the rewards she gives me in return as a thanks.

Sorry for the triple post mods.. I had a LOT to say.. :)

I have been in a relationship with my Virgo man for only 3 months but its been the best 3 months of my life. He is very caring, sweet, and neat. He's already said he loves me and I can honestly say I love him 2. Seein posts about Virgo and Gemini being together for years has givin me hope that we will be together forever because we always hear that were not compatiable but I believe we are. He brings all the qualities I lack into my life. He's great

I'm a Virgo man with a Gemini woman who has 3 kids by someone else. I have to say , we have our little arguments , but they end up with both Of us laughing about it at the end. I accept her kids as my own. We have great love for eachother... And I have to say we can't see us without one another.... She is the best... She is jealous as well as I am to. I love my Gemini woman...

I am a true Gemini woman with a true Virgo man. He is 6 and a half years older than me. We recently started dating, and already we've had some bickering and inability to communicate properly. But what works so well for me is the fact that he respects, protects and cares for me. I trust him already, which is a lot to say for me because of my history with men. He's loyal to a fault and tries to understand my flaws, which is better than trying to fix them :) I'm very sexual and noticed that I can bring this out in him, and boy, is that a fun time! (since he's usually so quiet and careful) There are many differences we have that drive us nuts but it's sooooo worth pushing through. I feel like he will always be there for me no matter what, and I feel safe and at ease with him. He is kind and gentle and very intelligent. His seriousness actually makes me laugh (because he's serious 75% of the time), and is dry humor even more. If your Virgo man ever gets boring just go ou t and have fun without him for awhile! Eventually he'll miss you and stop being such a stick in the mud. But, you must know that sometimes(they won't ever say it) they just need to be held and cuddled, and reassured that they are the greatest guy on earth. Overall, if you like loyalty, security, and a pure heart, go for the Virgo man. It's worth it.

my boyfriend and I is in 2years and 7 months rel. my first year rel. with my Virgo man is all a mess! when he made faults, in the end, I am the one who'll ask for apology. he say words as if I'm not a women. it really hurts me. our first anniversary is also a mess. we celebrated in a restaurant yet our feelings are apart. I thought, are we just putting our selves in a relationship even the truth is were not compatible?? we stay and live in our second year, it has improvement,. he changed because he asked for chances. until again he made a big mistake. I knew he cheated on me. I broke up with him and he ask again for a chance to prove that he really loves me. that took a month before we get together again. but in that month when were not together... I started to do what he's doing. I entertained guys and dated with them. I feel like I started to look for a better guy for me the one who is deserving for my love. but at the end. I'm falling back in the arms of my Virgo man . now were staying together. but now I have a doubt that maybe were staying together because of sex, my relationship with his family.. and he's relationship with my family.well I hope we're really good compatible. I spent a lot of time and effort to him. I don't want it to be a trash.

gemini lady.

I am a Virgo man with a Leo cusp and my wife is a Gemini with a Taurus cusp. we get along very well. to me she is the most attractive woman I have ever met. we figure problems out together so there is no arguing. she is a lot quicker in the mind than me so sometimes I feel a little bit less smarter eventhough I know im not. we both have have two kids a piece and we are expecting a child together. I know god was thinking of us both when he crossed our paths together. she is perfect in every way as partner we talk all the time about something...we are total matches in our love is really great she takes me to the very highest level...i love my beautiful talkative and very flirtacious and very sexy gemini...and by the way she is a little messy but it doesn't bother me one bit...well atleast not enough to get upset over it...the love and respect for and from her conquers all for me

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