What a scorpio woman really wants

by elizabeth kalishian
(cairo, egypt)

Give her the three S's: stability, security, soulmate. Men should treat a scorpio women also on her three main aspects, Heart, Mind and Soul. she thinks too much but talks less. if she doesn't have loyalty and fidelity from her man, she'll show him the dark side of Scorpio unintentionally.

I am a Scorpio woman and have just led my man to break up with me. he was a turn off and that's why all my dark side jumped out i nto his face. i tried to stop my hard heart from hurting him but i really couldn't. We do react to what we get coz we are pro-active and energetic women, but if you'll play games then you'll get what you deserve. Be lovingly around her in every situation of her life like appreciate her educational process, her parents, her troubles, feed her back always about your life without she having to ask, reward her always and give her stability and consistency you'll be the happiest man ever.

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Scorpio wants Lipid
by: Anonymous

Why do man want to care so much about a Scorpio woman? If you want someone to treat you nice, you must to do the same. You need to earn and work for it. Love, luck, happiness, and peace cannot come to you as you wanted it. I would not care of how you are sexy and pretty but you, Scorpio, must to understand. If you want man to respect you, you need to look for the man who is you type. That is not easy. I'm a single Virgo has been broke up 15 years ago after having a bad relationship with a man who is a devil, very controlling, demanding,criticizing,and manipulating. These are an ugly and worst things that I ever saw in my life. I'm unbreakable because of that but I never ever give my respect for this kind of man ever. I gave him peace a chance, yet it still not work, so I wait for the right day to walk away. Love, peace, respect, and happiness need to work hard for an achievement. It is not happen by itself. Now it seems that it is very hard for me to make a relationship with men. Also, I don't want to try. I have guy friend who is very loving, honor, and respectable, yet this is just another page. I jotted it down. I want to be myself and happy. Good luck for your search for the respect.

by: Anonymous

well a scorpio woman wants love ,love and honesty and faithfulness..
my last relationship i grew up and actually let the cheating cancer have my dark ways....

now i am seeking my perfect soul-mate and i know in my heart..i shall find him..i am not settling for anything less..

by: scorpio

well i am also a scorpio women but suprisingly it as if i can never make up my mind. one day i think as though i am in love with this one guy than the next i have no interest and end up hurting who i am with.i dont know why i am like this but it seems as though they just become boring and my "game" isnt fun anymore can someone give me advice on how to keep interest?

Respect for Scorpios
by: Cancer Bishop

Hey there to all Scorpios who have already spoken:

I have an interesting fascination with astrological signs when it comes to understanding personalities and have just (in the recent past til' now) come across a few Scorpios I am growing closer to at work (specifically a sweet female Scorp), and I must say that you guys fascinate me. I love my cancer sign, but I must say that you really live up to the strange, magnetic allure you boast of. However, on a compassionate level (though we as Cancers and other signs have deep struggles too), it seems to me that it can be devastating and sometimes traumatic to be a Scorp-females in particular. Some Scorps can just be mean people in their entirety... but as a sign, you are probably very misunderstood. Scorps like control for sure, but that does not mean you are all power-grubbing people who need to dominate your world. What I have gathered is that you can be a frustrating sign at times, but behind that dark aura you embrace is a tenderness and deep-seeded loyalty that most signs wish they had; you can be one of the more cast away signs judged inaccurately for your intensity, and that intensity is not something to be ashamed of-when you use it well, of course. As long as you consider working empathy into your communication style and allow room for the right type of people to help broaden your horizons, I believe you can be some of the most soulful people I know. Though it's nice to sometimes collaborate with your sign rather than just give you the reigns; I admire and have mad respect for your equally insightful intuition and leadership skills. I understand your insecurity and jealousy, but do not let people undermine you or destruct yourself for being so passionate. It is one of your best qualities; own it. As long as you channel your pride and ambition , I know you will all go far.

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