Virgo men aren't prudes!

by Amber
(Charleston,SC, USA)

I was with a virgo man for a wonderful six months! I know that seems quite short, but I decided that I was going in a different place than he was, and it was better for us to be apart. Which is a testament to how incredibly understanding he is, because he was so good about it, he knew exactly where I was coming from.

Anyways, so the sex is obviously a very important matter, and it was awesome! At first he liked things slow and sweet, but then once the relationship progressed, he was open to more of the fast, rough type(which i prefer greatly.)

He wasn't very vocal at first either, but that too changed quickly, probably after about four times of sleeping together. He became very encouraging and passionate beyond anything I have experienced!

I am only 23, but I have always been very free spirited when it comes to my sexuality, and he became the same way, with a little persuasion. Always respectful, and never very comfortable with initiating (which was not an issue), but once it began, very enthusiastic! I was with an Aquarius for a very long time, and he never satisfied me like my Virgo.

I am pursuing yet another Virgo currently, goodness, and hes lovely! Wish me luck! By the way, I am a Pisces moon, Capricorn Asc, Venus in Scorpio! Hope this was helpful, and good luck to all ladies lookin for a Virgo Guy, they are fabulous!!

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