Virgo man roller coaster

by Stacey
(Los Angeles)

I am a Taurus Woman, who has been living with my Virgo man for 2.5 going on 3 years, we only dated for 6 months b4 we moved in. He made all the moves on me, pursued me, moved me in and has been taking care of me finacially. For the last year and a have been on and off, but still living together. He has flirted with women, met up with women, I found out about most, i like to think, the entire time, saying he was not "Ready" for anything serious, but also saying at the time we are "Working" on things...About 4 months ago, I found out that he met up with his ex girlfriend, and she has been crazy emailing me that they met up.

After discovering this, I decided this was enough. Told him I was moving out and on with my life, Suddenly he has this Epiphany that he wants to be in a relationship and saw how much he loves me, and what a wonderful person I am, sees how much he messed up for the last 1.5 years and wants to make it all better! I dont understand these Virgo men!

He has had me on a Roller coaster, up and down, I want you... I dont. If i choose to work it out, is this the kind of relationship I have to look foward to if I do work it out with him? Are all Virgo men flirts and afraid of commitment?

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by: Anonymous

Hi there

i am also dating a virgo man ans he has many ex gf and they tend to stay friends after dating and have many other girl mates.
they are very cold and hot, they push you away and pull you back. they will disapear for days with no contact and come back like nothing has happened.

i told my virgo i liked him and did hear from him for a week as he got sceared.

good luck

hi there
by: Anonymous

Am a virgo and living together with a virgo man,

Excatly what happened to me this year.. Found out he has new gf after living together for 2,5 yrs going on 3.. I was told him that I need sometimes alone because at that time am so angry to him for cheating on me..

Too bad he thought I kicked his ass out from our's place and brought that other woman to his parents.. On 100 days ceremony of his sister's died.. Everybody in the house wondering what's going on and asked me..

Suddenly, after almost a month I haven't heard from him, he just knocking mydoor and says he was sorry and thinking about getting married..

I never know what's going on between him and that other woman, but he's with me now.. And we still trying to make this relationship work..

Everything's changed now.. I'm not sure, but it seem hard because his mom not really like me now after he brought that woman to the house..

I never understand a virgo man!

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