Virgo Man; So Mysterious

by Renee
(West Virginia)

I have been friends with a wonderful, caring, thoughtful, and very humorous; yet critical Virgo man for 5 months now. We have been hanging out like we're joined at the hip; going to dinner, the movie; etc. He's been the perfect gentleman and has never done or said anything to disrespect me in any way. I am a Leo and in all of my years of dating; have never, ever met anyone like my Virgo friend. Well, over these past few months, I have fallen in love with this man and I know he cares about me but we're still in the friendship stage. This is fine but I am praying that he will want to take our relationship to another level; in the meantime I'm just being patient (which is not easy for me; lol). I don't want to say or do anythig to push him away. My question to any Virgo's out there; do you think a Leo and a Virgo can make a connection? So far, so good but I just don't want to get my hopes up only to remain friends with him. I want more than friendship and the waiting is "literally tearing me up." Any suggestions? Thanks.

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Virgo man here
by: Anonymous

Virgo man here to tell you that he will never make the first move. If you do he will take chage right away as this is the green light he has been waiting for.

by: Anonymous

hes 100% correct we just dont want to screw things up. we do embarrass easily.

by: H2

I am a Virgo, 31yrs. I will tell you to make the 1st move and he will follow. A typical Virgo believes love will come to him. its what himself is been waiting. however, make it romantic

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