Virgo man keeps looking at me

I think I have a little crush on this Virgo guy. He's in my classes and I've noticed since day one he seems to stare at me when I'm not looking lol. I'm a Capricorn woman and I'm very negative about my looks so I wonder all the time," Why is he looking at me?"

I just want to know what is that a sign of ???. We talk more now but just bothers me or touches me when he can, not in a big sexual way though. I don't like immaturity but at the same time I seem to like it somehow..(: I just don't know what he might feel, just another good looking chick or what ? Right now I'm friends with a Cancer guy. We flirt here and there, I think he's very handsome but it's like he's surrounded by girls all the time. I'd like him to take me serious. Cause I don't like to be known to chase men.. I'm just spinning, What should I do ? Should I go with the Virgo guy and find out what he feels or go with the Cancer, I hope at least one of them is serious. Another Virgo man is my bestfriend (guy) , He fell in love with me and still keeps me in his heart, though I just didn't feel the same as I did a few years ago. Now he's with an Aquarius girl. though they don't seem to be going well much. Please help? . thanks.

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virgo guy looking at you
by: Anonymous

Well first off I'm a virgo. I've done this before! I look at a girl I have a crush on for a long time. I might say hi or a smile, but never go toalk to them straight forward. You should try talking to him first!

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