Virgo Man in bed

by Ms. Z.Joseph
(New York City)

I have been going out with a Virgo man and he is so clean, speaks softly, sexy, in shape, neat and the sex is exciting. The last time we had sex it was explosive; he found my secret spot by himself and made me orgasm in that position for the first time. He seems uninterested in me but perhaps when my life is less chaotic, my work is steady and my schedule improves I would love to keep experiencing sex with this same Virgo man...,

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blah an almost boring virgin Virgo....
by: caribchic

Why is Virgo man so boring in bed???? its like everthing has to be perfect and he is soooo hot but lord he seems to have very little interest in sex other than a practical purpose.... sigh all that hotness gone to waste in this man who prefers playing games to good old fashioned spontaneous hookie pookie... sigh.. waiting for the animal to come out but like its never!!!!

that perfectionist nature aint out in bed!!

Noooooooooooooo, I wont do it again!!!
by: Red Crab

Nooooo!! Horrible. The sept virgo guy I dated was horrible in bed, boring, no wild sex allowed, worst kisser, no foreplay, No passion,lacked sexual skills, no physical displays of affection.period. I am a sensual cancer who loves passion and intensity during love making.There was no connection while love making with him So no more virgo man for me.My taurian man is better than them.

Virgo in Bed
by: Anonymous

I'm seriously invovled with a Virgo man. He is a sweet lover, concerned with what I need in bed, willing to do whatever it takes. He loves oral sex like no other man I've met, getting and giving. He is a studious lover, caring, sweet. Best sex I've ever had.

I'm a Taurus woman with a Virgo man
by: Anonymous

It was like I knew him from long ago. We sat talking for hours and then when we finally engaged in sex it was Hot! on fire! Sexy, sweaty, went on for hours, different positions. He made me have a type of orgasm I've never had with any man and didn't know I could even have. It gushed out of my body so fast and intensely. Our sex was messy, intense, biting, scratching, yelling, laughing. So much heat created from our bodies that we were creating a wet suction each time our bodies touched the others. We lost track of time and when it finally ended we were both tired and sore all over. He gave me oral and I loved it. I gave him oral and he closed his eyes dropped his head and moaned with pleasure. We're both verbal during sex not quite. I've had lovers who said I was too loud but he's not one of them. His body is toned and tight and I love this. I'm a rather conservative in I try to look classy and pretty. He looks rugged with his shaved head and tattoo across his entire back. When out in public it's as if no one else is around except the two of us.

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