want to be closer to married Cancer

by lovelyQ
(memphis, tn)

ive loved a cancer man from a distance for 17yrs. we just reconnected after 6yrs, but he got married 2yrs ago. he finally came to see me and i was in shock because the visit was a surprise. we really connected and he said we must do again. should i see him being that i want more? im a capricorn woman.

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by: Anonymous

I would say no dont see him he is married and you dont want to mess up his marriage. Knowing that you love him things may happen and it may not be fair to you. He could easily go back to his wife.

Dont do it
by: Anonymous

Do not continue seeing him. It will be really hard but you will be headed for heartache. He will probably never leave his wife, but he will have a fling with you.

Stay away
by: Anonymous

2 years of marriage? He's not leaving her anytime soon. He's using you.

by: Anonymous

I know how you feel. I am also a Capricorn woman who has loved a Cancerian man (from a distance) for 26 years - I think it is because neither of us has wanted to make the first move for fear of rejection. Time moved on and I have now been married for 15 years and he has been married for 11, and while nothing physical has EVER happened between us, we have a deep connection. It's frustrating and painful to live knowing we are missing out on a (possibly) perfect relationship. Good luck, I hope things work out better for you.

u should not see him
by: cancer man

he is married probably loves his wife and she is not going to leave her..

may be he likes u but it is not the right time to be next to him ..

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