Virgo men relationships with Libra women

I am a Libra woman with Virgo rising and Aries moon and I'm a fire snake. So, I give deep thought to my idealistic thinking, am flexible while in a relationship with my partner, can be pretty intense at times, can be really narrow-minded and stubborn, very private, insecure, passionate, affectionate, sexual, caring, although not all that compassionate (Aries side) incredibly warm-hearted, but cool calculating/shrewd when I feel threatened, playful, and most of all, I'm a home-body who is clingy and protective of the man I want and adore. Basically, there is always a lot going on in my head and heart. I guess typical of a Libra, but to the third degree. :P

When I saw this section of the site, I was indeed interested. I have also sniffed the trail of a Virgo man. While I've been reading up on the compatibility between a Virgo man and Libra woman, all I've encountered are negative experiences. Surely, not ALL of those experiences could have been completely negative, or there would not have been a relationship, or marriage, or even dating for that matter. And, no offense, I'm just plain old tired of Virgos playing the "good" guy and the victim when it comes to being in a relationship with a Libra. Thus, slinging enough mud to build a condo. And, I'm sick of Libras saying that Virgos are a huge pain in their asses. Get it together folks. lol There is so much to be learned and gained from each other as you are BOTH changeable signs.

Personally, I think it IS possible for Libra woman and Virgo man to at least leave an intimate situation, without duking each other out for the winning ticket, or slandering each other. Virgo men-Know that mental/emotional power games ran on your partner as tests will not prove you're trustworthy to Libra women. It has nothing to do with her personal strength or weakness, or even the fact that you have the audacity to try and pick her apart. Simply put, your findings may not be accurate because the Libra woman is now withdrawing from you...she just can no longer trust you. Sounds familiar? And, that's unfortunate, since Libras are one of the most trusting signs. She has the power to turn every one of your suspicions of her into suspicions against you. Just be yourself and respect her for who she is-not what you would like her to be. You're practical, but be realistic when dealing with Libra women.

Libra women (clingy or not)-Know that your Virgo man is just as fickle in his emotions as you. He is not a love god. You're not given enough credit, but secretly you're very realistic. Justice takes a sharp realistic approach. Sometimes you scare yourself with realism. Try being practical instead. They're just men who needs you too. The only difference is that his mutable nature affords him the ability to hide his thoughts and emotions better than you. Doesn't make you less for your openness in any way. If anything, your Virgo man admires the fact that you can freely express your feelings and thoughts. The honesty definitely helps build loyalty between you two.

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continued - part 2
by: Anonymous

Unfortunately, rather than deal with the clash between his thoughts and emotions (because he isn't superman...he has them) he will prefer to make a terrible decision and live with it. Often times, at your expense. Either let the real feelings you have for him keep you hanging on with conviction, but on the side, or do what you think is the "right" thing. That will be your ultimate decision and it will help you deal with your own mind and emotions. The fatal mistake you can make is to deny to yourself his decision making. Whether he means it or not, he has made his decision. Also, understand that he doesn't understand you at all and is beating himself up trying. Awww, I love this...they're so cute when they're at work analyzing. He CARES. Just SLOW DOWN...take a break, make lots of time for him. They don't like clinginess, but LOVE attention. Try figuring that one out.;) Here's an example. After my daily text messages, or IMs have slowed or stopped, he will slowly send a messag e with the thought of "I know I'm getting myself into something here, but WHAT'S GOING ON???" "She's always pestering me, so....????":P Respect him for HIS inconsistencies also. He has a lot swirling around in that super-sized brain and heart of his.

I personally think Libra and Virgo get a kick out of each other. They enjoy analyzing each other and finding out more and more. They can only teach each other things that no other sign can, because they are a reflection of the other's imperfections. Also, what I adore about a Virgo man is that once he comes into contact with a Libra woman, he can be extremely attracted AND attractive and they don't mind showing it. They're so hot and totally seductive. If things are not taken out of context or too seriously, Virgo man and Libra woman really can be the best of friends if not anything more. They both need to learn not to forget how they truly feel and what they truly think for one another in the presence of others or when it comes to business/home matters.

Virgo man... I'm a pretty conservative Libra woman when it comes up to sex and money. Um, help your Libra woman handle her money and sex. lol Sex is not our expertise no matter what is said about it. Libra woman is like a turned-on non-moving vehicle. She will be ready to please you, but is unsure of her own pleasures. Hit her hot spots like only you can and watch her go! Er, Libra woman...handle everything else.*snicker* If you are a more submissive Libra, don't be fooled...he secretly likes it. Just try to keep your dominant side in check while he's leading. don't don't have to let him just trample you, but I don't think he will unless his rising, moon, etc signs completely conflict with yours. This is what I have learned from my growing experience with a Virgo man.

To Libra
by: Anonymous

My goodness! Someone said,"Libra turned on like a non moving vehicle." Heh,heh.. I believed Libra is very similar to Virgo. Not an expert of sex but yes, we are good in calculating and handle the business with economy-money. We are socialize in the public more than Scorpio. Sex is another page-not that too important. Sex makes you look old, drains all the energy you have, lol. Virgo.

YES Virgo and Libra
by: soulmate

there are no words to describe the sweet love and passion my Virgo man and i Libran , share.

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