Virgo man great kisser

by Carolina
(Moren Valley, CA, USA)

My Virgo man and I dated for 5 years from when we were 14 yrs old up until 19 yrs old. Then we didn't see each other for 29 yrs!! He found me and I was divorcing. We met at a restaurant and he confessed to me that he never stopped loving me. This man is the love of my life. We are seeing each other again after so long. He is a very intellectual person, a bit controlling, but I am so used to him as if I never stopped seeing him and he feels the same.

He's very affectionate and loving. He kisses so good, we have great chemistry together. He's on the jealous side and did tell me that, I already knew that from way back. He's a business man and works way too much! I as a Sagittarius woman told him I require attention so he better stop working so much so he promised me come January 2011, he'll cut back. He's a very caring man, always tells me he loves me and is always hugging me and kissing me. He is a great kisser.

The only thing is that he is a very reserved man. He's very punctual where I'm not, he's too organized where I'm not. He tells me even if I make him mad at times he will never stop loving me or will never leave me. He knows I'm a 'free bird' and need my space. We understand each other now that we're much older.

I do like how he's so organized and keeps clean, I love clean men. He has initiated making love so it's good too!! He loves it when I start kissing him first and around his neck, he loves that. He's easy to love, he's like my White Teddy, White because from having brown hair it's all completely white! He's only 47 with gorgeous blue eyes. Teddy because he's so cuddly, he loves cuddling! So his only draw back is that he tells me only make love to him, always tell me the truth, and be responsible with my life. Not hard stuff to follow! I'm a big girl and just because I'm carefree, and don't sweat the time too much, I'm ok. Im more that ok, he's so lucky to have me!!

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