Virgo man is driving me crazy

by Rosa
(Belgrade, Serbia)

I am a Scorpio girl and i have big problem with a Virgo man. We are seeing each other 2-3 a month and it is just because of sex. He is great guy (funny, smart and good looking) and I can see that when we are together that he enjoys. He is tender and pays me full attention and we are so attracted to each other. It's not just physical, we can talk for hours and make jokes. The problem is that we are seeing each other like this for 9 months and that I have started to feel something more for him than attraction. I would talk with him about that but the problem is that when we have started this he has told me that he doesnt want anything else but sex and that I shouldn't expect nothing more then that from him. I was good with that, but there is always but... I have tried to be patient and to show him that I am not seeing no one else ( I should mention that he from time to time tells me that I should date other gus too)... I should mention that 5 years ago he was hurt by a girl that he has loved very much and to make things worse that happened soon after his father died. Since then he hasn't been in a relationship. And I can say that he is not seeing other girls. So please if someone has some good advice how to make this serious I would be gratefull...

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For Rosa
by: Margarita


Your Virgo is using you. You have given him a good time which he has taken whilst warning you to date others and that he doesn't want more. I too am a Scorpio and can tell you that you are playing with fire. You are hurting yourself more than he is. Either make peace with the fact that this is just an exchange of sexual experiences, or start to pull away as quickly as you can before you get hurt further.

I wish you luck. It is an awful predicament to be in.

by: Anonymous

He is kinda using you but feels you do the same so he plays along dont give him sex and he will start to think what he had lost dont be his booty call and he will value you more we virgos don't value stuff till we loose it know you said his heart is broken I too had become heartbroken so it is probable he has become a player till he find the right women and it looks like your not it soo tell him to have a stable relation ship with you or fuck It your leaving and wait like a week for an answer because virgos weigh any pros and cons before making a decision . Virgos like smart women and cute and we have high standards so he probably thinks you not good enough

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