Virgo men trouble expressing their feelings

Sounds like all us Capricorn women fall hard for Virgo men. The only thing I find frustrating is their difficulty in verbally expressing their feelings. However they make up for it physically. The sex is always outstanding. Very happy with my Virgo man. Just one question though do any of you caps at times feel intimidated by the Virgo's High Standards? As a cap mine are too, but not in the same degree. Or maybe it's just in the way that we achieve those standards that are different. Always something to figure out with a Virgo!

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virgo show and not tell
by: venus

I am a Capricorn woman who is engaged to a Virgo man. He also has a hard time expressing his feelings verbally but he has NO problem showing me how he feel. He is the most thoughtful considerate caring man I have ever dated!

Capricorn dated the righ Virgo man.
by: Anonymous

Capricorn, you dated the right person. Virgo will be your best mate in a long term in relationship; he will gives all of his Loves and cares for you; this guy is very responsible, honest, loyal to his best lover also very intelligent and fair judgment. I believe that you will treat him right. If he is mad, he never express a word just keep it for himself; seems he is look like a teacher in his personality trait; he shows rather than telling what to do; in sort, he is not a controller or a complainer. He is a good husband and father with lots of understanding. I love the fact ,Virgo is very clean which I mean in languages such as dirty words. You are so lucky girl. I'm Libra; my boyfriend is Virgo- symbol is the Virgin. Who is better than the Virgin?? Lol... I hope there is no one not even a Mr. Scorpio,cant compare, ha...In sex, Virgo is wild and the Best of the best ever!! Lol, lol... His love is Gentle, sensual, and Subtle; he just shy at first; when he know you better, oh my god!! You can depend on Virgo, 100% plus. Go for Virgo, girl! He is your hope.

So incompatible
by: Libra Woman

I dated a Virgo man for 2 years and as a Libra woman, who is extremely lovable and affectionate, it was very difficult to be with a man who didn't know how to show he loved me. I tried to teach him and try to show him what I would like him to do and he would just sag that it's just not him to express his feelings, and it was very hurtful and affected our relationship a lot because I expected all the love I was showing in return and it never happened. Besides that we were just very different and didn't know how to work through our differences and we had to end our relationship.

virgo guys
by: cap girl

omg i'm a capricorn too and it seems like i always end up liking virgos they are just soo much more mature and i always have the same opinions as them its like a match made in heaven ;)

im stucked with a virgo
by: Cap girl

i have been in love with this virgo guy for almost 4 and a half years now,he knows that i have thing for him..but we never spoke before.I caught him staring at me so many times and smiled at me twice...and after 3 months of college break,he went cold..and i did texted him and also added him on fb but rejected ma reqand nvr replied my texts.His friends are also my friends,they said he never dated anyone and never talks about relationship evn with his friends.Im actt clueless on what should i do,but my feelings for him has grown,im helpless!

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