Want to date an Aquarius Woman?

by Nivia

I'm an Aquarius, don't be pushy, that is a turnoff for us specially with sex. Be very intellectual and mature, just be a gentleman. You will keep us interested in you. Flirt and laugh with me, never with other woman, we won't be rude, but you will never get a second chance. If you have an Aquarius male friend learn from him, he is the best in knowing how to treat an Aquarius woman as a lady. I married one. But I dated once before another Aquarius man and this kind of men exactly knows how to treat an Aquarius lady and keep us intrigued. Take us to a very nice, but different unique restaurant, one we never been to before. Get out of the ordinary. We like to be extravagant, but classy at the same time. Take us out to any exotic different extraordinary place somewhere we don't do routinely. No tennis shoes, be dressed for the occasion, but never too casual. Look your best, but not overly dressed unless is necessary.

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