Virgo who is confused by leo man

I knew this Leo man for five years. When we first started talking, we had a strong connection, even though we continued to talk to other people. I knew for sure that he likes me and I like him, but we never spent time together in person. He says that he is busy a lot. After a year of talking, he finally asked me out. The only problem was that cuz I felt like we were moving too slowly (e.g., never spent time together), I decided to go out with my ex boyfriend. He seemed really hurt after I told him, but we continued to be friends. Every time we would talk on the phone, he would continue to ask me questions about my current boyfriend and our relationship (that was all he wanted to talk about), as if he was jealous. We lost contact with each other for a while. Now I'm single. We started talking again, about a year ago, but he still is acting the same way. He still is moving extra slow. We have yet to spend real time together. He talks like he likes me but will take initiative. He talks like he likes me, but won't show me. Every time I ask him how he feels about me he won't tell me. Every time I decide to forget about him, and leave him alone, he contacts me again. He has me confused. I really do like him, but I can't take this confusion anymore. Does he want me or not? Is he acting like a typical Leo? Should I cut him off completely?p.s. he knows that i have options and talk to other people, but also knows that he is my first selection.

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