Virgos love sex

by Christine
(New Mexico)

I am a Virgo as are many of my close friends. This article makes it sound as though Virgos are prudish. This is not the case. We are "discreet" two completely different things. Virgos are very discerning, picky and of course meticulously neat and clean - I have never had a complaint about being well groomed. We expect the same. Once a good shower and shave are achieved, along with a safe level of trust, Virgos are very passionate and satisfying lovers, as by nature, we love to please (we are perfectionists). Virgos however do not understand why it would be necessary to introduce strange things into a sexual relationship (drama, weird toys, third parties, etc.) how can sex ever get that boring?

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by: Anonymous


Not broring
by: Anonymous

I am a Virgo male and I absolUTELY OBject to anyone ever saying that Virgos are or can be boring in bed.
I for ONE KNOW that my desire to completely go beyond just merely satisfying my lover, drives me to be perfectly willing to abandon the traits that make the stereotypical so called " boring" Virgo lover, and do WHATEVER it takes to make damn SURE that the experience is unparalleled and leaves its mark for a good LOONG time.
And as far as wondering how can sex get boring and why the need to introduce anything from outside....hell YES it can get STUPId boring.. not everyone has sexual chemistry, but when you do have it....beyond just the amazing sex itself, the desire to expand the experience and make it even more mind blowing, makes you totally willing to introduce those things.
You have to be secure with it though.. who YOU are.
Then it just plain ROCKS ASS.

Virgos love sex
by: Wendy

Yes Virgos do love sex it's true. A Virgo woman is shy and reserved and won't even show the opposite sex she is more passionate than he can ever imagine till the time comes. When the time comes to be intimate for the first time with a Virgo woman and she is really into you, she will have you shocked at the pleasure and passion she made you feel. This is because the Virgo woman is a perfectionist feels she can do everything with positive results in the end. She likes to study her partner and just by the things he does and says she can tell when he underestimates her in certain things. For that Virgo will make sure victory is hers because she secretly knows what you were thinking. She will have you all smiles with this other side of hers of hot passion and seductiveness, leaving you wanting more.

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