Virgo man in a relationship with a Capricorn Woman

by Brian

I was in a relationship with a Capricorn woman for 3 years and when it was great it was Great!! But when things got Bad, and times got rough, it was like a volcano colliding with a tornado. The sex was fantastic and the communication was there when things were good. Now that we are not together my heart is trying to move on..although its taking time, but the Capricorn is relentless, and vows we will be together and belong together. Is this normal in a Virgo/Capricorn relationship...I would like to read comments on this. Thanks

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Man up
by: another virgo man

She sound a little crazy. But That Might work if you want it to. If not MAN UP and end like the mean cynical S.O.B you know you can be, Don't allow your ego to keep this girl in the hook, so to speak,
Don't make the rest of us look bad which you already kina have with all that longing heart crap.

fellow virgo,
by: Anonymous

I Am a virgo man and from my own personal experience with a capricorn woman, the part where she longs to be there forever regardless of some thing or other person in her life is extremely common. i would say the same thing goes for if you were to date a cancer woman on long terms as well, but it all depends on your ways with words.

Be sure
by: Allen (Cali)

Don’t know what to say but, I’ll take her off your hands. Caps don’t normally commit unless they know it will work and they definitely won’t stay once you let them know you’re not interested because they have too much pride so maybe you’re not being direct. Being a Virgo you should know we don’t connect with just anyone and once we fall, we fall for good so maybe you better re-evaluate just why you don’t want to be with a Cap, unless you found another Cap. True Caps make the Virgo/Cap combination powerful, especially if she’s a sexy Cap. Being a Virgo I am up front with all women and I have dated more than my share, every sign, and the only one I keep going back to wont let me back in …..she is a Cap. Best advice I have is …..make sure your done or she will.

by: Anonymous

You must not be firm with your Cap. I am a Cap and when my heart is in it, it is 100% in! When I am no longer willing to be in it, I will end it and you will know it. I personally never really had to deal with a man telling me it is over. I think if I did hear those words, then there is no turning back. Like the above comment, you better be firm and make sure she knows its over, or she will make the decision for you! I am currently dating a Virgo man and it is very great! When I get upset with him, I get on "mute"! He knows what that means, and hates it. :)

cap woman loves a virgo man.
by: Anonymous

I am a capricorn woman who has been dating a virgo man for 2 years and we have the exact same situation! We have the most amazing sex I have ever had when we fight its like complete insanity and when its good its absolutely wonderful...we can have all this happen in one day...sometimes more than once a day! We have broken up so many times but neither of us seem to let the other one go. We have tried but as soon as one of us starts dating someone else or really seems to move on we get together or spend time together and we are right back in love. Its strange I have never broken up with a guy and continued seeing him the way I have with my virgo. We are hopelessly stuck together in this crazy relationship I think. I can't let go of him and I know he can't let go of me. We both hate seeing the other with someone else. I doubt I have been helpful but I can totally relate to your problem! Good luck!

Capricorn woman dumped by a Virgo Man
by: Halo

Reconnected with my virgo guy after 13 years of no contact. 13 years ago we dated briefly but I ended the relationship or rather dating him because he was a player. Fast forward, ran into my virgo man in January, 2011. He noticed me first, then approached me. When I saw him I was very excited and happy to see him and so was he. On our first dated we played catch up and discussed relationships. He said he wasn't in a serious relationship but had 3 different women that he had sex with. Moving forward, he dumped these women so that he could concentrate on me. So we were in the dating getting to each other but not committed. We had a great time a very loving time, connected on many levels. But we only went out once a week or maybe twice, he rarely called but would text. I always made the contact. At any rate, told him that I'd like to see more of him and talk with him. so he attempted to do so. I shared a lot with him because I felt I could, but I was wrong. Had an incident with my family that landed me in the hospital. Told him about it. Shortly after he said he can't deal with my problems and his. He said I'm too loving and giving to my family. And because the way my family treats me he'll never want to meet them. In short, he dumped me and said we will never date or have a relationship ever. Needless to say I was crushed. He ended the relationship so cold and heartless. Totally not the guy I fell in love with. I've been nothing but loving, genuine and sweet. Dealt with him on his terms, etc. And to just throw me away like garbage is so painful. I tried reaching out to him but he refused to accept my calls or texts, so I stopped. Then a week later he sent a text saying "I'm a good guy and you're a beautiful woman, but unfortunately you're damage goods". I was crushed! So I responded respectfully and lovingly but no response. One week later I reached out via a letter...basically saying I am sorry for overreacting about the breakup (crying & begging) that is. Told him I will respect his decision and no contact him as he requested. Told I love you and always will. In that letter I enclosed a bracelet that I made for him that he wanted. Never received a response. It's been a month and no contact. So my question is, is he totally done with me? Is this how virgos are? Should I ever reach out to him again. Or accept that he meant what he said that we will never date or be in a relationship. I just have no closure, but perhaps what he said should be closure enough. I love this man and that hurts. HELP!

Move on
by: Halo

You must not have very strong Capricorn in you or else you would have realized very quickly that this guy is an asshole. If he ever cared about you, he would have been understanding of your family problems. You're not the "damaged goods"---he is. He sounds like a selfish bastard who never deserved love in the first place. Stop sending him gifts and stop trying to contact him; you're making yourself look desperate, and that's going to turn any man, especially a Virgo, off more. Move on and never speak to him again. And if he sees you with another man, just smile and don't even look at him. He isn't worth another glance.

Understand capricorns.
by: Capricorn in Love With a Virgo.

I have a partner who is a Virgo. I understand quite well what I is like... He is a great man but we Capricorn women are very meticulous and stubborn people. I myself as a Capricorn do not like when people do not uphold thier world. We are only "crazy" when people do not keep their promises. Especially important ones. We smell excuses a mile a way. We need adman who can handle our "demands" a real man shows how much he care by following through. actions speak louder than words my friend. If you want a Capricon woman than be a man or get going. It took us two years to develop our relationship. I am so glad that we have. It's not as easy. He needed to man up. A Capriorn wants stability a man who can stay until the end. It makes some men look bad when they don't keep their end of the bargaining chip. Shirk off responsibilities and we capricorns want responsible men. Loyal and dedicated men. We Capricorns are tenacious people so id you cannot handle responsibility and own to them then do not be with a Capricorn.

Never wait for is over
by: Anonymous


Please never wait for that man. Same thing happened to me. we have been together for a year. he ended the relationship so cold and heartless. he told me not to call him, text him, eamil him and he said it was over. If A virgo man says it is over, it is over, they wont turn back atall. A worst of Virgo people is they do not care about love atall. All they care about is pupose of their dating. After using me for one year, he decided to move on, he told me that i am very nice person, and i am beatiful. he told that he is not that into me atall and he has no feelings at all. He never give a thought of considering me for love. Not only me, he used 2 woman just for sex. And he dumped one girl as she asked for commitement. Do not trust these fellos....So far i met two virgo men. Both are bastards. They are too greedy about woman. They want you to be perfect. Even though he loves you now, once you get old he will move on to next one as they want perfection in woman beauty.... woman will never happy with these type of men...we need emotional fulfillment. After i lfet him, i am feeling much happy. as life with him was like a doormat. i forgot to say, they play different tricks to different woman, based on your emotional needs, based on your beauty and situations they play games, they treat different woman with different levels of respect. You can never trust such people. Move on my dear, you will defenately find a good one.

Good luck

Fellow cap babe
by: Didi

This one reminds me of my ex Virgo man.the same problem of inconsistency.he is opposite of what he wants you to be in his life.he has an inferiority complex just like my are too good for him which he is not used forget him.he doesn't feel he can ever meet up to ur standard And is afraid to let you know.dont forget they are too proud.

i know how u feel
by: Anonymous

Ok me and my virgo man break up and get back together as often as i change the sheets on the bed it seems. Not to be cold here but he will get bored and remember you again. You have to play his game if you want him around. This has been going on with he and I for a year and a half

Capricorn Woman and Virgo Man
by: Anonymous

Hi I met my Virgo man 9 months ago.I have been single for 11 yrs.I met him on a girl's night out.We connected on the dance floor.He gave me his number.I feel in love with him.I found out, he was married, after I feel in love with him.We are so good together.He knew from the start, I don't date guy's in any type of relationship.I love each him, my heart aches, but I told him, I'm changing the way I feel about him, and if he can accept friendship instead.Some Virgo guy's aren't loyal like the zodiac sign says.This is a learning experience for me.I know he feels so.e type of way about me, I told him go home to hour wife, it's a wrap, I'm done.

from a Capricorn woman
by: Anonymous

Yes. Nothing to be worried about though. If a Capricorn is in love with you. Consider it as a blessing. I know my husband is a Virgo and he could even tell you some things ive done to literally show that he has a good girl. Capricorn women are very dedicated, determined, loyal and very sensitive and intuitive. Shes just trying to show you that she knows for a fact that theres something there about you that she adores, loves, and respects of you. Go for it Virgo. You just may be looking at the person youll be spending your life with and if you're not interested, please just be honest that you're not interested.

by: Anonymous

Hi I not a bad virgo man (married) ,but I was seeing a Capricorn lady for 6 months I loved her and respected her to the extent we didn't have sex we had a great personal connection but after 6 months , I told her I was married and she said we could be friend but I knew she would never move on to find somone to love if I was there. so I finished total contact with her changed my number and told everyone we are finished ,to cut this story short I finished with her even though I loved her with all my heart and would have done anything for her , she never knew that this was fate and her life was still ahead maybe she's did find somone to share love ( I pray ) and me still living in a unhappy marriage .

let him go
by: Anonymous


I am dealing with a virgo for past 3 years.
He used me for 3 years without committing himself and when I wanted the commitment he said he didn't have feelings for me. It's not worth to keep the guys if he is not considerate of your feelings and needs. Virgo have commitment fobia. Most of the time they don't know what they want and they always look for the perfection. Just move on. It's more hurtful to be with a virgo than without him.

I never date fucking virgo for sure. Waste of time.

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