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Libra woman here. Lately, I have been meeting a LOT of Virgo men crossing my path and although I am temporarily celibate ;) (for the last year and 1/2) I am saving my explosive love tendencies for that one special awesome man!!

I read a lot about how Virgo men and Libra women cannot make it, but I am a mentally mature Libra and the qualities that the Virgo man possesses strengthen my weaknesses. I think if both parties are willing to try to meet those needs of the his/her partner, then nothing can stop a lifetime of love, fun, hot furniture breaking sex, disagreements and then make up sex, building together, having each other's back.... not even astrological differences. 'Whatcha' think??

I am a Libra woman who is dating a Virgo man. We get along great on an intellectual level and also the sexual energy is intense.

Virgo men are very interesting indeed but way too closed off for a Libra lady like myself.

I dated a Gemini and it was the best for me.

This is a very tough combination as far as a long term relationship is concerned. Libra has a tendency to flirt around which is not liked by Virgo men. To a certain extent they're poles apart from each other as far as money matters goes. Although both are terrific sexually. But, the understanding part is very much missing as far as a healthy relationship is concerned.

I am a Libra, and I think Virgo’s do not work for me at all, they are very jealous people well can be and the guy I was seeing..... was very clingy and possessive which I didn't like, they are great friends to be with but not lovers.... they aren't that good in bed! I prefer a man who can do the job properly like a Leo! like totally..... I like hanging around Virgo's but I prefer to stay friends with them..... even though we had a lot in common..... I'm afraid Librans but Virgo's not work for me at all.

(Libra woman) The times ive dated a Virgo guy I have gotten played by them. Like there was one that I hanged out with and messed around, then next thing you know he invites me to a nightclub in which we were suppose to hang out together and he ends up having his ex there. I asked him if we can dance and talk in private and he had the nerve to tell me to "lets talk outside" because his ex is there and he doesn't wanna make her feel uncomfortable. I was mad but I tried not to show it I just walked away. He never called me again after that. From what ive experienced with Virgos they keep things to themselves. They also paint you a nice image of themselves and make themselves sound like they are reliable when they are not.

(Virgo man) First, Hi and greetings! My name is Detrick Tyrone Gales. I am not here to fill in for Virgo males....not at my opinion, Virgo males are dicks! but with a condom too ensure

Ok all humor aside, to the celibate Libra are correct, no matter who or what sign it is, if you have that connection you can do Anything! And NEVER let anyone change your perception on that concept/feeling.

Now to the Libra woman that has been done wrong by Virgos...Yes that sucked that those guys were not honest but don't paint that picture for all Virgos or even guys in general, Not to brag but (here he goes) whenever I was in ANY relationship I would most definitely go out of my way to do something for that person. When I was in the navy I would drive from Washington to Oregon every weekend just to see my now ex wife. Or when I was dating this chick at 1:00 in the morning I got out of bed to go the next city over just to get her some milk because she didn't want to get in trouble with her parents.

All this to say that not all Virgos are bad if they do something it usually is with an intention...even if it is in your view as bad....some, to an extent, are just plain dicks. Look out for Virgos with a hint of Leo or Aries...THOSE guys are dicks and really don't care if you care or not....I am a Virgo with some Libra involved so I am very passionate with lots of compassion....I sometimes come off as a dick though, but only because I would do something and feel I should not have to explain myself...that and im an attention whore! lol...Im working on that!

Hope that helps! (this might be the wrong place but) -god bless!- ^_^

btw, (detrick again...hi) Im currently having a fling with a Libra woman, but in this moment, she is WAY too clingy for me...she always says "Im usually not like this but...." then proceeds with the clingy gestures...Virgo men like their space as well, as do Libra females...but in my case she is Always calling, always texting, we Virgo men don't want to come off as rude, so even in dire situations we---or I in this instance don't want to hurt her feeling by telling her to chill out, I just don't want her to have a mental break down, because Ive only seen her twice and she's talking about marriage and being together...While in another situation Im talking to this other Libra female, but she never wants to do anything. Ive only seen her once and she gave me her number but she never texts or calls, we have a good conversation when we DO talk but after that I don't hear from her again. I know what Virgo guys like in a relationship but what the heck do Libra women want?! What should I do in these two situations?

I want to cut it off with the first one without hurting her feelings, but I want the other one to just be honest with me that she doesn't want a relationship, but then WHY would she give me her number?! TWICE! (I erased it the first time, because her friend told me she was dating some other guy without telling me, I got it back because she said she wanted to talk to me).....Im lost....

Virgo male here, you can't let one Virgo's mean personality justify the meaning to all Virgo men. I have been with my Libra girlfriend for 1 year and I've learned that you just have to listen to her, let her make her decisions and support her choice. She has a unique fashion style and I love her make up styles. she helped me rebuild my affectionate side. We both enjoy beach walks and time together. I've taken psychology to better understand ourselves. Just be open and patient, trust worthy, affectionate. No yelling at her, and always give her re assurance with flowers or kisses (be romantic). Don't be conceded or cocky.. because she's more beautiful all around. Hope this helps some Virgo men.

Libra women...Ive been involved with a Virgo man and he confused me. he gave me the green light and then immediately a stop sign...I really liked him and we had magical sex.

Libra woman here (September 30 soo im a full blown Libra Lol) uhm. to detrick. about your "situation" with the 1st Libra you should definitely break it off sooner rather than later. Libra woman think that when a guy chills with them or calls or asks anything that has to do with them (ie how are you? how you doing?) that the man wants to be with them. soo she will only cling tighter. its funny because there are 2 types of Libra woman. and you have both. those that cling and those that don't. Lol. for the 2nd one don't rush her into anything. pay attention to her (when she pays attention to you) if you call/txt too much ; she'll be afraid your trying lock her down, and then she'll really pull away. just give her sum space, if she feeling you you'll know. because she'll come to you. but n-ee-ways! Lol. my experience with a Virgo man. well in my life my moms a Virgo and half (if not all) of my best friends have bin or are Virgos. a lot of people say they are critical and coldhearted but in reality they are the e opposite. I always know I'm going to have a good time with my Virgo friends. they can be a little inconsiderate at times , but since I my Libra my rebound rate is good ..and I bounce back quick. Lol. but this is my 1st time being involved with a Virgo and I LOVE it! we've bin talking for almost 4 months and I've realized he is the sweetest person I've ever met; although he doesn't like to go out, and doesn't really express how he feels, I am not the type to force anything on anyone, soo this is alriqht with me. the conversation is amazing. sex is great. he shows that he cares so I don't need him to tell me. ooh and we both absolutely HATE messy emotions and arguments, so I love him for that also. Lol. the only problem is that he won't commit, and went I ask him about it he usually asks iffy. I want to tell him that its not usual for me to want to be with 1 person , because I my flirt. but I don't want to sound arrogant. Lol. any suggestions???

Hello out there. I am a Libra woman (Sept. 27) with Virgo rising, Aries moon and I'm a fire snake. lol, but I can't say that I know much about my scopes. Anyways, I'm glad to see that there are lots of Virgo men in Virgo men/Libra women relationships that have as much positive things to share as negative. I guess, because, I am also stricken by the Virgo male. Unfortunately, I am a clingy Libra woman. :P Well, the reason for this is, I really like him. Once a Libra woman really likes (I mean, no crushes, flirts, etc.) a guy, we can be pretty insecure about the state of things. It's hard to understand and feel totally comfortable with someone when you're completely vulnerable to them. I will share my personal experience with the Virgo male at another time. But, I know, the search for the right one to a Libra woman stops at the Virgo man.

Me and my Virgo guy have been going through a lot lately. I'm 100% sure that he's still seeing his ex but every time I ask him about her (and sometimes when I don't) he tells me that he doesn't. That he just speaks to her to be "nice" but ALL the clues tell me he is. But I am not for the drama and I told him that. Lately, for the past month or so. I have been giving him his 'space.' I tried to talk about her to him a couple of times but each time he either ignored me or brushed me off. Being a Libra I will not push or press ANY kind of issue. Soo I haven't been speaking to him lately. So for the past couple of weeks he's been in contact with me. Nothing sexual. Just telling me that he misses me and seeing how I've been. Anything just to talk to me. And now I'm confused. I love him and I care for him SO much it scares me because I usually don't fall in love. Because he stopped speaking to me I assumed all feelings were lost (I've had it happen to me before) but then he just pops back up in my life and I'm all messed up about him. All my family and friends don't like him but I feel like I can't help how I feel. The girl he was with before me was a Aries and that's my complete opposite so I think he's used to doing things in relationships very different from how I am. I asked him was he ever in love and he told me he no. But everything was different with me. I just want to know if I'm waiting my time in waiting for him and to regain his trust. Its funny because when it comes to everyone else's love life I have perfect advice but not for my own. But I wanted to know do Virgo men usually come back ? And how hard is it for them to let go/ lie ? Its hard because he's put me through sooo much over these past couple of months ... so I don't wanna feel like I went through all that [for him] to have him just lie to me and use me .... any suggestions or comments ???

I've been dating a Virgo man for over a month now , And im a Libra (sept 28 )but new him for 2 years and went out with him back then , and are relationship is so silly , we have fun , we talk all the time . he can act like my best friend but also my lover things I have about Virgo men though is that they are so honest well too honest , there's nothing else we barely argue and when we do its over dumb stuff like after 5 mins we make up . we get along a lot he's funny and he's weird too and I like it , cause the boys he hangs around are so different from him , but I really like him and hopefully I will fall in love with him

Welp, it's sad to say the cards read true. I started talking with a Virgo guy about two years ago. He was 22 and I, 18. He moved very fast and wanted me to come over, but, skeptically, I never did. Eventually, we moved past this phase. We would talk for hours at a time, and text all day. I am the type of Libra that's more distant than anything. So when he would go a week w/o texting or calling, I'd just fall for him even more, not realizing that he was really not interested. We were cool until he found a girl he liked. I was so hurt when I found out. I was shocked, just stunned by it. I completely bombed an econ exam I had the next day. I was so bummed. He would tell me how beautiful she was, she was a Scorpio I think. He said he like girls that were sort of bitchy. Yes, a part of my distaste was rejection, but 70% is from him being inconsiderate and disrespectful. We ended up still talking. Me being the Libra that I am, did not feel it right to dis miss him over my emotions. We play argued a lot. But sometimes we would talk about movies or events. When a release date would approach he'd disappear, then later he'd reminisce about the great time he had with another girl at the event. He stood me up a lot. On numerous occasions he would tell me I was unattractive, but I am very attractive, and he just wanted to hurt me. I remember the deal breaker was when he told me "I have never liked you, looks or personality. I would never sleep with you if that sums it up." I was depressed the whole summer. But damn being a Libra, I choose to remember the good side of him, so I still care about him. I know he's moved on. But who knows. He was the first guy to ever make me cry..

Yes Because I Am A Libra And I Really Like This Virgo Guy But I Don't Think He Like Me At All Plus He Be Acting Funny. So Am Saying Virgo Guys Go For Crazy Girls And Not The Sweet Girls. So On That Note Its True What They Say About Some Virgo Guys Not All Virgo Me Guys.

I was so in love with my Virgo man for 9 months and I thought he was a really nice guy he was 3 years younger than me. When we were alone we couldn't get enough of each other. I trusted him so much but he cheated on me with one my friends ( not a close friend ) but still!!! I didn't know about it for 4 months after we broke up I found out what happened all our friends cut contacts with him and the girl that he cheated on me with!

I still love him a bit not totally over him but I don't think I can ever take him back :( Libra girls don't date a Virgo man they cheat and lie and leave you hurt broken x

I am a Libra women and I seriously can not stand virgos, male or female! So hypercritical! They annoy me soooo bad! Always judging, saying the most stupid insensitive stuff and even when told about how rude they are they either don't care or continue being rude! Always sounds like there trying to pick you apart or telling you off. List all your pet hates and the Virgo will make sure he/she does them!

They can be extremely stingy and Libra women like to be spoilt! I have totally given up on them and it wasn't just a couple of virgos it was a hell of a lot. As for the sex, I never got that far into things with them, I cut them off! Relationships should be enjoyable not irritating.

This is my personal opinion. I am not stating every single Virgo is this way. Me finding them annoying could be something to do with my chart as a whole. I do have a Virgo moon sign and I call it my only flaw lol! oh well!

I have better luck with fire and air signs. Earth I find boring and water..ahhhh I'm drowning. All them emotions and diva fits make me feel uncomfortable!

SOOO I need some serious advice here, I started seeing a Virgo man(Sept 1st) and I am a Libra (Sept. 29th) about 3 years ago. At first it was magical, he was the sweetest and it took us a month of everyday hanging out and talking (even strip Wii tennis) to actually have sex. The sex was and still is the best I've ever had minus the fact he claims he doesn't do the oral stuff although I do it to him. Anyways three months in, I find out he has a g/f, I flipped and cut him off for about a month but then went back because of sexual frustration. Even then he made time to come see me and be intimate while maintaining his g/f. Long story short, w[e had a bad fall out that really brought out the CRAZZYand dramatic side of a Libra , I talked to his g/f and messed up his car. A year 1/2 later, we linked up again, but again he has a g/f. He makes time, about twice a month to actually sex me and he responds if I hit him up but I'm just lost about what's up with him. He isn't sa ying hey I have a g/f I cnt be with yu, and we still hit it off wonderfully when we talk or are around one another....I think this is apart of Virgos being liars and cheaters.Should I just leave him alone? It just stinks that I LOVE him. At the same time he also makes me feel like he wants me but him having a g/f isn't showing me anything. We are 6 yrs apart. I am in college and really don't have time for him as a b/f but would want to see him more often! For my dilemma, I just went and bought a toy.

I am a Libra women Oct 3, and I am seeing a Virgo man Augst 31. November 11th will be one whole complete year for us seeing each other and I am really happy about this. The last time I seen my sweetie was last week. we woke up together. I got dressed for work and he waited for me at the bus stop. Now when we first hooked up I was a little insacure about somethings because he has at least 14 years on me. I used to curse him out, I vandalized his property, I accused him of lying to me and being so secrect. But through all of my madness he has been so patient with me. However he does like to hide his feelings but we have a chemistry that is beyound explanination. I think I met the perfect one for me. there are issues that we have to deal with like, when I leave I do expect to hear from him. sometimes I wont even hear from him in weeks but when i

do finally connect with him he always tells me how much he misses me and that he loves me. just by getting to know him I know that he is completly faithful to me. he's even metioned that he could see his self married to me. I never said any thing about marriage to him but he always says that to me. I am not a perfect person but I am learning how to be a good girlfriend to him and not only that just a good friend. Virgo men do like to have there space because they are so easy going and friendly and nice. us libras can be a bit fiesty at times so we have to learn how to be patient with each other. I can't speak for all but my Virgo Libra relationship seems like it is working out ok. I can't really say what the future holds.

well im a Libra women and im recently dating this Virgo I must say that virgos and libras arent always a good combination and the main reason is becuz Libra is much more emotional and thinks from the heart while Virgo is more of a thinker he's not the type of guy to cry over you he's not always romantic but ehh they try but heyy im not telling you too give up he's still warm hearted just show him you're neat ,independent (these types of guys don't like neediness or clinyness)smart,and caring ,virgo guys are caring,loving,independent,smart,and sweet , but I must say they arent open just to anyone, you have to get to really know him ,oh and you may notice that some virgos are quiet alot(but thats becuz they are just observing)after they get close to you they are much more open and talkative and trusting towards you also they have a sensitive side so don't be crude or mean cuz they will istantly leave oh and just one more thing a good combination for the female libras are Sagittarius, Aq uarius,and Leo and maybe Aries but I don't recomend it you will get irritated and he will get bored

There seems to be a basic inbalance between Virgos and Libras that I can't seem to figure out. I'm a Virgo man and for some reason, with Libras women I feel really insecure and vulnerable. I'm normally a very secure and nonpossessive/jealous guy. It's not anything that the Libra woman does or doesn't do. It's just a chemistry thing. I met a very beautiful Libra woman while living with a Leo woman and we hit it off right away, although we never went past friendly conversation. The relationship with the Leo woman ended badly and I was drifting around for a while, when out of the blue the Libra woman called me to tell me she was coming to my area to visit and if we could hook up. We did and that began a breif relationship that was good, but I always felt a bit jealous when we were around lots of people. I couldn't figure it out, because she was there with me and didn't do anything to make me feel that way. It made me feel out of character, because I was misinterpreting so many things that she was saying and misreading her all the time. We never argued about anything, but I felt we would not be a good match because of the weird feelings I was having. We were out of touch for almost three years when suddenly she called me while I was overseas saying she worked really hard to find out where I was living and finally found me. She told me I was the one and only guy that she could imagine herself being married to. The only problem was that she was pregnant but another guy, but insured me he wasn't going to be in the picture. After the feelings I was having in our previous go-round, I couldn't imagine how insecure I'd feel around her knowing she had a baby daddy out there. Virgo-Libra would take a lot of work and as a man, the Virgo would have to face his insecurities and jealousy and work harder to understand the Libra woman.

Hi! Libra woman here! Dated the most passionate, loving, caring Virgo man I have ever met. He was very sweet, honest, and charming (which probably was a bad point) Virgo. We had a wonderful 5 month relationship until things went down the drain. Sure we had our ups and downs but we usually fixed them and made up. But all went down when my ex (virgo) ignored me for a week and cheated on me and dumped me for a stupid excuse as in. "I miss my party life and I don't want to hurt you." So we became friends for the next 2 months, even though he said those stupid words and all the things he had done to me. He gave a back and forth hint we would be back together but instead he just used me and found himself a better girl which I think is a capricorn. It hurts me when he pulled me along and just leaves me in the dust when he found someone better and is happy I suppose. "Love" is an ugly word to me and I don't say it so easily. NEVER. Nor do I fall in Love easily... But I did fall in love with my ex Virgo. Because of the differences we had and the different out looks we had on life. Which pulled me into his world and amazed me greatly. But I guess he didn't think of the same. But honestly Virgos go both ways... Complete JERKS! Or the most caring, sweetest, loving guys you could ever meet.

Virgo men are awesome. They are mentally stimulating and really add a lot to the relationship. They are great conversationalists and it seems like they always know the right thing to say.

My Virgo man and I had a very balanced relationship. We rarely fought or disagreed on anything and we had many similar interests.

My only issue with a Virgo man is that they are too predictable. They are very stable and know the right way to do things, but the kind of Libra I am... I'm looking for more excitement from life; more impulsiveness.

Ultimately, it is a very rewarding relationship. At least from my experience. They are great partners/people.

Idk, I guess im just a freak of nature. Im a non-flirtatious, non-nervous, confident, intelligent, faithful, well-tempered, attractive libra. I've had the "pleasure" of talking to 4 virgos. BE CAREFUL Libra LADIES!!! THEY WILL TRY TO JUMP YOUR BONES BUT ONLY TO TEST HOW EASY YOU ARE THEY LOOOVVEEEE A CHASE! But I think they flock to me because im attractive and girly. But I don't get it. They're supposed to be so stable but they act the complete opposite in my opinion. I was really good friends with one but he completely cut me off after bashing me in an argument for talking to one of his friends, that ultimately ended our friendship. I nvr told him but I only did it to confirm what I already knew. It drove me crazy how he would never confess his feelings for me, but I never pressured him not once. I knew the only way to find out his feelings for me was to do something drastic. So, one night, I was out w/ a my boyfriend and saw his friend. I recognized him but didn't say anything. I knew it was a matter of time b4 he approached me, after all I AM A Libra ;) I gave him my number but the shit hit the fan once I let my friend know. He totally bitched me out saying he didn't know I was "one of those type of girls" wtf does that mean when we werent even together and he had made it more than clear (had told me out-right on numerous occasions) that he was not and would never be interested in me. He made me feel so committed to him w/o a relationship. I havent spoken to him for a year now. I had to hurt him and for me to even be able to do that he had to care on some deeper level that he wasnt admitting to. After 2 years, it was either find out and lose him or keep him and lose my damn mind wondering. So I chose the earlier. Some part of me still misses him tho.

Some advice from a Virgo man would be great! :)

I'm a Libra (: he's Virgo we were together for 3month at first he was very critical and judging me and I disliked it too much. But other than that he was shy at first but then we had so much Fun times(:

But it's been 1year 2months I saw him and I honestly can say we have have of fun he now gives me so much compliments tells me advice so on. To even top it off sex is amazingg! !

Hey, I just love this site!

Im maya im a libra, and my parnter chris is a pure Virgo and its so cute!

Im such a Libra its not funny... I read a lot about horoscopes and lead me to be crazy...

I know that im very sexual and other things... and virgos arent but I wont leave him for that... I love sex, be intimate and just the idea... im very kissy and huggy with him which he doesn't really like...

But thats him, I don't know if its about he's a virgo... but I somtimes tend to beg him for sex or anything close to that matter or like just to open up to me sometimes....

I want to believe and I don't want to believe about the Libra and virgos tabel.... its harsh... and I don't want to leave him for that....

I do know that virgos tend to be a little cold and 'away mode....' but I accept I want to be with only him....

hey there

well after reading many of these blogs I am totally lost.

I have met this Virgo man, and had been talking to him of and on for a 12month period, when one day he asked me out to dinner.

He then told me that he had watched me for a 8mth period but was to shy to approach me.

any way we started dating, now I am a clingy Libra and I know that we are very differnt like I think with my heart and he with his head. THe most beautful man I have ever had the pleasure in having any thing to do with. He tells me that he loves me more than any thing. But then he just runs and hides with out contact. I have chased him down to find out why and he always says he is glad I did cause he never knows what to say. he says he misses me so much and that but I need to know what all this means. I know that saving means more to him than sex. but our sex is wonderful when we have it.... Virgo guys please help me with this . because I have no clue any more ... Is this a game he plays even though I know he is a loner do I continue to play this game or let him go.... Cant ask him he don't answer me . he wont tell me if he does or even if he doesnt... What is this Libra women to do.???? totally confused.. I do know that I would love to work out our issues , beacause Virgo men I hear that you are like bottles of red, better over time which makes the relationship very rewarding. I do love him and miss him so much . can any one help me ...

(Libra Women) Ive recently met this Virgo Guy 3 months ago and its been wonderful. I was married to a Pisces guy for 7 years and he never appreciated me one day of it, I was a good wife. Now that I've seperated and asked for a divorce, there isnt one day that he doesn't say how much he loves me. Anyways this Virgo guys has really screwed up my life schedule, and I love it! He doesn't show much emotion, but when he does I know he means it. Sex life if awesome, but not often. He states that I'm too distante but actualy I'm very clingy. Just taking it slow, don't wanna make the same mistake twice. His already brought up marriege, I don't reply but deep inside it makes me smile. We both want the same in life, more time for carreer and in the future big wonderful wedding, kids, big house, but with time.

I will admit that I do have my distance but because of my previous husband, just don't wanna jump on it too quick you know. All of my side knows about him, his side doesn't know of me, he states cause his very private, and its true, his very private, normaly that would drive me crazy, but Im respecting his decision. He says that his got a lot of respect for me because I'm a hard worker, I'm cute, and I don't depend on others for bills and needs. I'm very happy we crossed paths, for now I'm enjoying his company and were together every single day. Maybe its not meant to be, maybe it is, but I've been non stop smilling since we've met. Who really knows at this point. Just once again, why don't Virgo's like sex everyday??!! WHY!

Okay guys here it is...I'm a Libra woman & my husband (yes husband) is a Virgo male. We love each other endlessly and it has taken all of me to get this man where he is today in terms of feelings or emotions. The reality is its been 17 years, we're both 31, and met when we were 14 years old. He was the boy of my dreams (at least what I thought at the time). He was cute, really cute, and looked good in his clothes. We were at the movie theater like normal teens on a Friday night. Right then I fell in love, no joke! We talked that night on the phone alllllll night, for hours on end. We saw each other quite often, but he was never affectionate. He told me everything I wanted to hear as a little teenage girl, he had me going. He even agreed when I said it was love at first sight. Well the fairy tale ended and out came the horror of dealing with a young Virgo male. :( This man gave me a run for my money. Very elusive they are. He had me so far gone I even gave him my virginity just for him to turn around and destroy me emotionally. Of course, he was cheating on me and lied to me about his age. No big deal he was only 14 instead of 15, but still, really? Then seeing me, telling me one thing and behind my back at his school seeing another chick. I went up there and confronted the chick and she had no idea about me, I later got him on the phone and he was just like whatever! I was f'n pissed. Hurt.

Through all that bs we somehow remained cool even later (17) working together and messing around. He messed that up seeing other girls so I took him back down to cool level.

After he took someone else to the prom I let him go and went off to college. I eventually got pregnant and called him about it. After I had my baby, we got back together, but it was not easy getting him back. I chased his ass for at least three months. When we did reunite it was awesome. This time he was clingy, but still not super affectionate. He also had twins the same age as my daughter,which was a shocker and very coincidental. We had a great deal of trust between us, but it was his other personal issues that would ruin that and really push me away. Virgos do things with conviction. Long, long, long story short he got his act together after going through some hard times, and we reconnected for the third time. Once Virgos minds are made up, they are very committed. Once you have reached "that level" with Virgo men they wil open and be everything you thought they could be. Through all the hardships, he proposed to me, we are now married, have a blended family of five , and love each other immensely. He is my best friend, my lover, my husband, my partner. He makes me smile,he makes laugh, mad, super happy, excited,and he's everything I wanted and needed in a man. Not only are they very intellectual, but very sexy. Virgo men are great dressers but not over-the-top flashy. Yes they can be jerks and we laugh about that now, but they can be super wonderful too.

So it may be a long journey, but for this guy he's worth it ladies. I really feel with time a Libra woman can win with a Virgo male.

Hi all,im a 22 year old Libra and dated a Virgo boy for over two years,all I have to say is that they are jealous,arrogant and insecure.They are not able to handle the Libra women for all she is,matter of fact all my friends have dated a Virgo boy and have said the same thing.That tells you something about them.

I am a Libra woman... I don't know about me being clingy but when I find out a person lies to me, I want to mess with their minds. I am clingy only because I am insecure and a tad bit insane but who said Virgos aren't? This Virgo male hated my Sagittarius ex-boyfriend. He didn't want him to be around me, he didn't even like him an inch. He gets fed up by even seeing a picture of him. He lied to me that he had a few girlfriends and that this one girl he was dating was extremely amazing to get me JEALOUS. -__-........ wow. His craziness is what attracts me and I know what you're thinking (what a loon).He tells me he is obsessed with me and wants me have sex with him plenty of times. He would be extremely nice to me for no reason. I remember when I didn't know he was a virgo, I said how much I hated Virgo men, he gave me a dirty look and he seems worried and was walking behind me in the staircase. Before when I rejected him, he use to ask me out. He gets extremely jeal ous that sometimes he can be hurtful but I know that he wants to be with me. I think it's because he's insecure. I miss my Sagittarius ex but I dunno about this Virgo guy. I like him. He said if he was to ever marry me, he won't ever divorce me. That I am his. lol

I'm a Libra woman who finds that Virgo males are none talkers and keep secrets.I'm seeking one right now and the last time I told him I was in love with him he left my apt

and stayed gone for a while.Now that he has started back texing me I'm wondering what to do with the feelings that

I still have for him.Should I just stop and forget about him period?

libra, Oct 4th business owner and Virgo asked for us to take it slow because he recently broke up with his ex g/f 4 months. This is okay. We have lots I common. Long distance and he sees me most every weekend and calls every day. This one time I told him I wanted to see him and he canceled to go help a friend on Sunday (what happened to Friday and Sat) So I have decided to help with taking it slow. I am not seeing him on Sunday. Not sure how to get him to commit to a one on one, but will be patient. Too old to play games. Any advice!!! come on Virgo men, help a Libra woman!

I'm a Libra and I've been married to my Virgo husband for eleven years. A lot of what I have read here is in many ways true. Libra and Virgo can be a tough relationship. But what I have realized over time is that Virgo can trully be what the Libra is looking for. We like fine wine, we like the best. Virgo is just that. Virgo is a hardworker, caring man that wants to provide a wonderful life for his family. Many other signs can be a wonderful experience, Virgos can be wonderful for a lifetime. If you want someone to raise babies, grow old and make a life with, then never underappreciate your virgo. He loves you and he will for life if you adore him. Libra will have to tweek some of her natural tendencies. This may not be okay for some of you Libra girls. For some it may be easy because we are wonderful at compromise. I say never change who you are, but sometimes you compromise to make sure that your Virgo is taken care of as well. You are saucy, creativ e and a dreamer. He is fact, financial and goal driven. Seperate, they say "all work and no play makes for a dull boy" and I am sure "that all play and no work makes for a broke boy". Settle down the two of you can make music together. (But make sure it's when you're ready to settle down).

I have read much about Virgo man and Libra woman - not many touch on this: honesty. I have read the characteristics of a Virgo man and they are extremely anal about lies. Thing is, in this day and age, I personally feel it's okay to lie about your past (to a certain extend). I mean, if there are a few men previously who ain't significant in your lives anymore and your Virgo man is a completely jealousy, why talk about it? Somethings are better left off unsaid. But having said that, if your Virgo man finds out, you're dead! You won't be forgiven. He's very revengeful as a person. He holds on to your lies and finds it very hard to trust you. Even when I stayed loyal throughout. :( he has chosen not to want me now... because my past haunts him. He gets nightmares like other men hugging me. But when we were together, none of that sort happened before. He would invade my privacy and that is okay! Sighs. Because nothing is worst than his partner (me) lying to him. Tiny, m ini or whatever lie.. it is a lie.

Hey im a Virgo male head over hells for this Libra girl ive went to high school with...we have always kept in contact throughout this time(now both 20) and I was in past relationships and not speaking to her but since I have let my girlfriend go and now im trying to be with her she says that she wants me to have some time to myself and shes not ready for a relationship....she doesn't respond to my calls but we do txt from time to time.....when she described her ideal husband when we were having a convo she really described me...also shes trying to arrange a friendly outting with one of her friends and one of my boys....but I havnt seen her in so you think she likes me....whats going on through her head...when I explain how I feel about her she backd off.....does anyone know what's going on????

My name is Erica.. Im a Libra sun, Libra moon, Libra rising..i can be SUPER clingy..but Im with a Virgo sun Libra moon so it works out pretty well. out of all the guys i've dated, he understands me the most and vice versa...he is possessive though, but with good reason because I'm as flirtatious as it gets!

I am a Virgo man, and had an off-and-on relationship with a Libra woman, whom I am now tied to for a minimum of the rest of my life. Truly, I hope not eternity. Admittedly, as a Virgo man I have no issue with complimenting a woman, showering her with affection, and engaging in intelligent conversation but do have difficulty in expressing feelings beyond, "I love you." Each time I began my relationship with the Libra woman, it began amazing. When it crashed, it went down in flames.

I have dated one other Libra woman, and it also did not end well.

To the ladies with Virgo men who can't figure them out:

Keep some mystery about yourself. Play a little hard to get, but not too hard. Keep him intrigued, and change things up, but understand that as a Virgo leaving the comfort zone is terrifying unless its for some secret desire we have. More than anything a Virgo man wants passion, to feel needed (Virgos are helpers by nature) and to feel very appreciated (the power of a sincere "Thank you" is astounding. A little praise goes a long way), and consideration. (If he asked you to stop doing something, it's been on his mind for a lot longer than you realize--Virgo men are peacemakers by nature, and try to keep the waters smooth and calm). Be careful though, if he feels like you're playing games he will bolt!

We, the Virgo men--at least the good ones--understand that you have feelings and that we usually think that most of what's on your mind is probably silly. We expect rationality to be paired with emotion (though we know this is somewhat hypocritical because we do have feelings too, but when they don't make sense we normally apologize for losing our composure shortly thereafter).

Watch your Virgos body language and expressions, they'll tell you when he doesn't like what you have said or done. Be a student of your lover--that's what Virgos do ;) Normally, you can talk a Virgo into just about anything he isn't totally against, so long as you make a logical case.

I hope that helps.

Born September 23 I am a Libra and my guy born August 30 is a virgo. Virgo men are compassionate and caring but are not verbal with affections. They will show you how they feel by doing things. They can be flirtatious but overall very loyal. Reading them sometimes can be difficult. As a Libra we tend to over compensate with our emotions. Don't do this with a Virgo male. They have a tendency to question how true our feelings are towards them. Don't take this personally Virgo men are critical beings even toward themselves. We communicate very well (libra are good listeners) To make this relationsnhip work Libra women you must maintain your independency have goals in life and be comfortable in your own skin don't look for Virgo o complement you on your clothes hair or makeup. He won't do it but he will take you out and show you a good time!!!

I ended my relationship w/ my V-guy 2yrs ago, because I (libra woman) felt he was ashamed of me and was just using me to get to the next woman he thought was more "worthy" of him. He did this by risking everything he had, given to him by his fiance/ girlfriend of almost 12 yrs, and earned by him to help me. He had a run in w/ the LAW and was w/o a driver's license. He went to jail, lost his job, and could'nt no longer pay for his apartment.upon seeing this I made up my mind that he would be the one for me. Pity was what I felt for him when "the fiance" found out about me and he somehow magical went to jail again. I stuck it out and dedicated myself to helping him get back on his feet, but still pursue my on dreams. After 2 yrs together of ups, downs, sleeping on family members couches and unemployment he decided we should part ways. I went on to get myself together apartment, cert. Massage therapist, and car I accomplished in one year (while caring for 3 boys 1 whose ADH D and the other Spastic asthmatic) with only an temp. job and still seeing and maintaining my COY ( nickname). HE on the other hand was talking to a SAG in less than 2 weeks after our initial separation, finally got up off it and took a job at a restaurant (although he was too good for that when it was me footing the bill) 6 weeks later. By the end of that same year that was all he had accomplished, the Sag was harrasing me, his family was saying "girl he is just playing w/ you just like he did the others!"etc. And he still had THE nerve to try and critcize me. More junk happened and the final straw was when his sister Sheryl passed away. If it had'nt been for her would'nt have met him, she was a good friend, gteat mom, beautiful person. He called told me she passed and I said "you should've been helping your sister more instead of cheating on me" not the right choice of words but I was dealing w/ some demons him and his negative cohorts unleashed on me. One year passes I get my cert. in Esthetics, move to a house and get married to my sons father, guess who pops up on FB? He moved to another city and is now working two jobs and driving the car the SAG gave him. But his mom passed a couple months b4. (RIP SADIE YOUNG) so I say my apologies for this time and b4 he accepts and in my mind all I want is just a decent SURFACE friendship. He expresses he wants more, but I was skeptical. My grandfather passes around this time (RIP Alex Hilton) and it hits my mom HARD, she's back and forth to the ER w/ chest pain, headaches and such, don't tell COY this because he is still fragile and I'm not sure where all this was headed, not to mention my mom was not his biggest fan.So I end up missing a phone call from him. True to form he backs off for 3 days or is occupied, you be the judge. While I'm trying to travel to Florida for the funeral w/ kids and all, my husband tells me he wants a divorce and leaves the week b4 (he's Cap)I try to check on him my calls go unanswered. He was'nt understanding or sympathetic at all. He finally answered my call 3rd call by text saying that I want him and can't have him and he does'nt know what it is we had but it's through. I replied by wishing happiness and thanked him for his "kindness". This Virgo went out of his way to make sure he hurt me cause the first time was'nt thorough enough. All I can say is he had better stay outa my path cause there will be no PEACE w/o WAR.

im a Virgo male and ive been dating this Libra woman for 6 months now. we meet online and from there it got better. she lives 3 hours away but it wasnt a problem for travel. she visited me for new years and thats when we both fell in love. she was sick and had surgery so no sex but I stilled loved her. we shared pics, videos, and info about our day. in march I went to her house and we got even closer. we finally had sex and it was great lol. so we decided that I moved with her. I quited my job and left my life to be with her. soon it got better. she was healthy again, we got a house, and she got a better job. suddenly she changed completely. true I lied about small things but never things like another woman or stuff that could destroy a relationship. she said that she don't trust me over a small lie. she been hurt way worse with the guys like cheating and lying and even hitting her. her excuse was she miss talking to her guy friends. next she said that too much was h appening and her head was about to explode and she need space. so she wanted me to go back to memphis for at least four months or more. does that sound funny. she is nothing like she was back then. now she so busy. then she told me she got her hair and everything done but also went to see her ex..... now what should I do? she says she not cheating but it would be hard not to doubt that. ill gladly accept advice.

hi!i'm with a Virgo man for the last 6 months...n this has turned out to be the best ever.... intellectual compatibility could have been better than this....but librans need to be a bit patience in understanding her Virgo man...virgo man don't believe in expressing their emotions verbally but you need to keep yours eyes and senses open...n you'll have nothing to complain...i just love my Virgo man....

wow! this is like deja vu ! every story is the same so im guesseing we don't mix with them, male or female. I recently cut both my bestfriend AND lover out of my life and they were both virgos, a day apart. and so much alike but yet they couldn't STAND each other lol but anyways I agree, Virgo men are liars (bad at it) and although they always claime to be "real", they are fake. I hate that it took me almost 2 years to finally realize I ddnt need my Virgo man. after almost a year & a half of lying, finding out he had a girlfriend he'd been with for yrs before me, and actually still talking to and messing around with him after he had a baby with the girl, I finally had enough. being a Libra I am VERY loyal, and I expect people to treat and do for me what I would for them. and after having him take and take and take from me, I waz finally fed up. libras take a lot of crap from people so when we do finally break, wether from a friendship, relationship, or whatever, we break. and because im not a hateful or spiteful person, when someone finally pushes me to that point I break ALL ties. for the first year it was great but now I feel disrespected by him everytime he sees me. we went from spending every minute together to us having sex every once in a while which is not what I want seeing as I've been in those type of relationships for about 6 years with 3 different guys including him. and its crazy because the same thing that happened with him happened to me 2 years before that with another guy (a scorpio) and even though I expressed to him how hurt I was and why I'm so guarded and stanoffish, he still did the same to me. I think all virgos are selfish and mean. they are the most pessimistic people and are so negative it makes me wanna hit em! I always gave him the most positive advice and he had the nerve to tell me it was annoying because "sometimes people just wanna hear the truth" but being a Libra I honestly, truthfull, do want the best to happen. but as for me and him I'm done. I love him so much to the point where I feel like I ll never get over him or stop caring, but I d rather be happy then anything. and sometimes his attitude makes me feel as though he doesn't even like me & just keeps me around for the sex. being a Libra its hard for me to find people to open up to . a lot of people, men especially, try to get close to me but because of being heartbroken in the past im not having that. so for me to open up and have him hurt me so bad makes me feel stupid because I feel like I should've seen it comin. but I don't want anything to do with him. he's a liar, a cheater, and selfish. its gotten to the point where I don't want to be civil with him, friends, or anything to him where we have to speak. I want him to pretend we never met. as for people pursuing a Libra Virgo relationship, LIBRA, DON'T DO IT!!

I'd never thought I would fall in love with a Virgo guy, because my best friend is a Virgo and though I love her, I often imagine that it must be tough to be a Virgo's romantic partner because they seem to hide a lot of emotions and appear really cold sometimes.

The first person who really wooed me was a Virgo. He was pretty quick in his chase but I had my eyes set on another Sagittarius man, so I didn't really care.

Years passed, and I met another Virgo man, who fell for me almost immediately. He wooed and pursued me. Though I was hesitant, he soon convinced me that it might be alright to give him a chance...

The first night we spent together, we became intimate (I don't mean sex. Just lots of hugging and kissing!). I love his intimacy! He was slow and he took his time. I loved it! His kisses were light and ticklish. He rubs me at all the right places! I didn't know just mere touches could feel so good! I was really turned on! He also said really sweet things at all the appropriate times! It's really unforgettable for me. When he left, I couldn't find anyone like him anymore... :(

Anyway, he's so strange.

So he said he likes me right? He said he wants to be with me forever, and don't break his heart by rejecting him.

I took a long time to think about his proposal. When I finally thought it through, that it was no harm trying a relationship with a Virgo guy, I told him, and he was elated, but then he said he was scared it would be hard as by then, he had returned to his country. I told him we could still work things out because by then, I had really fallen for him. All the time while I was deliberating, he showed that he was sincere and that he really liked me. I mean, he couldn't stop talking to me. He always wanted to see me. He said I was love at first sight. He would wait online patiently until I finished work and went online just to say he misses me. And although I was the one who was skeptical that our relationship would work, he was the one who kept saying he really loves me and he would go crazy if I didn't give him an answer soon.

I started becoming clingy to him. Once I set my mind on a guy, my really affectionate side would appear. I would be like a stupid little kitten. I hate myself for this, but I can't help it! Some guys love this sudden change, some don't. I guess he doesn't. Haha! I sensed it and stopped being the silly lovesick person I was. He was unresponsive anyway, and meanwhile, a Capricorn and Aries guy were both pursuing me. I decided to forget about him since the ldr didn't seem to be working out.

He suddenly called me again after I didn't talk to him for a week. I was like what the heck! What are you up to, dude! He said he really missed me and really wanted to see me. I asked him to fly over then. He said he couldn't but he really wanted to hold me in his arms. He made me miss him all over again, and I rejected both the guys who were pursuing me because I wanted to give this relationship another chance.

This dragged on for about a year. Finally, I decided, Enough is enough. I can't waste my time on this guy. We haven't seen each other for a year, and I really don't know about him, but it was turning me into a wreck!

Meanwhile, the Capricorn and the Aries guy returned. And later on, a new pursuer came along. He was a Gemini and the way we met was similar to how I met my Virgo man, and they had similar likes and dislikes too and were of the same age. They said similar things to woo me, and I know I shouldn't have, but I agreed to be with the Gemini guy just because he reminds me of the Virgo guy.

The Gemini guy knew about the Virgo guy and all the other guys who were pursuing me (he really found out all about me from my friends before he started chasing me. -_-") but he said that they don't matter. He was very optimistic about our relationship and was unusually high. He said he felt like the luckiest man on earth, said it was unbelievable that he was going out with his dream girl. He really made me feel special, but I just couldn't forget about Mr Virgo, and in the end, I broke up with him because I felt it was unfair to him that while being with him, I was still thinking of another guy.

Mr Virgo doesn't pick up my calls anymore. Though when I broke up with Mr Gemini, his timing to call me was impeccable! He called just right after I had my last phonecall with Mr Gemini and was crying because in Mr Gemini's spite, he had said some hurtful things and hung up on me.

It just made me feel at that moment that maybe Mr Virgo and I were meant to be together because the first thing he said was, " alright? I just wanted you to know that I missed you. When are you coming over? I want to hold your hand again."

Writing this really makes me feel a little sentimental. I think I can never understand him. He gets jealous when he knows I go out with other guys. My friends thought that was cute. I didn't mean to make him feel jealous, but he made me feel so inferior when he tells me how gorgeous his 5 ex-es are. He claims that they all look like models. I do believe him. He's not a handsome man, but he is indeed charming. A woman's man. :) I still love him actually, but I've given up hope in any potential relationship this could actually become. :)

Hey I Am A Libra (October 22) And My Partner/Lover Type Thing Going On Is A Virgo We Been Together For 6 Mnths...Well Its Been Good He Makes Me Happy But He Also Makes Me Depressed Im The Type Of Libra that doesn't Really Fall In Love But Once I Do You Better Run For Cover I Do Love Him With Everything In Me But I Just Hate The He doesn't Express Himself As Often As I Wnt Him To He Acts Unintrested At Times He Never Really Express Anything that Provally Why I Think He Is Not Intrested I Just Which He Wld Open Up I Never Know What He Is FeelIng He Is So Mysterious And Secertive And I don't know I Just Wish He Wasnt And He Is Also A Big Flirt And I Get Jealous And He Pissess Me Off But I Cnt Even Tell Him Cause I Dnt Wnt Him To Leave Me Or Say Hurtful Things And I Dnt Even Want To Imagine My Life Without Him He Drives Me Crazy And I Dnt Even Know Why...But Yet I Still Love Him I Love Him Enough that If He Wasnt Happy With Are Relationship I Sacrifice My Own Love And Happiness For Him...I Love Him I Wld Do ANYTHING To Keep Him Although He Drives Me Crazy He Also The Best Thing that Has Ever Happened To Me And I am Very Much In Love With Him (:

Ok adding to the Virgo man Libra woman relationships. I am a Libra woman and i've been dating a Virgo man for some time now. Basically I find him laid back and reserved with his feelings. When he does express his feelings be ready he doesn't open often. Libra women can feel insecure if we are not getting love and affection from Virgo man. But when he expresses his emotions we feel loved but then the cycle starts again. Together we are great sexually no shyness at all. Libra are leaders and in the bedroom is no exception!! Overall we do have our differences but understanding compromise is the key in order to make it work.

im a Libra and love a lot my Virgo boy he is my dream boy I don't know he loves me or not because he is very shy..and cute he is best perfect cute gentlemen wowww....he is I love him a lot and he is the cutest boy in this world....

im a Libra and love a lot my Virgo boy he is my dream boy I don't know he loves me or not because he is very shy..and cute he is best perfect cute gentlemen wowww....he is I love him a lot and he is the cutest boy in this world....

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