Virgo man, hmmmm?

by LA

I'm a strong single independant woman (entrepreneur) going on with my daily life (not looking for a man) when all of a sudden I meet this VIRGO man. I don't believe in LOVE at first sight, but I definitely felt a strong attraction from the beginning. Tall,dark & handsome! That was 9 months ago... We see each other every few months (his choice, not mine) I can't figure this guy out, just when I feel like dumping him for good, he calls, emails or texts. It's like he has telepathy...what the hell? I never had to chase a man in my life and I'm not going to start now, but I can't sleep at night, cause he's on my mind 24-7. How do I get this guy out of my mind? I even tried going on other dates, but I just land up thinking about him the whole time. I just don't think I have the patience for a virgo man. I'm an pisces/aries cusp and we're not the most patient people on earth (mar.19th) But, I keep reading and hearing that virgo men are worth it, are they?

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