Virgo Men usually mean and nitpicky?

by Kyllian
(Atlanta, Georgia, USA)

I like this virgo guy very much, and we've had our moments. Problem is, past summer, and the start of late August onwards, he's suddenly mean.

He doesn't do this to anyone else. But he makes sure to make a snide remark on how I do something.
He's kicked me out of a busseat so he could sit there before o.0

He's found something sarcastic or teasing to say when he's nearby and I'm talking to someone else. He butts in, and HAS to say something. He's even picked on the color of my shorts once.

That's just a few to begin with lol but I dont want to bore anyone by getting into it.
Is this normal for a Virgo? what does it mean?
Does it mean (and I promise, I havent done anything) that he hates me?

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virgo men
by: Anonymous

They can be and they can be a bit moody as well. When that happens just leave them alone and they will be fine later. It also depends on what arguements you guys had in the past. They do hold grudges too.

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by: Anonymous

Hi. I am married to a Virgo. Yes, he can be extremely critical. But, that doesn't mean they hate you. In my research on Virgo men, I have read that their intentions are to "make you as perfect as they are," and they do it because they love you...believe or not. They criticize you to "help you be perfect." If they didn't care...they wouldn't criticize you. Strange, but true. When I learned this, it was so much easier for me to put up with his critisisms. Take it lightly, and try to have a sence of humor. For example, sometimes I reply to him with a "genuine" smile or chuckle, "Yes, dear, thank you for bringing that to my intention.." He usually smiles back, or elaborates a little, in a joking way. Hope this is helpful. Virgos are beautiful people.

Strange but true
by: Anonymous

It's strange to us who experience their mood swings and /or nitpicking...cause it can come across as callous, abrasive and insensitive...and they can certainly dish it out, but can't take any form of constructive criticism, joking or callousness what-so-ever..but are more than willing to serve it up!

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