Virgo man should we wait to have sex?

by ambrielle davis
(greenwood, south carolina )

I am in love with a Virgo man i really love him the relationship is so nice i really thinks he loves me too we always have stories to tell and get along fine but haven't had sex we are working on that. should we have sex or wait it out we have know each other a year and a half but been together almost two months.......ADVICE PLEASE

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good luck
by: Anonymous

if you get him to have sex anytime soon pls let me know lol im having troubles with this myself and ive known my virgo man for about 10 years been dating almost 3 months, im assuming its gonna be awhile with mine, although he doesnt speak like it will lol

Been waiting for sex for over two years
by: Anonymous

This waiting to have sex must be the trend with some Virgo men.
Patient Scorpio woman

Pisces Girl and Virgo Man
by: Yellow

I met my virgo man almost a month ago now, and we were immediately drawn to each other. We talk everyday, even if only to tell each other goodnight. The passion is definitely there, we kiss every chance we get!!! We haven't had sex yet. I am hoping this just plays into the fact that we both have incredibly difficult schedules at this point in our lives. I know he cares for me though, regardless. I bartend and if he is free he will come up on Friday night and hang out (dont forget watching/staring haha). I love this!!!! We try and have dinner and lunch when we can. We are both currently experiencing major changes in our lives, so we have a lot to talk about! Patience is a major theme for me in this relationship. I have quickly learned my virgo cannot be swayed so easily...but they say, good things come to those who wait!

I am a pisces girl (03/07/1989), he is my virgo man (09/18/1986)

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