Virgos love sex, if you...

by Virgo girl

I'm a Virgo woman in my 20s with a Pisces moon, and I have to say, the part about Virgo's sex drive and style do not fit. For one, I love making the first move! I initiated the kissing and the bedding with my two ex's and my current boyfriend. One was a Scorpio, one a Leo, and one an Aquarius. Something about subverting expectations, shattering that screen of anticipation and energy right before the act, and gleaning the look of awe and adoration in my partner's eyes really fire me up. And then I love coming back for seconds. Aquarius is a bit too acrobatic and experimental for my tastes, but he does spend a long time pleasing me first so it's all good.

This is not to say I'm not a typical Virgo; it's just that this description is obviously not written by a Virgo because our sexuality is not black and white, prude or vixen. For instance, to get me to act like I did, the man must meet certain conditions...

1) Earn my trust and understand me. I need to have shared a trusting friendship with him, and significantly, have shared amazing conversations before I feel the intense impulse to jump them :)

2) Don't be a slop. Clean up your space or take me to a clean and charming one, and please, shower with shower gel (I can sniff it and tell the difference), comb your hair, trim your nails, and tie your shoelaces neatly. Yes, my brain is a radar that picks up the smallest wrinkles and dusts... all signs that something is going awry in the world and I cannot relax and let out my inner passions until such flaws have received my attention.

3) Be courteous and sweet. If you can help it, as my crafty Leo ex did, pretend like your patience will outstretch mine. And then I could not wait to spring into action because otherwise I buckle from all the anticipation and sexual energy surging through me.

There you've got it. None of my friends would have guessed that I could be so daring and impulsive but deep down I know that all this nervous energy really need to be channeled through some powerful means :) Good luck!

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You're the exception not the norm
by: Anonymous

Probably the position of your other stars affects you in this regard, because as a Virgo man I found this article spot on.

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