Virgo Man Sexual Dynamo

by Ms. Robinson
(New Orleans)

The Virgo man I have must be an anomaly. I am an Aries woman 42, and he is 29. This man can rock my world better than any man I've known. Even better than a favorite Aries man I had. And talk about kinky, verbal, and just down right dirty. So, I dont know if I struck a chord with him and he feels he can be free with me, or if he's an aboration from the rest of the virgo world. I don't know the rest of his chart, but he has to have a fire sign, probably Aries, in him somewhere. He is not shy at all with me. He hunted me down as if I were prey and made sure he got me. (No... I'm NOT afraid. Lol.)

I'm the one who usually hunts for my prey. hahaha He speaks his mind. If he is romantic, sensual and will make it a truly spiritual and emotional experience, perhaps that will be seen in the future. But I can tell you I have never seen a man's pupils dilated that big and he was NOT on drugs. I'm still recovering as I type this.....that was 2 days ago...

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