Virgos are amazing men

by Anonymous

I have been seeing a virgo man for about a month. I know it is not a long time, but it has been great. I have known him for about five months, even though I was very interested in him the first time we met. I did not make any moves. He approached me about a month ago out of the blue and we started talking more, then he came over to my place and I literally lost it and we ended up kissing for hours. Yes we have had sex and it is great, he a very a passionate man.
I have read up on the virgo sign and one has to be very patient with this man. I am a cancer and we have the tendency to really get our feelings hurt quick, I am trying to not sweat it if I don't hear from him for a day or two. A Virgo man also comes off as being short at times, however that is far from it. They really care a lot and they just take their time. Most of all don't pressure them. They analyze everything, they live in their minds and once you understand that all is ok.
Best of luck with your virgos.

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