Waiting for my Leo man

by Catie
(North Carolina)

Okay, so I'm a Capricorn girl, about a year underage. And then there's this Leo guy, an actor with a small live-action troupe. He's. Simply. Amazing! Beautiful long hair, awesomely muscular body. And he's about twice my age(even though he hardly looks it). I don't think he's in a committed relationship, just doing what Leos do best. But when I hear about any of that I get extremely jealous! I just want a chance to get to know him better and see if a relationship would work, and he's off... he's off... well, you know.

Of course, he hardly knows that I plan to marry him one day, he just knows that I'm an underage fan that he can't do anything with. And that makes me even more mad! Should I be worrying about this, considering I don't even know him that well? Except I really really REALLY want to at least have a chance at him. But hearing about all this kinky stuff is enraging me to no end! Hickeys and leaving marks, ppteh! Any advice on how to unobtrusively keep his interest for a year and a few months? And then how would I go about getting him to actually go out with me, and not expect anything in return? Or, should I just give it up?

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by: Anonymous

I am a capricorn ..my husband is leo. My Dad is leo..My mom capricorn. I've seen it twice! oil and vinegar! Good in the beginning very bad in the end! Leo men are controlling, egotistic,braggers and never "do" what they claim they can do! Which frustrates capricorn! Also nothing or anyone ..including friends and family are good "enough" for leo! Standards will be set "high" for you too! God forbid you gain a couple pounds! RUN from this one!

by: leo girl

If ur a capri I'd sugest u not to date a leo guy cuz u just will not be able to live up to his standards.... U cannot be as romantic n passionate n firey as he is.... It would be a nice fling though but ud find it almost impossible to get over him because they r undoubtedly the best in every aspect.... But if u still want him.... Here goes.... Show him that ur fun that's a major turn on 4 leos.... Let him know that u hv a lot of options n ur very desireable.... Always dress well in his presence.... Show him that ur smart n intellegent n all those things n not just someone hed wanna hv a one night stand with....

capricorn wanting a leo myself
by: Anonymous

i am a capricorn, so is my mother. my father is a leo and my mother and father lets just say...my mother held on for years to satisfy the man, and he didn't want her until she gave up and married someone else. he and i also did not get along, but he has a new little girl that he adores. anywho, i myself am very attracted to a leo who i went to high school with. he's smart, very attractive, and we have a lot in common, his thing is he just sees me as a friend while in my mind...so far beyond that. like the others said to impress this man, you have to go all out for him. and as everything i read being very true about leo men, being submissive is one of the things that u'd have to do which isn't always easy for us caps because we are stubborn and hardheaded, emotional, and crave what we want as well. but don't give it if he is really what you want. i know i won't despite my family history.

Getting to know Leo man
by: Anonymous

Well I am a Capricorn women when i start to read all about the Leo man now I am afraid if I'm still going to give him a chance or just let him go because I have this kind of felling that things are not gonna work out for some reasons..I have a big question mark in my head is a Leo man is gonna leave you when he get what he wants???

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