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I am a Leo woman married first time later in life to a Virgo man who seems to have a lot of Libra traits. We are very unique. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

I have not been happy a lot of the time. It has been very trying. We work well together-projects wise speaking... I am stronger willed than him, oddly this works at times. He is very kind and gives a lot to our marriage and so do I we both work at it and on it.... He is there for me and I am there for him too....

It is a very unique feeling to know he is there 100% for me when in the past men have not been. So this being said I find great value in the work that my marriage takes. He listens and is a wonderful communicator and writer as well. I mean he really really listens. Our bedroom life is good not great but good. He can be a picky worrier however, and this drives me over the edge. Multi-tasking is virtually not happening in his world and I can multi-task until tomorrow but not him!

But when the going gets tough he is there the next morning. Even staying overnight in the hospital next to me in a chair. So overall this deserves a real fair look-see. We do love each other but deeply passionately, well not always, it is more friendship based. And it seems to fluctuate with us oddly enough.

Chemistry is there, but I am a very strong personality and aggressive and to him that can be a turn off at time. As he is more delicate in his approach to getting things started to where we head for the bedroom. His charm is wonderful though, but temper not so great. Can literally have violent tantrums of hitting walls and slamming things around. I feel like I deal with a mental nut at these times. It is scary. And he is the only Virgo I have ever known this kind of way. SO I really don't get that aspect of his personality and I do natal charts as just a fun hobby and have broken it down and it still doesn't make any sense to me!

He does at times really seem to get me and I am a very complex Leo lady who is very moody with a Libra rising and Leo moon also. I thought I would share some things here in case one day it might help someone else. Also communication wise we literally need an interpreter. It is not easy--probably the most difficult relationship communication wise we both have ever been in, we both have readily admitted this at the start. But we love to talk and sort things through, but after the first year this gets EXHAUSTING.

As time goes on I see us divorced later on down the line sadly enough. Even though I have to admit he is the best man I have ever been in love with. He just doesn't always "get who I am" as a person nor I him. Hope this may assist someone someday, somewhere...out there. It was written not to offend or upset anyone but just based on my own marriage and experiences within this one relationship is all. But I have tons of Virgo's around me and always have my whole life! So one never knows....

So, I finally found a Virgo I am attracted to in a romantic sense.

I don't know much about him (yet) but it surprised me when I found out he was a Virgo. he's a musician and journalist. I met him briefly when I attended one of his shows. he didn't come off like a Virgo.

he noticed me right away and stared at me a lot. I'm a Leo with Aquarius rising so the way I dress can be stylish but eccentric. I was VERY colorfully, but tastefully, dressed that night which I didn't think Virgos were into. yet he seemed intrigued by me. the place was packed, and there were many pretty, more classically dressed women there but he seemed to only hone in on me. he even acted all peacock-y when he would walk by! literally puffing up his chest and acting proud. he came off as more of a fire sign in this regard. I watched him (secretly) all night and he was acting aloof and disinterested in everyone else. I don't get it! we're slowly getting to know each other. think my chances are good if my moon & merc are in Virgo?

It is one of the rarest zodiac combinations I think. I can't personally answer your question, but I too would be interested to know if having a Virgo moon helps

I think you can get a rough idea how common each relationship combination is from how many posts they have on these message boards, and this board must be the quietest one. Some of them have hundreds of comments. Interesting, though annoying when you're wanting to read about a quiet one..

I am a Leo women with a 3 year Virgo man relationship. I am Latin he is Israeli. We have amazing chemistry. We smile when we see each other :) He is deep, patient and careful. I am playful, daring and deep as well. We compliment each other and can talk for hours since he will listen more than talk.. and I am a talker! He analyzes everything I do with admiration and criticism.

Our fights are based on his fears about decisions vs. me not having fear of making them. Over analyzing is overwhelming to me but if he is a Virgo man and he can fix some things and take care of the dirty work he will do it and this is why am in love with him,. Very supportive man in every way. And he is like this with his close friends. It might take time to be in his circles of friends but feel lucky when you are one of them.

Now this would surprise many cause I am taken aback too. I am true Leo woman & all my life my best buddies have been Virgo. For some strange reason Virgo & Pisces men have been eminent part of my life. Astrologically speaking it don't make sense. But in my experience these 2 signs are my sweetheart but it has always been about being friends until recently.

I had recently shifted to new place & I was out partying with my friend. I told her see I might come across Virgo & Pisces tonight. she thought I was silly & boom it happened in middle of road a hilarious Pisces guy came across & acted outright silly. I wasn't surprised to know he a Pisces. we are friends. than later same night Mr. Virgo approached my friend asking her about me. initially I was interested & than my friend asked him his birth date. it was 6 sep how sweet. My friend looked at me in astonishment I just smiled. it always happens.

Well the twisted part starts here. we started hanging out with Mr. Virgo & than one time I was bit high & I ended kissing him. it was great & all till next day when I checked his Facebook I realized he 20yrs & I am 32yrs (though I look 23yrs & he looked 25yrs to me). I was shocked cause after ages love bug bite me & I had told myself if I ever date now it will be a Virgo man but this age difference. anyways now its too late to turn back. we are together & yes he is silly at times finds it uncomfortable for me being the centre of attention. He is fine with age difference its me who rubbs it in. But together we don't see the gap. For his age he too matured & serious for my age I am too fun & playful. maybe that gets us to an understanding. Chinese zodiac makes both of us Snake maybe that could be one reason we feel alike.

But whatever said or done I have always love my Virgo guy friends & finally I am in love with one. I don't know the end of this but seriously I am happy for now. Virgo men a gentle they want to take care of you. even he younger to me he takes care of me in every way when we are out. He makes me feel special. Initially he acted a bit nonsense but dam Leo's know how to push some sense across. In friendship Virgo will trust you easily but in relationship they take time. well for now he has began to trust me. We look awesome together that we are a talk of the town.

Will keep you all updated with the progress.

After reading the above posts I realize that I don't really know anything about this stuff, but I have a question...I'm a Virgo man with a Scorpio rising (I'm still not entirely sure what that means either) but I am wondering since Scorpio and Leo are compatible would me and a Leo woman be compatible?...

I have been married to a Virgo for 11 years, it is not firey, or exciting but it is simple.....if I could do it over I would say for a Leo you need someone with more fire in them. We have little in common, but with my up bringing I needed simple and sense we Leo's are loyal I will just live with it, but I would rather have a hot steamy crazy kind of love for him, instead of a friendship type one!

I have been with a Virgo for the past 5 years, we have two children together.

Its been quite an experience...Both good but unfortunately, mostly bad.

We are definite opposites, in every aspect...In the beginning that was okay, we were both attracted to each other and intrigued by one another.

Within the 1st year, I got pregnant...We were in love, ecstatic and everything was great! He literally treated me like a queen.

Since I was pregnant my hormones went bizzerk and I didn't treat him very good. My attitude was pretty bad and I took advantage of his kindness.

He put up with it and still did whatever I asked.

Towards the end of the pregnancy, we started having trust issues, and things slowly started going downhill. I started to catch him in little white lies. Of course I went off on him often because I have such a strong personality and always wanted to discuss whatever problem or situation. He on the other hand is the polar opposite. Always wants to avoid things, never wants to explain himself.

By our 3rd year, things were routine. a lot of which has to do with dealing with the responsibility of having a child. Along came baby no.2. In the bedroom things were so so. He never tried to romance me, it was more like a "wam-bam thank you ma'am". I know, it got old quick. At this time, were still having trust issues, mainly because he lied even when I caught him talking to another girl. Lies, lies, lies.

The only good thing about our relationship was our conversations regarding life, where to move, traveling, etc.

What also kept me in the picture was his ability to crack me up & he is an amazing father. Loves our kids to death.

All in all, in a relationship aspect, we had a flame that burned out kind of fast, and he never wanted to communicate which only infuriated me time and time again. He was also a HUGE procrastinator. Im a go-getter, he's a sit-back waiting for things to fall on his lap kind of guy. I think he was afraid of change too.

I'm a Leo woman and I've been with my Virgo man for almost five years. The 1st year was perfect he treated me like a queen and I got pregnant. The second year after we had our baby, I started to feel bored. I cheatd several times and we broke up. We got back together and again it was perfect but I became bored again. I didn't cheat but it seemed as if my feelings to leave became stronger. I've always been attracted comfotable with him, but he does not show me the attention I crave. He doesn't like to go on dates or engage in passionate kissing and love makking. It's as if we are to comfortable like best friends. We laugh and love our daughter so much that we tend to disclose our relationship problems. He knows how I feel, and even though he doesn't explain his feelings :( I know he has lost intrest. He has told me he'll never leave me and always take me back.

I don't understand my feelings and I don't know what to do but I know I love him.

I love my virgo. He is the best thing that's ever happened to me. everything about him is sexy, smart, out going, smbitious and hilarious. What more could a girl want?

The experience I had with a Leo woman as a Virgo man was a living nightmare for 16 years. I stood in the relationship due to a little girl and boy we both share. I am sorry to say I have much regret having a relatiopnship with this indiviual and it ended with a sense of it was all in vein. If I could start over she would mean noting to me simply because now I am more experience and know better.some young loves end desteriously.I do not even care for simple conversation with this person today. my experience with this Leo woman was based on her bigger then life pride and negative selfishness I will choose to live without thanxs but no thanxs. She welcomed violenced in this relationship and I DO NOT BELIEVE IN STRIKING A WOMEN OR PERSON. STAY COOL HEADED.

Well right now I'm in a very interesting situation. I'm the Leo girl and he's the Virgo boy and we've been best friends for a really long time. He has been with me through it all even pushing me in a wheelchair taking time out of his life to be with me when I know he has other places he could be. He also knows me really well.. Probably the most anyone has he knows my moods or thoughts just by looking at me and Im always surprised He can be critical sometimes but it's never that bad it's usually joking and it's not like it really bothers him he just plays around I guess. Recently though he made a move on me which shocked me to be quite honest I never knew I even stood a chance and ive always cared for him so its easy to have feelings for him so I let him make the move it wasnt sex but it still was something from a bestfriend who I don't really hug to say hello or anything so he did that but then the next day was like forget it happened don't tell anyone so it got me confused I have yet to talk to him about it but I know I need too, in all consolation I never knew I could feel this way about somebody and we just click to the point where silence is comfortable

I'm the Leo woman, he's the virgo. We both are independent individuals so with that have divided opinons about almost everything, so on a short fuse can cause fights to arise (for me was the tough part) Its that compromise of give and take between us but it's worth it because Together for more than 4 years, I've felt the whole that I could trust him and even now he hasnt broken his ways of putting me first and that caters my Leo ego. He's very committed to his families and close friends I like that quality very much, on the behalf that I've learned so much too. I guess we started out our relationship on a such desperate level but it has matured and i'm much content with him. As of now, I do wish there were more spontaneity.

I'm a Virgo man. I liked a Leo woman for about three years at my school. I found her personality very attractive and her values were nearly exactly like my own. Most people I talk to say she's and evil bitch (to put frankly) but I seriously believe it would have worked if she had put her pride aside. She knew I really liked her but never really returned the love. I could tell she was into me too at certain points but they never lasted. I feel like she was too concerned with being the hard to get girl that every guy wants but no guy can have. I really think blinded her to my love for her. I would have stood by her for anything and she just didn't see it. She even flirted with EVERYONE but I actually didn't mind it. I still waited. I guess I was just too devoted.

She actually started to go down hill when she started hanging around the "cool people." She got really manipulative and constantly concerned with her looks. In other words, all of her negative traits began to show. I still waited. I thought that maybe if she saw how much I loved her that she would stop and return to her old self. She didn't.

Basically I started to resent her (completely 180, right?) after an event arose. I had to chose between doing the wrong thing and doing the right thing. I chose the right thing and ended up turning one of her "friends" in and he got expelled. (I'm not gonna go into detail. It's a private issue.) She got mad at me for turning him in. Later I found out that he really didn't care for her anyway, that's why I put "friends" with the little "marks. Soon after she started spreading lies about why I had done what I did. She said I just did it to pissed some people off and whatever. I told her the whole story and she still managed to convince herself I had done it for my own gains. I don't even know. They're all lies anyway, and I really don't care what anyone thinks. I just hate the ignorance. That was it for me. She called me a friend a lot. My boney ass we're friends. She completely lied and MANIPULATED everyone just so she could be "cool" with all those other kids.

Over those those three years I did end up loving her. I really don't know why. I think it was because of my faith mostly, but I really did end up loving her. If she had only opened her eyes and appreciated my love, then maybe, just maybe, we would have worked out.

I don't know, maybe I was just obsessed for three years and stupid. I still love her though, even though I resented her for awhile. I don't love her as in LOVE her anymore, but I still love her as a person and a friend. I just hope there's something good for her down the road. I hope she finds someone that she'll appreciate.

I'm recently seeing a Virgo man its all new to me I usually date Gemini's or a Sag and aries... So this is my first Virgo but I am almost 30 now and I'm tired of just having all fun and no commitmen with everyone else that I usually Date I'm sceptical due to people say it cant work with a Virgo Leo but.... So far our up-bringings and Ideas on life and everything are alike and the most I could relate to in a man before he is 5 years older than me and treats me with the most respect and always the gentleman we talk for hours and so far he seems to be able to communicate very very well he even seems willing to support me which is a rare thing in these days first one i've come by but we shall see.... I like where it's heading so far and the first time I actually feel a sense of a lasting future with a man so far

All I can say is "CRAP!" I am a Virgo man married 20 years to a Leo. We have definitely had our issues in our marriage, mostly due to my part. Over the last 5 years I have been working on improving myself to be the man she wants/needs. Recently an incident happen with her that shook our marriage to the core. Now after doing all sorts of research I find out about this horrible compatibility astrology wise and can recognize the association with our marriage problems.

I am not much for astrology being the end all. I believe a persons thoughts/wishes/mind plays a big part in their destiny. I believe people can break out of the stereo types of most astrology. For example I don't match all Virgo traits and my Leo doesn't match all of hers. I believe it is what each person wants to bring into the relationship as well as the concessions each is willing to make and still find happiness.

So for the concessions part. Being a Virgo (and seemingly prudish), what can I do to give my Leo the sex life she wants. Leo me out here.

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