Virgo man is ignoring me

Hey, So Im an 18 year old Scorpio female and I've been seeing this 20 year old Virgo male for 5 years (off and on). Through out these 5 years we have only flirted nothing more. There would be times where we would not talk to each other for months because I would not be ready to be in a relationship or he was out in the streets doing him going in and out of jail. But now that I am older I feel like I want to give him my all.

I know he is not what I should be going after because he's a street guy and he's been in jail but I don't care because I truly like him, he's basically like the 1st guy I ever truly liked, considering that we've been talking ever since I was 14 he is my "first love".

But anyways for the last month we have been showing progress. We were talking more and spending more time together. During this month we both told each other how much we like one another and I gave him my virginity on his birthday ( and it was NOT great). But now he wants nothing to do with me he doesn't answer my texts or phone calls.

Im truly confused I don't understand why he ignores me. He told my niece that I hurt his feelings the night of his birthday and that he's not talking to me. Well, when I called him one last time he picked up and so I said " I guess your talking to me now" and he says " Well I had to pick up because you keep calling me" Now this caught me off guard so I hung up the phone.

Now Im hurt and I don't know what to do with this situation because I like this Virgo guy who wants to play games, I hate the games but I just can't stop thinking about him like ever since we had sex I want more of him now and he won't show me any attention. Its driving me crazy I've even tried talking to other guys but it doesn't help.

I honestly think he doesn't want to be committed to me but if he would talk to me and stop playing fucking games he would see that I don't want a relationship either I only really just wanna fuck him.

So if anybody has an opinion or anything to say I would gladly like to hear it Thanks. Oh and everyone else I've been talking to has been telling me I need to curse his ass out but its hard doing that because I cant be mean to him. Im sure I sound dumb right now and Im not even in love at least I don't think so.

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i so feel you :(
by: Anonymous

Hey its funny how I'm going thru a similiar situation ... I'm 19 my Virgo guy is 21 ... We have been talking for almost 3 years off and on ... I gave him my virginity on my 17 birthday .... At first he wanted to date me but then after we had sex he started treating me different ... I can honestly say he is my first true love because I have tries to date other guys but can't get ovwr him years later ! And all the BS he does to me , the worst of them all ignoring me :( but u still come back to him :(( .... I try to move on but its so hard ... Ill not talk to him for a month then relapse .. He's really like a drug ... it bothers me how I know he doeant feel the same but ugh :(

Dont look back and move on!!!
by: Sexy Archer

Im sorry to say this girl, but u need to move on!!!!
u say u gave him ur virginity and on top of that he turned into a nastier person, were u saving ur self to end up with such a loser?!
He does not feel shit, apparently he is a selfish bastard who wanted to have sex thats all! and after "conquring" that perverted challenge of his he will start looking for some1 else!
forget his loser ass and find someone who is really worth ur emotions!

I don't understand why some girls would actually put up with this shit "in the name of love"!!? Fuck him and his love if he had any 2 begin with!!
The more you learn about "most" virgos the easier u will break up with them! They r emotionless, self-centred, closet-freaks, nothing close to perfect, fakers and manipulative perverts!

You should also read about a study that shows they r most likely to get killed more than any other sign! why? because they are fakers and luv to critisize people just to feel good about their own insecurities!!!!
Move on, get a degree, a better job, a positive outlook on life and then find yourself a decent man who is worth the effort and the emotional-investment!

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