Virgo man Scorpio woman arguments

I'm a Virgo man dating a Scorpio woman. I met her at work a few months back. Things were going pretty smooth until about 2 months ago. I've never really looked into this whole horoscope what nots, but I got curious. Come to find that the Virgo personality fits me almost perfectly. Any who, it's become kind of insane because we are always arguing over the dumbest stuff and realize it after about half an hour to an hour of yelling at each other. We usually just end up brushing it off after coming to the conclusion that we really do like each other and just want to be with each other. It's now getting to a point where it feels like she can't take it any more and I'm not sure what to do about it. I don't like fighting just as much as she doesn't, but it feels like most of the time, fighting is inevitable. When we get in fights, and I start to calm down, regardless what she has done or said that was upsetting, I kind of just push it out of my mind and apologize for what I did wrong. It's extremely rare that I'll hear the words I'm sorry" from her. She and I both are extremely stubborn.

Only difference is that, I kind of come to my senses and level my head out and apologize when I'm confronted about something I did wrong or even simply just realize it. She definitely hold grudges which scares me about the future; that's considering we are gonna have one. Don't get me wrong, I do want one with her because she's everything I've always been looking for in a girl. Well minus the stubbornness, and I don't even mind that all that much. She also has it in her head that I never try to fix things. I try to tell her every time I do try and fix thing and she just won't hear any of it. I'm not sure if it's that she doesn't want to admit if she's wrong? or what it may be...

Let me know what you think or what I can do to make this thing work and happen.

~Thank you

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Virgo man Scorpio woman arguments
by: Anonymous

I'm a Virgo man born 08/24/1984, and she's a Scorpio female born on 11/16/1990. To tell you the true that Scorpio and I been together since 1 year and three month right now, it been a tough time still today, the main problem is the difference we have in common, we been arguing everyday about unimportant stuff and end stressing each other, and also, most of the things that I like doesn't match hers. EX: sex, fun, good dialog, all these three distraction so far are very bad between us, I cannot enjoy sex or have a great conversation for at least one day because she's going to cut me off and be the opposite and compete to show what i'm saying is garbage, and I hate having a great idea of mine being rejected. Furthermore, since my Scorpio are very smart, she will rather relax herself than helping me, she rather playing game, laughing, and have fun while most of the time i'm trying to find a way to get money. We have a big difference in many things, and that is a big im pact upon my happiness and hers too. I don't even know what to do right now, because she has most of the thing I been waiting for to find from a great girlfriend. Ex: Trust, sexy, beautiful, smart, intelligent, and else, those thing I have never found from any other previous girlfriend before, i'm feeling like a loser if I let her go.

my ex scorpio
by: Anonymous

i am a virgo guy and i was in love with a scorpio girl over a year ago we broke up for a good long period then a few months later down the line we ended up getting back together and in that time the whole relationship was rocky n patchy to say the least after giving in and giving my scorpio my heart n romance she broke my heart n broke up with me when i needed her support at a crucial time in my own life now we are seem to be talking again few months later after are second atempt with are relationship i still want her back n still want to show her how much she means to me tho being the stubborn scorpio she is it feels like shes manliputaing me and using my emotions n feelings that i have towards her to her advantage i am 7 years older then her as im 25 she being 18 although im aware of her doings i dont understand to of why i still love her and want her back after everything she as done to hurt me as well and just recently too she told me that when we did brake up she did something to hurt me n then when ignored her the other day cos of where i was feeling down n not in the mood to speak to anyone and with this in mind i did have a very good valid explination she seems to off switched of from but what i dont get is why do i want her back n how do i get back after everything she has done in the past to hurt me

for all those who have a scorpio partner and facing problem of lack of understanding specially the virgo guys above
by: Anonymous

1-scorpio women needs attention, and and the cold behavior or virgo man decrease their morale of being in relationship with you.
2-she hate lies and virgo man are expert in it. dont lie to them as they catch it.
3- show them that they are an important part of your life, which im sure they are. dont just tell them but express it as well.
4-they like gentle man, so dont get wild with them when it comes sex.
5- share your feeling with them.
I hope this will help you people.
want to add something that if your scorpio women are involved in you, they wont leave you and always supports you as they are loyal, devoted and extremely passionate so dont think they will give up for anything they seriously want.

Virgo must give Scorpio passion
by: Anonymous

For the comment above listing the five points, you are almost spot on. I am a Scorpio woman. The point about Scorpio women liking gentle sex and not be wild is not true. Although gentle sex is needed from time to time, Scorpio women like wild rough sex spontaneously. They like a real mixture and dont like to do the same things in the bedroom, it has to be different every time and Virgo men in my experience are not very good at being spontaneous in the bedroom. If the sex is bad then Scorpio women will re-think being in a relationship with you.

Age has a lot to do with how a Scorpio woman reacts - if you are a Virgo man and are dating a younger Scorpio say age between 18 to 28 ish then (and this is from my own experience) they tend to be very stubborn and in arguements can get hysterical and will NEVER back down in any arguement, they will think they are right ALWAYS and will NEVER say sorry ever. They will be thinking they just want to kiss and cuddle you and make everything alright but they dont go ahead and do this because they feel it will make them appear weak. They kind of 'kick themselves in the foot' as the saying is because they ruin relationships all on their own.

However I am now 33 years old and I can see how I ruined my relationships in the past by my silly stubborn behaviour and being hysterical and too emotional in arguements. I am much more (and I assume many Scorpio women my age and older) chilled out, laid back and calmer about things and when an arguement is happening I try and sit back and think about how the argument can be resolved rather then getting emotional and hysterical. Either way whether you are dating a younger or older Scorpio woman, always hug kiss and make up with PASSION because that is an ideal way a Scorpio NEEDS an arguement ended. Dont nit pick or be critical in the typical Virgo fashion because this will push your Scorpio away. Hope this helps any Virgo men reading this.

Sounds about right
by: Anonymous

I am a scorpio woman (11/4) who's been in a relationship with my virgo man (8/30) for five years now. Everything you say sounds exactly like us! We argue about the most stupidest things, no matter how hard I try to avoid it, it always happens. The biggest reason is because we are both stubborn! But, at the end of the day, we love each other just the same and can't help but feel drawn to each other no matter what we go through. My advice when you argue with your scorpio woman, let her just talk. Try not to make things worse by mouthing off; bite the bullet even if you know she's wrong. Once she gets things off her chest she will calm down and come to her senses. And the whole fact about never hearing an apology from your scorpio woman, that's so true for us as well! I hardly ever apologize unless I know i was completely wrong. I've been trying to work on that lol.

Confused Virgo Man
by: True Scorpio Woman

I have met this Virgo man and we have been communicating a few weeks. He tells dont get feelings for him because he don't feel the same. Then he tells me he really likes me. Ok please some tell what is going on with Virgo mens, because i really like him, but I don't want it to seem like its just a sex thing between us which is amazing but i liked him before the sex the sex added to it I'm feeling this Virgo yes I'm catching feeling but I'm not ready for a relationship like he's not, but I want to get to know him in whole he is amazing to me. He me tells don't get feelings because dont you feel the same way about me but you really like me that is mix signals. So he tells me he likecwat we have, I don't see what we have, wehad sex three times in one day and that is it. He text he calls everyday tell where he is at and what he is doing I ask him none of that and he volunteers to tell what he is doing to me he treats it like a relationship. So can someone explain this because, I don't get it what he is saying do he feelings or not. I don't get it I'm 41 and he's 35 is he feeling or is he just lying if that is the case I'm confusing because,he don't have to lie to kick

by: Anonymous

Well,am a Scorpio woman !myself and your case is exactly opposite of mine, but lemme tell u one thing, Scorpio women tend to dominate a lot, so letting them be a under control is One way of calming things, but don't be submsive too, fight back when youhave too... Rather than trying to let things be just try and let her know how it is her fault, subtly. For if a Scorpio holds a grudge, it is a fearsome thing to behold, beleive me when I honest and don't be mum in any case....

Hope this helps!!!

scorpio woman and virgio man
by: Anonymous

Haha this is so funny I'm literally in the same situation but I'm a Scorpio and he's virgo. we argue about stupid things well basically when I say something he thinks I'm complaining or throwing a tantrum then we argue and don't speak for like an hour or 30 mins or maybe more, we had a big argument yesterday and we have not spoken for 25 hours yes I'm counting I'm so shocked he didn't come to me and apologise because he was in the wrong and I'm too stubborn to even approach him and talk about this. To answer your question yes Scorpios are honestly the most stubborn people ever haha to actually say sorry is such a big deal for us it's so hard for the word sorry to come out of my mouth. That's why my virgio was shocked when I once said it lol. Also admitting we are wrong is something so rare because 99.9% of the time we think we are right actually we believe we are right. Being wrong is definitely not in our vocabulary. Well I hope this helped.

Scorpio woman here for advice
by: Anonymous

Hey guys, yes us scorpio gals are a bit confusing, and trust me, you will never fully understand the intensity in us. Only other scorpios will, sorry guys. BUT...the key points for us scorp women are:
*We expect respect-if you insult us, better apologize and mean it. We give respect, until it isn't deserved.
*We need a lot of affection-plain and simple. We like to know your eyes, hands, and thoughts are on us, not anyone else. There again-a respect issue. If we are giving our time and effort to you, we have to feel that it's deserved. We don't do being treated like we don't matter.
*Do not ignore us, disappear for no reason and no explanation, which Virgo's tend to be known for. There again, it's a respect issue.
*We have a wild side, and I mean a ravenous side - this comes out in sex, we want a man to be a man, be a little in control in the bedroom, and confidence is key.
*We see right through lies and bs - guys, I'm not joking, we have an insanely keen intuition, and it never gets flipped "off" - do not lie and make excuses, we will call you on it every time. There again, it's a respect issue.
*Be strong, be a man, treat us like your precious lady that you want to protect and adore. I know Virgo's tend to be self focused, but you must treat your Scorpio woman like she is it to you. We just naturally have that desire, and it never goes away.
*We are very loving, we give our all when we feel like a good man deserves it - we will love like no other!
*We don't like to argue, even though it may appear that we do, we're just good at it when we are pissed - it's just a power play if you start something with us, we will fight back, but the truth is what we are fighting for.
*Be kind, playful, mature, respectful, manly, protective, dedicated, and show a 'lil man in charge but in a manly respectful way, but don't deny her of control when she shows she wants to.
*We have good intentions in everything we put our time and effort into. We feel like we don't want to waste our valuable time where it won't be appreciated.
*Sometimes, if you started an argument, just grab your lady, hug her even if she tries to keep you from doing so, kiss her on the head and tell her that the argument is not worth upsetting her - she will gain a lot of respect for you, believe me!!
I know we are made to sound like a lot of things that we really aren't, we are just very intensely minded, have high expectations because we like to have mutual respect.
Good luck and best wishes with your gals - they are well worth the effort and patience, they just need a lot of mental, emotional, and physical stimulation, a lot!!

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