Virgo man seeking a Capricorn woman

I'm a Virgo man seeking a Capricorn woman - at least now I am! I've been stuck on Pisces, so maybe a Pisces moon would be ideal! I had no idea Capricorn ladies were out there. I've known, really, but they've always seemed ... untouchable.

But I'm gathering that they're just waiting for the right moment and a man who's patient. Scorpio ladies, you've met your match and Capricorns will step all over you while you're trying to disprove your attraction to that Virgo you're so drawn to! Virgo men can see the Capricorn woman's grace. We also know how to communicate with Capricorn ladies. Take your time (as you know you will) and choose your Virgo man wisely! Good luck!

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by: Idk.

Again...interesting! I'm a capricorn chick and for some reason I look back and all the guys I have been genuinely attracted to were, lo and behold- the august to september types. They seemed snobby at first but really they're just shy, i know it. I'm like that. :p there are some that make the first move but then you have to continue that- no prob. I really like the virgo species in general- they have the perfect personality, and if they tend to like an early jan. girl then I like them back :)

Im here!
by: SuDawn

Capricorn Woman with Pisces in Venus here. Find me on twitter

cap sun pisces moon
by: Anonymous

and scorpio rising. i'm not really advertising myself necessarily because i already have my virgo ;) but i just want to reiterate that the pairing is so comfy and not at all in a boring way. it's good to be with someone who understands you. hope you find your lady.

Patient, sort of
by: Anonymous

As a Cap woman, I adore Virgo men, they just feel so perfect and easy to talk to. Re: The patience thing, I like it if guys don't hang around trying to ease into a relationship, but just jump in and ask me. They don't have to be too worried about if I'll like their date idea or whatever, I just like them taking an active role in it, since that shows courage.

Where patience is needed is waiting for us Caps to start acting like we're in love, or even in like. It takes a while and we can get even colder seeming for a bit, but if you keep pursuing and we have not turned you down, then we'll come around and you'll be amazed by how loving we can be.

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