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I've been dealing with a Virgo man for, oh..., I guess 15 years. We were in college when first met, and we immediately connected. No surprise: I'm a Taurus. What should also come as no surprise is the fact that I took the initiative in the sex department and managed to totally freak him out. I didn't understand (then) how my sexual confidence could generate this kind of a response from someone who was at least interested enough to ask me out several times.

We were off and on for a number of years. He always grew distant after any particularly intense sexual/emotional encounter. It was like he'd pull away as soon as we got comfortable enough to really connect and enjoy one another. In response, I'd become frustrated, demanding, dramatic... In other words, I'd unwittingly drive him away. But he'd always come back after a few months. It was like he couldn't stand to be away from me, but also totally uncomfortable with me. For me, the connection and attraction was overwhelming and impossible to suppress. I was always willing to give it another try.

Eventually, though, I made a commitment to another man -- a Pieces with whom I consistently share immense joy and laughter. The decision to abandon the romantic relationship with the Virgo was traumatic, but I was still young and lacking the perspective that comes with age. I had become convinced that the Virgo just wasn't that into me. The Virgo and I remained friends for a couple years, and then one day, while we were working on a project together, he abruptly asked me to leave, to go home. At first, I was incredulous. It was so sudden and (seemingly) unprovoked. When I realized he was serious, I was distraught. He ceased all communication with me for several years.

After a few cross-country moves, he reconnected with me via an email that included (only) a picture of me at my wedding. When we moved on to words, there was some initial arguing (over a period of about six months), but we eventually renewed our friendship. He said that he regretted how he had behaved toward me in the past. For several years, I didn't really understand what that meant.

Five years ago, we ended up living in opposite corners of the same state. We began visiting each other semi-annually, became friends with one another's partners, deepened our connection. The attraction has deepened as well. I came to realize that pretty much everything in the past that I saw as disinterest, selfishness, or cruelty in the Virgo was actually the result of his fear of his feelings about me and his frustration with my inability to understand and respect them. When I developed the self-esteem to see myself as a worthwhile human being, I was able to stop ignoring the obvious fact that this isn't a case of unrequited infatuation. As my self-confidence has grown, so has my confidence in the Virgo and in my relationship with him -- and this has clearly led to him being increasingly playful with me.

This is all very frustrating, of course, but it is also something wonderful. In some ways, we're at an impasse because neither one of us is interested in dissolving our existing partnerships with others. In other ways, though, our love for one another brings us tremendous pleasure and comfort. What's really amazing is how our partners respect for this thing between us and how we respect each other's partners' roles in our lives. And this is probably the most certain indication of the depth of the love and commitment present.

This is all to say, patience and self-confidence are a must when dealing with Virgo men. Showing them your trust and confidence in them (in spite of their skittishness and emotional reserve) is key in getting them to feel loved. Don't give up prematurely on Virgo men. There a lot going on there that they don't share -- often because they don't know how. The saying "still waters run deep" couldn't be more true about Virgo men.

Oh my gosh, the writer who has left the first message! oh my gosh. I am a Taurus who is let say has the curse of the Virgo man, ever man I fall for, swoon for...end up being a blooming Virgo. It's strange as I never meet a Capricorn which is the most strongest compatibility. The first Virgo man felt like love/ interest/ intrigue/ infatuation at first sight. The on off relationship went on for at least 13 years, dropping in and out of each others lives. Every time he hurt me, it would pass, then after a while we would link up again. Sadly there were other reasons we couldn't be together and haven't spoke for nearly 3 years.

Now Virgo man number 2, in honesty I would never be so open to say. I want to be wholeheartedly mine.

It's been 18 months since we met. At first a friend suggested he like me after seeing me on a social network site. how lame I thought he doesn't know me, but..... ironically we met 1 year later crazy.

We met for a date in the park by the lake and instantly hit of off. If I was honest I was confused that I hadn't met anyone that gripped my attention for many years and he did it in 2 hours sitting talking.

Annoyingly by the 3rd date we slept together which made me feel unequivocally amazing. If I was honest I regret that but you can't live with regrets.

we dated for around 3 months, and then it fizzled out, but for the last 18 months we kept in touch every month, if it was a quick sms to say hi or a message to say hope you are doing well.

Only recently I admitted I have wanted him all this time and he was shocked, thought I wasn't interested!! I was cool, composed and didn't flirt! me, I thought I was too flirty, men are very attracted to me womanly alluring a typical Taurus Woman.

Now we are in a bind, as the story always goes he is in a relationship, but now he knows I have feelings for him he says he is questioning it, as he doesn't think about her for the rest of his life. I am an extremely patient person and will only wait if the relationship dissolves, but can't help think if Virgo men are loyal, I will just be a candidate mistress like I am with other men I always end up wanting. This Taurus Woman is always a potential mistress to a man never a potential Mrs.

The self confidence, the straight to the point attitude just seems to scare all of them off. !!!!

Hey I'm a 19 year old Virgo man, dating a Taurus woman. Both of the two comments above have some similarities with my relationship. I sometimes feel like she doesn't want to have deep emotional talks. I really hate flirting, yet she always flirts. When I try to have like just a romantic talk, she always ends up wanting to have sex! Of course I can't say no! She always tells me she loves me, but I don't know what to do anymore. Some advice would be greatly appreciated!


Virgo man here (34 yrs old). To the poster above, where's the problem? She doesn't want to have romantic talks she just wants to have sex? Lol.. I wouldnÂ’t be arguing personally! If there's one lesson i've learned as a virgo over the years, it's don't over think everything you can suck all the fun out of life. Learn to roll with it, and enjoy her!

One month ago I met a Virgo man. Friends had set us up on a date as they thought we would hit it off. We did. We have barely been out of each others sight since. Ive never quite felt like this before but I expect to feel like this for the rest of my life with him.

I am a Taurus women and has taken interest in a Virgo man. This Virgo man claims he likes me but we don't move forward. When we first met each other we hit it off and were very comfortable with each other. We flirt a lot with each other but we have never kissed and its driving me crazy. People think that we are going out\ talking. Why won't Virgo move forward?

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I'm a Taurus woman and my Virgo boyfriend and I was love at first sight. Except a few weeks later her started telling me how sexy women were and he was just a bi flirt. We argue everyday

im a Taurus women dating a Virgo man for 6 months everything was great in the beginning and now I feel as if he's changed he tells me there's nothing wrong with watching women dancing sexy in a music video! now we just fight everyday he gets jealous of me but he hates it when I get jealous I just don't get someone help me understand?

Married 20 years to a Virgo man, divorced him at 18 yrs and remarried him on our 19th anv. now divorcing him again. They are very complicated men expecially if they had a hard childhood their mid life crisses can last a long time. I'm a Taurus woman, now single at 48 yrs. old. I keep meeting Virgo's I don't ever care to be with one again, I love emotional connection type talks and he hated them. chemistry and sex was always great,his career was his # 1 priority just a bit above our family, I never liked that, but understood. I totally loved this man with my whole soul and he broke my heart into. I'm a Taurus I'm strong. But I would like to meet a few compatable men like capricorns, cancers, scorpio's meet a couple peices to different of personallitys for me.

My first boyfriend was a Virgo.. I was so naturally happy in the relationship. This specific Virgo had qualities I wish I could find nowadays. He was terribly witty and sarcastic, smart but secret about it, modest, and honest. He never fed me bullshit and I was always, even after we broke up, really attracted to him. The thing is, I don't think they like commitments. Or so it seems like. He ran away fast, with no reason. Some Virgo guys I know always cheat on their girlfriends, too. I wish I could figure them out. They always seem perfect to me, in. a very realistic, down-to-earth way.

how can I know that my Virgo man likes me?

Deep, broad-spectrum attraction. But, it never works, because Virgo men can't open up. So, they flee. Then come back. Then flee. And cheat. And feel bad about it. It's all about opening up, and they can't muster it for you, even if they can bring incredible energy to their job or to a perfect stranger. Too heartbreaking.

My best friend, a Virgo guy, for whom I always had a soft corner, indirectly asked me to marry him, a few weeks back, he said he had these feeling for me for quite sometime back but didn't have the courage to say so. I was actually 3 months away from my marriage to an Aquarian guy. After hearing all this, my attraction for him grew and I cancelled the marriage...Now it seems the Virgo guy has no time for me to say anything...a if he vanished into thin air...He resurfaces sometimes for an occasional Hi! and Hello buddy! but it seems it doesn't understand my feelings for him.

My best friend, a Virgo guy, for whom I always had a soft corner, indirectly asked me to marry him, a few weeks back, he said he had these feeling for me for quite sometime back but didn't have the courage to say so. I was actually 3 months away from my marriage to an Aquarian guy. After hearing all this, my attraction for him grew and I cancelled the marriage...Now it seems the Virgo guy has no time for me to say anything...a if he vanished into thin air...He resurfaces sometimes for an occasional Hi! and Hello buddy! but it seems it doesn't understand my feelings for him.

My first experience with a Virgo was in Highschool, we started off as friends and then I didn't even know I had feelings for him until I found out from my friends whispering and keeping a secret that he was going to ask me out. Me, being a somewhat introverted Taurus.. immediately started avoiding him because I realised I had feelings too and wasn't sure if I was ready (you've got to love our slow to love attitude haha) and after 2 months of fluttering around each other and him being super persistent, we got together. We were very happy, he is still now the best boyfriend I've ever had.. attentive, sweet and all around the perfect boyfriend and that scared the hell out of me.. I didn't know it at the time cause I convinced myself that I had lost feelings for him but looking back I was just scared of having so much commitment and knowing that one day he could potentially break my heart. (so weird cause I was so young)

Anyways, we always had a strong unspoken connection and it seemed like we could always be ourselves together.. We got back together a year later and I broke up with him again, this time I wasn't sure why but I could see that I shouldn't bother him anymore because I would never be good for him. I dated a Pisces after him for 10 months and it was never good enough and after we broke up. Me and Virgo ended up trying to hit things off and right when it was good.. I backed off and let him down again. I dated a Scorpio for 4 years and while we had a break for 8 months.. I met another Virgo..

If I had of met him at a better point in my life and DEFINATELY his too, I really think he could have made it but as always, I find myself pushing away Virgo's because they are too good to me. I went back to my Scorpio boyfriend of 4 years (who I have a very long history with) which broke his heart and we haven't spoken since.

All in all, I think Virgo and Taurus have such a strong connection but strange one that it scares the hell out of them both and repel but then again, we're like magnets.. always end up coming back. Would have been 2 very good relationships given the right mentality, maturity and timing.

Is that just me who thinks it or am I the only weird Taurus?

I am myself a Virgo male.

Yes Its right we Virgos can be quite confusing at times. The trick to us Is patience, and sometimes lots of it. This Is only do to the fact we spend so much of our time analysing all the details; Its steams from our perfectionist complex, and since the only way one can truly be perfect Is not to make any mistakes right?

Well this can become a problem for our partner or potential partner, simply because we must weigh whether or not theres any risk of us being hurt emotionally investing ourselves into that one partner/relationship.

Are emotions are very important, we need security, we need trust, and in return these same qualities we will give them back ten-fold. We are extremely devoted, and love to serve; but we do not like being treated unkindly or made an unwilling slave. Honesty and straight-fowardness we adore, we detest rudeness.

Now with the actual rare cases where a Virgo ever uses manipulation, and deceite, only means that this particular Virgo has yet to wise and mature. As virgos causing pain and hurt are things that we may try forget about in the present, but due to our superb ability when It comes to memory will always cause us to be haunted by those same actions in the future.

Virgo men are very secretive, hard to understand and they will never express how they feel. I am a Taurus woman talking to a Virgo man and I am very confused. He barley calls me but when we are together we have such a beautiful time. He is very hard to understand and I do not know how he feels about me. I am very impatient and feel like I need to move on with my life. I really don't know what to do!

I'm 20yr Taurus Woman and talking/dating a 32yr Virgo Man. I know its a big age difference but I just can't help. We started off as friends talking on occasion. We had known each other for about a year and half. Then one day he had told my friend that he wanted to talk to me, I had always thought he was cute :). Since I knew that he was intrested everytime I would see him we would talk more and more, then one day we had exchange numbers. He had my munber for a month and I never really heard from him and then one day after leaving the club with some friends he had hit me up. We had chilled and talked for an hour. That hour felt like the best hour and my life we just connected so well and I was drawn to him physical and emotionally. After that we started chilling on a regular out to eat, shopping, movies, and clubbing. When I wasn;t busy with my kids, work, or school I wanted to spend every min of my life with him. The sexual chemistry had was so amazing. After awhile I could sense that he was pushing me and I couldn;t figure out why. Everytime we was together it was so much fun and I was so happy. At the times he would push me away I would freak out and ask him why he was doin that but he could never really explain it. Sometimes I felt like I was there for the moment with him. Then I started to do research his sign and it gave me all the answer I had never been one to read into astrolgly signs until now and everything is starting to make since on why he acts like that and its because they are scared to show emotion and they don't want to get hurt. He hates talking about love and me im the type that conversation like that make me close to someone. Now that I know why he does what he does I try not to over react because I know that pushes him away foreal and also the more he trys to push away I know he is just loving me more and more. Right now we are good and im hoping and praying that he let me in and stop letting me and and then pushing me out. But im so glad that I figured him out because now im way more patience with him but for us to work out he has to meet me half way. LOVIN MY Virgo MAN !!!!

I'm a Taurus female. I dated a Virgo back in college. He was extremely cheap and complained each time he had to do me a favor. The sex was great and he had a great sense of humor. But I needed more. I told him I wanted to see other people, and eventually weened him off. Virgos are weird. Pisces men are better!

I am a Taurus woman. And have 2 kids by a whorish Virgo. We have been on and off for about 12yrs. When we 1st meet he started of with a lie. There is one thing about VIRGO's they are very handsome and can sweet talk the pants off of you. They love a strong person in their corner. But they have trust issues they do not open up. You have to guess or just know how they are. Virgo men love us Taurus but can't control us beeing so forward and telling them what we want so they feel threaded. They want to keep you around but still want to play. They always on the look out for something else but can get over a Taurus vibe. You can have a Virgo man but only if you have 20-30years give.

I am a Taurus woman 26 years of age. I met my Virgo man at age 13 and he was 15. He was the love of my life. Always showered me with gifts and I never had to come out of my pocket for anything. We dated on and off mainly because he kept going to jail. I always promised to wait on him and while he was locked up I would have another boyfriend on the side. When he was released from jail, I would always break it off with them to get back with my Virgo. We had our relationship until I was about 18. Then he went to jail for 7years and I just couldn't wait that long. I compared everyone to him since. Even though he used to cheet on me all the time and was a little rough, he always somehow made me feel special and loved me like I was the only one.

A few days ago I found him on facebook. I got butterflies just from seeing his picture. All the memories of the good times came back and the bad times didn't seem all that bad anymore. We were young, we didn't know what we were doing. So I sent him a friend request with the hopes that he had forgotten me or he wouldn't respond. See this man was like my poison, anything he wanted me to do I would do. Well he responded and said he had been looking for me since he had been out and wanted to get together. I sent him my number and we talked for a few days and it felt so good to hear his voice, he sounds the same, I had a gigantic smile on my face through the whole conversation. Here I am 26y/o and still in love with the boy I met at 13. We will see what happens.

It freaking baffles me that every person here has mentioned their Virgo pulling away.. It happened to me too. My first boyfriend was a Virgo.. way back in 7th grade. Some people debate it doesn't count but I think it does. I genuinely liked him. He came across to me at the time so different from everyone else, he loved reading, being laid-back and somewhat shy, but when his humor came out, it was the funniest thing in the world to me. He was very witty and sort of a smart ass. I loved his intelligence. Not to mention, he was so cute and attractive to me. Two weeks later, he ended things, for no reason. We were young and immature, but I never got closure. The thing is, he wasn't a player, and still isn't. He didn't leave me for anyone else. It's not like we fought. I still wonder sometimes.. Did he leave because he was scared? As apparently this is a famous trait in Virgo men. It's never enough though.. we didn't stay friends. He has probably been the most baffling e and of relationships out of every one I've had. Hmm..

I'm a 22 year old Taurean woman and recently broke it off with a Scorpio (who are by far the best sexual partners for Taureans when it comes to passion!) to better get to know Virgo man who I just recently admitted to liking. He was shocked and said he'd always been distant with me because he didn't think I liked him. Another reason I did what I did is because, looking at my options, this Virgo man is the best choice in finding that stability I've needed for so long. (Scorpio just couldn't cut it. He was just good for the sex.) Now, this Virgo and I have known each other for about oh, 5 years? I've always liked him but never came forward because, back then, I would've only hurt him. I wasn't mature enough yet for him. (I've always been more mature than my peers, but didn't yet feel ready for him.)

And from reading the posts from other people, I guess I made the right choice in waiting? Now that I'm more mature, I believe I can handle his nitpickiness and slight neatness and give him the love and nuturing he needs. As well as that spark to ignite the fires of passion inside that Virgo men seem to extinguish from the time they're born. I really want someone I can depend on in all the earthly wants and needs that Taureans and Virgos share. I don't often see a long future with men as I am a much more light hearted Taurean who's hard to please and keep tied to one place. (I'm in the 3rd category of Taureans very close to the cuspus.) However, in all my relationships I look for that man I see a future with, and not even being with this man, I can say that I see that. I'm glad I got to hear other peoples' stories. They'll be helpful if ever we hit a rocky spot and lucky for this Virgo, I have the patience of a saint!!

Wish me luck. :)

All Taurus women deserve a great big hug for their patience.

Seeing as their Virgo men are probably not there to give you one.

I will say one thing for my Virgo man. That is he is the first man I've ever had in my life that is more man than me!

I like that HUGE! I'm hardheaded and can handle most anything life throws my way on my own. For me to ask for help is a disgrace to my nature. Move aside, I can do everything for you too. Virgo loves being pampered, food woes him into submission, always talk to your Virgo when he's had a full meal and if you can when he's not tired.

If that's possible with his 70 hour work week.

I met my guy in a bar, a bar I did not like. I was so out of there and upon leaving I saw him. That was 11 years ago. Little did I know the roller coaster ride from hell I was about to get on.

Crazy Train....

That first night I met him, we talked and I told him he could drive me home, which amused me because I never leave anywhere with a stranger. On the way to the car I ran behind another to throw up, bad draft ! He looked at me and said (and I remember this to this day) "Well maybe something is telling you to stay away from me if I make you that sick"

I should have listened then. He walked me to the door and we passed numbers and that was that. Kind of.. this went on for more then 3 months. And it rattled my soul in bewilderment. Was he ever going to make a move? Needless to say he kept returning and we did a lot of talking and laughing, but my self esteem was dive bombing everytime he left without so much has a hand shake. So I shut it down and so did he.

Nothing for months. Then voila! At my door and in the house and just caring on talking fast and than grabs me and slaps a big one on my lips. Then we off to the races, but all in slow motion which for this Taurus was very different. It was, how shall I say like a reincarnation. And that was that.

A Taurus women who does life all by herself generally only requires this level of intimacy, but Virgo will teach her

all about herself in ways she never thought possible.

Many very hard lessons, including any form of rejection or abandonment issues she may have. You see a Taurus loves the act of love. She than must face her inner demons to realize that she is still being loved for her all.

So I embraced him for his friendship during the dry times

and of course going about my life alone is a zero struggle until I was finding my self doubting his love and always thinking about every ort of any moment we had together.

Until finally I blew, most women who have left long long ago. And when a Taurus blows it's like a snow plow in a hot hell. Needless to say Virgo got in a few words and was out the door in probably fear for his personal safety.

He called once in a while. Nothing new, and that was all he had to give. I eventually just stopped answering his calls, what may have been easy for him, was actually destroying me, I didn't realize it at first, but when I realized my frustration, I let it be.

3 years later, and he's on the door step. It was like 3 years had dissolved into 3 minutes. Like a time warp I was wrapped into him and he into me. But the party dissolved into old habits and faded to black. This went on and off for 6 more years. The best thing is that I've learned to say my peace, me myself, enjoy the moment and leave well enough alone. Anyone may think that I am just playing by his rules, but actually I'm quite different and I like this

more assured self that I have become. Our relationship has matured like a fine wine, an acceptance and forgiveness.

We've lived our lives independently which we both admire.

Virgo is the Zen of Astrology. A friend a lover and someone that may never be there for the moment but when the moment strikes it'll be etched into their souls for eternity.

It is when Taurus the Strong allows her guard to drop and be taught a different path she becomes a whole person.

She knows the lessons she needs, she's incredibly smart.

If any Taurus is brave enough to come out of her pasture and walk in the sandy bare landscapes with a Virgo, she will be shown how to paint her own landscape.

If you think for a moment, if your Virgo was to die tomorrow what would you be feeling, you'd realize that you'd be more crushed than when he runs away for those seemingly tortuous moments, and eventually you will see them as just that, seemingly, for it will be only as a Zen master may say. I second in ones life.

Best wishes and kisses and love to all Virgo and Taurus.

Humanity never looked so good.

I love this guy so much with all my heart and the depths of my soul he means the abosulute world to me. I think he is meant for me I think were meant for each other I can feel it theres just one problem we wanna share our world and life together and be with each other seceretly but cant kus he's still with someone I cant stand it I hate it its driving me crazy he belongs to me and I belong to him I don't know what elese to do its like im stuck and so is he we care about each other to he's a really sweet guy and a major sweetheart I admire him bigtime and im madly in love with him and I love him to death I would sacrifice my life just to be his wife and just to be his I wouldnt care I love my baby I really do we hurt each other in ways we shouldnt have but no couple or married couple is perfect the past is in the past and we want a future together but how???? I just wanna make him happy and let him know that you have me forever forenterity and im not leaving you for nothing for anything you mean to much and im just scared thats all I mean that in the most sweetest nicest respectful way possible sometimes in the back of mind I feel like im never gonna good enough for him and that wats hurting me on the inside were in dis together I have my few share of lovers in my lifetime and so has he but he needs someone who loves me and wont leave him no matter what and I wannabe that woman! ima Taurus woman whos been heartbroken several times in and out of relationship like crazy and I just wanna be with one soulmate to have to hold and grow old with and be happy with and I wanna be with him ughhh I don't know what to do help me plz!!!!! I really do love dis man more then life itself

yeah, virgos can be an headache sometimes for Taurus especially the ones born in the second decans of virgo. i.e the sept 1 - 11 virgos. I read somewhere that they must be avoided by taurus.

they are usually slow and tend to be an enigma to taurus.

these might explain some of the issues faced by Taurus above

I may be young (16) but I do know enough about Virgos to just stay away. They're nice to look at, funny, kind, and amazingly supportive - but the emotional damage given in certain circumstances INVOLVING your relationship with them is simply unbearable.

Plus, most of the time they're super indecisive - one day they like you (flirting, always managing to be right next to you somehow or at least near somewhere,and whatnot) and then the next, you wind up being California and him New York; cold and distant.

Just plain weird...

I love my Virgo man--that is not up for debate. But I feel I can only get good sex out of him when I make it dirty. Then, I just feel awkward afterwards. I feel that he is ashamed to give/receive pleasure, so then I have to compensate for him by turning sex into something naughty/forbidden. But, I can't talk about sex with him, because that seems to be the only area of our relationship that we stubbornly disagree on. Whereas he thinks sex is all about having a connection (i think he's referring to a mental connection or emotional connection), sex to me is more about feeling pleasure and feeling that you deserve that pleasure, and it's good for you. But I sound like a cheap bitch when I say that to least that's the look I see on his face. I just wish he could understand that I feel emotionally closer to a sexual partner after the amazing sex, but I don't need to feel emotionally close to someone in order to initiate amazing sex--even though he might.

What the hell should I do? Every time I try to talk about it I end up hurting him. It seems like he would enjoy sex with scorpios better than he would with me. Sex for me is like...decadent food or exhilerating exercise--something you do during the day at the climax of the day so that the sun can still come out. It's not not not something I have ever felt ashamed of or felt I should control. Don't get me wrong, I like the dirty thing once in a while, but then sex turns into a technology (porn), and it loses its appeal to me.

Here I am a Taurus woman at the age of 25 and I have been dealing with my Virgo for all of 4 years. We met in middle school went throughout high school and barely said more than hello or how are you. Even back then in high school I can remember feeling very attracted to him. Years pasted we graduated and after 2years we meet up again in college. This time things are different we actually speak and mite I add he looked better than ever. Then eventually we trade numbers. After like a week of speaking its like we cant get enough of one another. I slept with him after like a week of chilling together which has never happend before. but for some odd reason I didn't feel like I had done anything wrong. Fast forward to the present here I am yerning for him to love and want me like I want him. Our once speaking everyday has turned into an almost once a month 1hour convo if that. I must admit when he was "ready and willing" I felt that he had some things to hadle ie. ex_ girlfriend. So I told him to handle that. But with in a year my how things change I got in a relationship and he had a baby on the way. So here we are he has a child and I am single but we just cant seem to get that connection back but its more on his end. I guess I ran him off and should have beleived him when he said he was truely over his ex. I see him once in a while and thats when he calls to say he misses me or just checking in on me. I love his son as if he were my own an he knows this, but still after all of this knowledge I give him still NOTHING. We have an amazing connection mentally physically...but I want more I want a relationship and he seems to be on Mars somewhere lol.

I`m currently dating a Virgo man. He seems very easy going, and simple. He loves affection. He`s sometimes a little distant, but he has no problem expressing his feelings for me. He makes known his heart for me. I think it takes maturity and patience to be able to deal with the Virgo personality. I think this looks promising so far. He`s wonderful. Good luck everyone :-)

I am a Taurus and my man is a Virgo and theres no way I would leave him or him me. we been dating for three years and have a child together and I promise you ladies you want a Virgo in you're life and by you're side. they r loving, supportive, lets just say they are the total package and I am 8 years older then my and soul, I never been as happy and comfortable as I am now.

Wow.. I have so much to say & I feel like I am in a room full of Me's right now.. Hehehe

I am 26 years old although I will be 27 mid May. I started dating this guy who is a Capricorn & omg I was used & abused & just somehow felt stuck... This guy had me believe that I would be nothing w. out him & that I will never find any other man that will "love" me like him. I has been over a year since I have seen him only because he is not able to be in US & I just refused to go back even though I did not cut him out completely. Throughout this time my girlfriends took me on a trip to Vegas & it was such a leberating trip for me. I just definitely been experiencing new great things since I have been home, but never met any guy, or showed any interest or allowed anyone to even say hi to me.. I know.. haha.. My friends actually ask me to be nice whenever we go out because I do not give any man the time of day & aside from my own nature I feel really hurt after the X & just didn't see life past it all.

Until during my girls trip I met this very handsome guy.. If ther e was a perfect; HE IS IT. Ladies let me tell U; he is amazing. He topped my x in every way & I never thought that would be possible. We only exchanged numbers at a pool party.. We did not hang out until a few months later.. I took my bestfriend to his apt & we just hung out for a couple of hours.. Did not hang out again or even talked really until 1 day he asked me if I would be interested to go camping with him. I had never been camping so my bestfriend & I; Him & his cousing & another couple went to Kern River in CA. It was sooo fun. It was my first camping trip & I absolutely loved it. I felt so close to him but so guarded & casual in my demeanor as was he. But we stil had a blast.. we probably text a few times & I really was sad for a while & finally I just gave up.. Almost 9 mos. later which was a few weeks ago I decided to text him. All my girlfriends have boyfriends & so that day I was really lonely.. hehee.. Other than my girlfriends I do not have guy friends or any male acquaintances. I do not believe in that. I feel that no man would ever be my friend as to most females. It is quite rare that there are true friendships between the opposite sex & or special circumstances. Anyway I got the courage to text him & I just jumped to what I felt & asked him if he wanted to hang out after the hi & how are Us.. He said ya come over.. I was soooooooooo happy.. I have never felt this way for no one before.. Yes I loved my X crazily but this Virgo man that I have been writing about is truly a real man in every way.. He "would" love me & all of me; I feel it. I went over.. we had such a good time & watched cartoons.. I opened up to him quite a bit & told him about myself in basics. He did not share much with me though.. I cannot say that he was being flirtaious with me but he was very gentle & comforting. I saw him again exactly a week later & we had even more of an amazing time.

It is COMPLETELY UNDESCRIBABLE if you know what I mean.. It has been such a big step for me to be at this point & actually feel again but since our last meeting I feel that he is being distant.. I was texting him a lot for a few days last week until I just could not do that to myself.. I was sooo confused, puzzled, our time together is amazing & he even says which I believe because he is so pure & I feel that in him.. I stopped texting him a couple of days ago but I was going nuts until earlier today when I decided to read about Virgo men & Taurus women.. you have no idea what a big difference it made in how I feel. It helps to read all of your posts & I do not feel alone. I know I have much to overcome myself within my own personal life especially with my newly found freedom & hope & faith again.. I love it & after the knowledge I have gained today about myself & this "perfect" Virgo man of mine, I believe that I will be fine. I definitely have a challenge on my hands.. but I believe that everything has a reason to it & maybe at this time this is the best for me.. He has made me realize so much more to myself in this past week.. I am excited for my newly found sight as well on life... Yall do not understand this Virgo man saved me from such a horrible scary situation that I did not see & was blinded for over 6 years..

I feel that this Virgo man is going to be my husband.. It is crazy but I just know it. Oh my gosh he melts my heart; & I have a feeling that I melt his <3

Whoever read my post; I hope that you take something from it like I have from someone else tonight.. I am HAPPY =D

I am a Taurus woman,how is in love with a Virgo man.I was just readding all your commits on here and was saying,that is my relastionship with my Virgo guy.I love him with all my heart,but have never actualy told him out loud.we get along so well when we are together,and even when we are apart.But the thing is he is verry hard to read sometimes.We have so much fun when we are together.We have the best talks and the intemese is very good like no other.Wecan spend hours on the phone with oneanother everydayfor like a month.Than out of the blue he just dissapears for like a 3months to a year.I get so upset with him.and say I hate him,but in my heart I love him and miss him so much.that when he calls or shows up at my house unexpectantly,I forget evrything that he has done to me and let him back in.Every night I dream about how are life would be if we were married to oneanother and say it would be perfect.Evry night when I close my eyes his face is the first face that I see.My eyes don't even have to be closed to dream or think about him.He is the only person that can make me so mad and feel so alone,buthe is also the only person that makes me so happy when I am with him.Its like when we are together,we see no other person.But I know taht when we are a apart,he is cheatting on me,because thats what Virgo men do they cheat on us Taurus and then come back to use after someone has hurt them.They do this because we alow them to.And we take them back because we are so forgiving and we love them so much that when the are not with us,we fill alone.I know just writting this letter on here right now I am thinking about all the stuff that he has done to me,but I know that if he were to call me right now or write to me right now and ask me out on a date or to marry him,I would because I love him so much.and I know that we are perfect for eachother,and me being a very soft herated tarus woman,in love with a workaholic somtimes there Virgo.I would take him back in a heart beat.over and over again as I already have,for 4 years.But thats what makes use tauruses woman,we are very emotional people who love strong willed men.and even if we try we can;t change are hearst when the fall in love with Virgo men.I will always love him,and his stubernes.I hope that one day he will finally get it through his head that we a perfect for each other and stops keepping everything inside and just calls and says I love you and always have lets get married.That I my dream that I have every night.From one Taurus woman in love with a stubern Virgo man,to another.

I'm a Virgo man. To the Taurus women on this board. You're not finding Virgos, you're finding trash men. Why do you go to meet people at bars anyway? That's so unclassy.

Anyway, the truth is, if you're Virgo doesn't say if he loves you or not, he's not worth your time. Believe me, there are Virgos out there that will just straight up tell you they love you (like me! =D).

If you really want to work at a relationship with a Virgo just give him time. Maybe he really is just too nervous to tell you he loves you. He's being a p-word, but whatever, people are stupid.

Common advice: Look for Virgos with fire signs in their family. I grew up with an Aries sister and she's really thought me to to relax and just say what you're feeling and to be straight forward.

Don't give up on us. There are good Virgos out there and finding us pays off.

I am Taurus girl (26) met three virgos (19, 31, 40) in my life and they seems attracted to me and try to control me all the time.. I like talking and sharing ideas, arguments and they got turned on through out the conversation somehow.

They are very moody, very impatient, had too much expectations and I had to battle them to leave me alone, but they just couldn't.. I never made my move but they did, and in sexual ways that I got scared and ran off...

i am totally fine with intellectual talks but never good with Romantic talks. (it seems like they were reading the movie scripts.. unrealistic)

virgos are complicated and stubborn, but as long as you keep them distant and move slow, they will plan the dates for you. Virgo men tend to enjoy the comfort and jokes, so play light.

Let them know that you are busy. Just do not focus on relationship too much. Don't try to control Virgo lover, enjoy your life and keep the relationship as 2nd option.

Reflect what they do to you and life can be easiler..

God, even though I was not looking or interested, as a Taurus woman, I was focused on business, but this Virgo customer made a point of showing up constantly until he got my number...we could talk about anything and seem to be on the same page about what we wanted in a relationship... after talking for several hours one night, he just threw me on the hood of his truck and that was it.

It felt like he was the perfect man. We were very sexually compatible and things were great until he knew he had me and flipped from being the best friend to the enemy who would accuse me of everything under the sun. As a Taurus woman, I was very devoted and loyal but it still didn't save the relationship.

We both liked good things in life and didn't mind working hard towards getting it, we would have been great business partners. However, the insecurities and emotional rolercoaster cause many verbal and physical altercations and it all ended in a very nasty divorce.

The love will always be there and it truly sucks that we couldn't get along, because when it was good it was great but being a Taurus woman, I value integrity, loyalty, respect, and honesty.... and that comes before anything!!!!

In love with a Virgo man but He doesn't want to be with me but also doesn't want to leave my house I know we belong together but because of my careless actions not really taking the relationship seriously he cheated on me though he will never express his feelings for me I know it runs deep want to when his heart back just wondering if its too late he loves my daughter and vows to never leave her even though she is not his .

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