Virgo man thanks to Capricorn women posters

As a male 19 year old Virgo I have a crush on a Capricorn woman since year 10. She was a very high achiever in high school and seems to be very popular. In unit now and it feels like she doesn't know I exist we are still normal friends though, but after reading most your experiences its like suddenly pieces of the puzzle start falling into place. Never knew I had a shot with a girl like that, its heavenly haha.

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Virgo man thanks to Capricorn women posters
by: Anonymous

Just finished reading all of the experiences on this site, I have only come across this site as I have been looking up information about Capricorn women.

Im a 21 year old Virgo and have meet a beautiful 25 year old Capricorn, we seemed to have 'clicked' over a period of 7 days. I was in a relationship with an Aquarius at the time, I have been slowly been paying ALOT of attention to her. She is heavenly! I have never been with a Capricorn before but within 7 days of meeting her was hungry for her. I know she felt the same because she showed it in a balanced way.

I ended up getting a slap on the face from the Aquarius but it was worth it! I feel ridiculously attached to her. She gives it back with PASSION!

Only one thing scared me about reading these blogs, someone wrote that this relationship is excellent physically only. I would like to announce that's 100% false.

I know that I have found my nest to grow now, and communication is the best way to keep the boat floating honestly! Virgo man and Capricorn female does work, im living it now.

I have never committed to someone so much but she has drive that I adore, and will do what it takes to keep that beautiful smile shining.

Why? 1: The sexual love + I cannot get enough. 2: Capricorn can be so caring and warm. 3: Her comfort and leading personality. I just want to push her higher and higher every time.

Thank you Capricorn

Virgo man thanks to Capricorn women posters
by: Anonymous

I am a Capricorn, woman and sooo in love with a Virgo Man, I read the blog above me, the Virgo man of 21, how sweet you say that about your Capricorn lady. This is one of the very things that has drawn me to my Virgo man. They are just so charming, honest and sweet. There is so many things I adore about my Virgo man he is so strong and understanding. I do wish you two only the very best and to all here as well. Thank you Virgo

In love with Virgo Man
by: Capricorn Women

I wish my Virgo man would do the same! I have loved him since year 4! (8 years old) we are both 25 years old now. Saw him on Chrissy eve in town after I broke up with my fiance of 5 1/2 years (Virgo too, also we are best mates so nothing bad there :o) we met up after Christmas at our old meeting point (the beach) and had a good old laugh. Then NYE he msgd me asking if I was coming back to our suburb. Sure enough I did. We got close that night and it was the best night of my life! Now he has gone back to Perth WA... I miss him so much but he never msgs me. And I KNOW he likes me! I have known that since year 4! I feel such a strong positive connection with him! First he says he is looking for a GF then after he said it wouldn't work between us but he'll msg me when he is back home (visitng his family in a few months time) I am willing to wait as I just come out of a very long relationship. I just wish he'd do something soon. I have waited for him for so long now. I want to make him happy!

Capricorn girl, still friends with Virgo ex
by: Anonymous

This Virgo guy, he is my classmate.. At first i ddnt care abt him, he looked aloof and wasnt regular in classes, and i was like "what a lazy bum!".. And as u knw, CAppies admire hard-working guys ;)

But twist of fate, we fell in the same group for a project, and like some of Virgo/Caps related above, we became real close.. Little by little, feelings started to grow inside of me, bt i refused to accept..We went to hell and back cz he once told me to stop talkin to him, and tht he dsnt wana be friends anymor.. That hurt me, and fr the 1st time in my life, i cried in front of a guy.. I really ddnt wana lose him...

Then we agreed to remain friends and all.. Until one night, we were talkin on the phone, and i tld him that i love him, and he responded positively with a suprising "I love you too".. OMG, tht time, i felt my whole world bloom!

Unfortunately, he loves playing around, and now ther is an Aquarius girl in his life.. We broke up bt decided to remain friends.. To be honest, i miss him... I wish we could spend more time alone together, like we used to... I miss his laughter, his presence, his wits... All of that...

How hard can someone fall? Oh dearest Virgo, i wish you would come back to me...

Capricorn Woman Considering Virgo Man
by: Anonymous

I am a Capricorn (Sun), Sagittarius (Rising), Libra (Moon), with only one or two other earth signs in my birth chart. I don't seem to be an atypical Capricorn (I'm not good with money, not good with goals, but I definitely have Saturn hovering over me. I seem more like a Libra with Capricorn and Sagittarius traits (go figure). I never dated a Virgo man before.

Except a one-year affair with a Capricorn man (who was controlling, self-centered and "not" generous), I never dated another earth sign again. Now, I am considering giving a Virgo a shot. Probably because he feels protective and supportive and I am a little emotionally vulnerable right now and dreaming that someone will rescue me but then my Capricorn side kicks in and says, "you can't depend on others so rescue yourself!" (lol). I realize compatibility not only depends on the Sun sign but the positions (stations at birth) of other planets in comparison with each other.

I have a Virgo niece but she's extremely argumentative, sneaky, sarcastic, and controlling. I do not enjoy being around her at all. I'm afraid my Virgo man will turn out like my niece in many respects. I am torn between waiting till I am less vulnerable and start dating on an equal footing or not starting anything with him at all. I am open to suggestions?

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